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  1. It was fun to Finally Meet these TPR people Scott has talked about... they are real after all Scott did forget to mention that he Banned me from the kitchen which was probably a good idea the food was AMAZING!!!
  2. My first baseball game was at Tiger Stadium in 1987 Oakland vs Detroit.. of course the tigers lost lol but still what a great stadium.... Last july i drove thourgh Detroit right past Tiger Stadium... sucj a great historic site... Its sad that here in America we destroy our monuments, landmarks and history.. Tiger Stadium will always be there even after the demo is done.... Let'a Go Marlins!!!!!!!!!
  3. hey.. well i'm Myke here in South florida... the last 9 years i've lived in Michigan, Maine, Vermont, Alabama, and Northern Florida... I've heard of TPR from my friend Scott and kinda fell in love with it... i'm a huge fan of coasters and theme parks as well as photography, sports and outdoors stuff...
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