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  1. .. I'm .. going to tentatively step on some toes... The Banks, to me, seemed far too drawn out in the beginning. It was like, "Bank, Helix, wait, what .. will we .. doo .. nooowww.. " A great deal of air time was missed. Not saying it's a bad coaster, but there was a bit of wasted track. Oh! I wore my 3D glasses to view this -- it was awesome!


    .. I know it's not in 3D, but the glasses I got from Alice in Wonderland block out my periphery nicely.


    Oh, and:


  2. Simply go to http://www.mix969.com/pages/disney-photo/vote.html and vote for us using your e-mail address. There is 1 vote per e-mail PER DAY!!!




    The process is very simple and takes about a minute to do...


    ~~Katie and Andrew


    You both looked GREAT! But .. I have a soft spot for British Nannies (or, one in particular, you know who you are, 'sugar'!) and she was flawless... so ..




    Don't hate me.

    She was FLAWLESS!

  3. You. All. Are. Amazing.


    I'm ALL about formal theming, you know, being a Disney Bitch. But you're opening my eyes to a new(er) world of exciting coasters, decades-old dark rides and, most importantly, Kiddie-Coasters. That .. and:

    A.) I'm on the hot dog SKIN eating side of things.

    B.) I live in Oregon, so ANY wetness is Acceptable.


    C.) ... I'm TOTALLY with the people who hock the big beers!


    I hope you're all having a jolly time!!



    Robb and Elissa: I've been visiting the site for a couple years now, and I feel it only right to say (a belated) congrats on the KidTums! She's freakin' adorable!

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