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  1. ^ No offense. But please do not judge us like that. I do not appreciate it. You are insinuating we are being bad parents. And if you think that you do not know ANYTHING about us.


    Please read the disclaimer of this website.


    I just read this post to Elissa and if she's underwhelmed with anything, it's your comments. In fact, on the bus it was Elissa who told me "why aren't you video taping Piers???"


    -Robb "Not impressed." Alvey


    Sorry about that, I forgot all about the disclaimer. I didn´t mean to insinuate anything about you and Elissa, I was all about being drunk and making a fool of oneself. Don´t get me wrong here, if you can. It is easy to get things the wrong way, isn´t it? If I believed you were bad parents, I would well shut up and not seek to meet with you. Yeesh! I have 3 sons of my own, and they hate it when I´m drunk, and I know and stay away from them, that´s it. Why make stuff up? Do I complain about you insinuating that I am an ignorant dork? Nope. So let´s get over it, I´m getting thirsty...

  2. Well, for me, I liked Piers a lot since the first time I met him, and still do, though we haven´t met for a long time. It is fun, yes, but also kind of an unsettling sight (like Elissa´s peeling wieners). Like Piers is about to make a fool of himself for everyone to see. The day might come he regrets having this posted. That, or maybe he just doesn´t care and never will. As for me, I´d be ashamed of myself talking to children like that, even if they were my own, and don´t think I never did. It is a good bit sad and pathetic besides all the fun. Just look at Elissa, she looks quite a bit underwhelmed to me. Maybe better think twice before you post more of this stuff ? I too like to have a drink or two (ok, eight) but I´d rather keep the outcome in private, it is just funny for the moment.

  3. More great pictures. Are you still shooting with you old D200 (or what it was)? Until today I believed http://www.coastersandmore.de had the best rollercoaster photos. Now I think you do

    still walking around with that old Nikon D80...

    planning on upgrading during the next winter period as soon as i know what will replace the D90.. or maybe even a replacement of the D700..


    Thanks for the reactions so far. happy to hear people like the pictures and appreciate the effort and time it takes.


    Yeah I know the hassle when it comes to upgrading anything. You wish you never had to... but all digital stuff grows out of date so quickly. Hope you make the right choice (something like a D700 with half the weight and size)

  4. @ TPR brew


    Unfortunately (but fortunately?) my brewer buddy decided to spent his summer in a mountain cabin. So - no brew for the few. Since the feedback wasn´t too big, I figure only 20-50 TPR people will be really p***ed off at me now. Don´t worry, just stick to Augustiner and everything will be alright


    And I´m gonna help you stick to it ... see you nerds later


    MfG Norman


    though... I could still organize a very special event for an exclusive group of say 10 - 12 people out of the already exclusive Octoberfest crew at my place, about an hour away from Munich. Only in the very likley case you would get bored of hanging around in the big town. The options would be:

    - a pinball tournament at my house (on my Williams Firepower)

    - a dart tournament at my house

    - a kubb tournament (viking game, kinda like chess and bowling combined)

    - spareribs/hamburger/hotdog bbq on my old and battered Weber grill

    - weird local beer and people


    How about that for breakfast?

  5. I am not sure if I am getting right what is being posted about Mindbender here. There is that famous book by Klaus Schützmannsky (forgive me any misspellings) about Werner Stengel. In it, the cause of the tragedy is clearly described. It says that around the time Mindbender was being made, Schwartzkopf went broke or was put out of business, I don´t remember exactly. A different management/workshop team took over and made a fatal mistake by not reducing the track gauge in curves which would have been required by the pivot geometry. Thus the bolts of the wheel assemblies got way too much stress and had to break. The rest became history. The ground beneath the track was found to be scattered with broken bolts and everybody scratched his head about it, but it was up to Werner Stengel to take into investigation and find out why those bolts broke at all. So he was summoned as an expert consultant and it was not Schwartzkopfs personal fault, because he and Werner Stengel were of course aware of such geometry details, they made a lot of still awesome epic rollercoasters together... thats roughly how I read it, please make your own impression


    Get that book if you can, it is awesome! (but sold out )


    edit: And by the way, if I understand anything, the EGF incident can not have the same cause as the Mindbender one. Today, technology is so advanced that not even shit is allowed to happen anymore. There is always somebody to point the finger at, even if something happened under the most unlikely circumstances in the most cutting edge technology (Apollo 13, Challenger, you name it). But don´t let that fact delude you into thinking that things will ever be fail safe just because someone has to pick up his walking papers if they don´t

  6. Thank you Norman! I appreciate someone with your industry experience actually weeding through the crap that sometimes can get posted and still taking the time to respond! To be fair though, I am contacted by media all the time. And when you see links to Theme Park Review appear on CNN, Los Angeles Times, etc, I want to ensure that in the off chance someone clicks those links, the discussion they will find is mature banter within the group not a bunch of adults acting like children.


