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  1. At this point, I hope for anything! The only thing I think will definitely happen for 2018: the at-the-gate ticket price will increase to $55 or more.
  2. I like Renegade, but if given the choice between a refurbished SLC or a wooden coaster, I would pick the SLC.
  3. I think we truly hit rock bottom when Michigan's Adventure got ThunderHawk. 2008 marked the year when every Cedar Fair park had a full-circuit inverted coaster EXCEPT Valleyfair. That was a sad moment for me. We'll get what we'll get, whenever we get it.
  4. I agree. VF and CGA both are in need of upgrades. We should not forget that CGA was almost sold when CF and the city of Santa Clara were at an impasse about parking when they started building Levi Stadium next door. That was also when CF's 'Fun Forward' strategic plan came about, with Carowinds and Valleyfair listed as "growth parks." And we VF junkies went on a speculation free-for-all. Things can change quickly. I think CGA moved to the front of the line because of the zoning changes approved by the city of Santa Clara. Had the Army Corps of Engineers and the city of Shakopee given VF the green light to start its expansion BEFORE CGA got its zoning changes, I'd bet that VF's water park expansion would be well underway, if not already completed. As far as a new coaster at VF, I agree with what most have suggested is the likely placement - some sort of medium-sized coaster on the Dinosaurs Alive site once that lease ends. Fingers crossed for a B&M, but at this point I'll take anything. Also, I haven't heard anything about the fate of Boomerang after it was removed from Knotts. Although Matt Ouimet has stated he's not a fan of ride relocation, there's no indication that the ride was scrapped or sold - plus, it was recently refurbished and got a new train. While Michigan's Adventure seems like the obvious place for it, I wouldn't count VF out of the running for it either.
  5. I thought I'd post this picture of what the slide tower (Thunder Falls) and Tornado slide (Liquid Lightning) from Geauga Lake would look like in the existing Soak City. Panic Falls, Giggle Run, and the Looping Starship would have to be removed to make room. Thunder Falls is 30 feet taller than Hurricane Falls so it shouldn't interfere with it, and the inner tube return belt for Liquid Lightning is tall enough that it shouldn't interfere with Barefoot Beach. Again, this is mostly to understand the scale of the possible additions. Soak City with Thunder Falls & Liquid Lightning
  6. No. Unless it was a very short event - a few weekends in late November IF the weather cooperates. It gets too cold here. Us, Michigan's Adventure, and Dorney Park are unlikely to ever get Winter Fest. I doubt Cedar Point or Canada's Wonderland will get it either.
  7. According to Funtime's website, Star Flyers are certified to operate in winds up to 74 km/hr, or 46 mph.
  8. No need for an eye exam. It's a big ride - but the size is mostly about height and the swing of the pendulum. As far as its footprint, it's surprisingly small.
  9. I used Google Earth images of CP and VF taken at the same eye altitude above ground in order to get the scale correct. That is maXair's actual size if it were placed in VF. Below is a composite of VF, CP, and CW, all taken from 17,335 feet above. From left: Valleyfair, Cedar Point, Canada's Wonderland (to scale)
  10. I have no idea. But, using the same visual aid I did before, but with maXair from CP, a frisbee could fit in a lot of places. Frisbee at WT Entrance Frisbee at Corkscrew Entrance Frisbee behind Northern Lights & Antique Autos Frisbee at Midway Stage AND in WT Turnaround (it fits in the turnaround, but the swing clearance may not)
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