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  1. Hi! My phone contract is coming to an end in the next month or so and I'm thinking of getting an iPhone on Orange. I've read several reviews online and I'm pretty pleased overall but anyone actually got one? I'd like to know your personal experiences with it. Pros/cons? Thanks
  2. I have to be honest, even though I like the park, it doesn't really feel 'Busch Garden-y' or South American for that matter. Netdvn offers very good tips on which you can draw inspiration and I believe you can make great things from them. I don't really like the large landscaped arch over the coaster. It's a great idea but I think it hasn't been implemented as well as it could. Think about it - that large archway of dirt is just floating in mid air. Maybe because it seems too big but something about it just seems wrong? I also have to say that some of the buildings don't really look South American. Then again this could be because you've only shown us a small portion of the park because it could all be one area. Other than looking at pictures of SA buildings, I can't really offer you any more tips. On the other hand, your coasters are great in terms of both layout and supports. I'm looking forward to future updates. I hope my post doesn't sound too critical because I do like this park but I feel that it lacks something. Keep at it!
  3. The tumble is AE's tumble bugs ride. I've already given the URL RTTMGR2.DAT
  4. Great park. I think that's AE's jungle cruise boats - http://ae.rctspace.com/
  5. One of the stickies on this forum is the RCT3 custom scenery links. That'll provide you with some links, other than that I would try over at the Atari forums but I'm sure someone on here will be able to direct you to some links on woodie supports.
  6. This is meant to be more for fun than realistic, right? For what it is, I like it. You're new after all. If it was real, I would rather live than ride it but it seems fun nonetheless! As for your questions, I don't own NL so have no idea but I'm sure someone on here will. As for some more general comments, I don't think you should have vertical drops, your loop seems 'wonky', your break run stretches for miles and you need to bank some corners and increase the size of some of those hills, otherwise you'd probably be thrown out of the car. I suppose too much airtime is bad for you. Thanks for the video and carry on!
  7. Nice. I don't own NL but it's nice to see some ingenuity! Some nice 'twists' on some old (and maybe outdated!) inversions. Keep it up.
  8. I think this could be the dat you're looking for - http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=635601#635601 ADMIN EDIT: Linked to the exact post.
  9. I love the 4th and 5th screens. From memory, they're very realistic.
  10. Here we go! http://www.rctmart.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=65 It was made by MidwestBoyInLA. There are quite a few more cool things to find at the RCTMart
  11. I'm loving the concept of building the park with money management in mind instead of a sandbox park. It's a breath of fresh air. This project intrigues me, I really want to see how it expands and grows
  12. I still don't really 'get' some of your buildings but it's nice to see some experimentation. I hate making custom supports so more power to you for attempting them. Like BelgianGuy said, practise makes perfect. You've got more patience than me. Keep at it.
  13. Here's some more. I'm sure the tumble bugs ride is by AE but I'm not certain. Concerning the virus issue, I haven't had one from these but scan all downloaded files to make sure though http://www.interactivitiesink.com/rct2/ http://www.freewebs.com/riggsrct2domain/therides.htm http://www.brandonscoasters.com/rct2.htm
  14. Nice work with the Beemer. Very well themed, I like it a lot. Maybe change the foliage a bit though? I think you're using too much of the small, light-green jungle bush but other than that, great!
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