    Well, I actually didn´t weed through all of it. (Check out my new sig - swell, eh? ) But sometimes I find myself speculating, and it´s tempting to engage into the discussion on a public forum, just for the fun of it. And sometimes I do so, and everytime I find myself ashamed of it, because I posted before I took any research... Oh well, millions of people seem to do not much else nowadays. And this must be a neverending task for you. I guess I couldn´t take it, I´d become the most hated admin ever. But, I don´t bother to So thanks for keeping up the flame, someone has to do it and I couldn´t think of a more appropiate team than you and Elissa and all those "inner circle" members and people who help you keeping the train rolling - it´s to late to stop anyway, isn´t it All the positive feedback you get from all the companies/people shows you have done a lot of good in the last years. As said, there has to be a top-shelf residence for everything on the internet, and only by this standard the fun and motivation for the makers will be long-term.


    And this is one of my daily challenges. Most people in the amusement business look at web communities as a total joke due mainly in part by the type of discussion that has carried on for the past few pages. I will say though that the one common thread I hear from industry professionals is how well moderated we keep the forum "free from crap" and that for the most part, you can actually read our forum without getting frustrated or annoyed. I take that as a personal compliment. And if means I have to delete crap posts or ban crap posters to keep the quality to a level where professionals in this business will go the extra mile for us, and then in turn I can deliver that extra mile back to our non-crap posters, it's what I'm going to continue to do!


    Theme Park Review has more amusement industry members reading *and* actually posting to this site than ANY OTHER web forum out there. And those members mean a lot more to me than someone who will continue arguing over nonesense.


    If you stick to high quality you can´t go wrong. Of course public forums are not the place for high quality discussions, just because of the nature of it. (edit: Well there are good discussions, but almost never real expertise which could raise eyebrows) But I see TPR constantly changing from an enthusiast residence to a more professional outfit, TPR becoming kind of a brand name. If I was a park owner, I´d go that extra mile for you, and not only because of the money (do TPR members spend more money on their park visits than regular guests? I don´t know) but also because I might expect positive publicity from a group of people who don´t mess up my properties and will come back forever if I keep them entertained. But to be honest, I´d let you have all the beer and food you want, as long as it would pay off in the future. Not one bite more


    See you on Octoberfest!

  7. No matter how much ballyhoo here on TPR - it won´t make much of a difference. At least, that´s my opinion. Just compare the number of TPR members/users to that of park visitors wordwide. Like 90% of people who go to amusement parks have probably no idea about TPR and similar www resident clubs. No one should be seriously nervous about all that idle talk of everybody. Not to be confused with newspaper or tv broadcast of course, that could do a lot of damage since it makes a lot of people believe in whatever media people see fit. Internetdiscussions can´t do a lot of damage, since those who KNOW dont TALK and vice versa. All that could possibly happen would be that 1% of all roller coaster riders might become a little nervous about - say - Intamin rides To be frank, thats ridiculous - no one needs roller coasters for everyday purposes, so any unsafe products would be ruled out by market soon. Not to mention by TÜV, lawsuits, park reputation, tv reports and whatnot. So go ahead and discuss, all those fake theories won´t last anyway. People in the amusement business know about the relevance of web community activities. Since hospitality is the key to it all, everybody is welcome and especially frequent guests like TPR folks. But remember that enthusiast clubs might make just 1% of the volume needed to operate a park or roller coaster. Their relevance is not so much on the amusement business but on the coaster nut scene. It´s fun, it´s cool, but it is not the whole thing. So if I was a park owner, I wouldn´t give too much of a damn about the current gossip. It changes every time. If I was head of Intamin, I´d reckon the same. And one sad truth: Accidents make coasters safer, just as they make cars safer. This has always happened and will always happen. There are so many people´s opinions on the creation of one single amusement ride, if it wasn´t "perfectly" safe it would never make it on the market, and the parks do everything they can to stay out of the headlines. It is business, for christs sake, it is not about cheap chinese cars for people who cant afford cars. At least I hope so

  8. Well, I think I might have heard part of the real story on the grapevine, and that was years ago. Still I can´t claim to know about what happened yesterday. It would just be jumping to conclusions, and those in the know will never tell to the public. Did they ever? And why should they? So we need to feed on shady rumors and the yellow press, don´t we


    Let´s see what they give us:


    - eye witness words: „Es hat laut gequietscht, dann gequalmt, dann flogen irgendwelche Teile durch die Gegend. Die Bahn fuhr noch den Anstieg hoch, dann rollte sie langsam zurück. Die Leute haben panisch geschrien: ‚Holt uns hier raus!’” "There was loud screeching, then smolder, then parts were flying around. The train went up the hill, then rolled back slowly. People were screaming in panic: "Get us out of here!". (There was an ugly smell everywhere )


    - official park statement: „Wagen vier der Bahn hat die Spurführung verloren. Dadurch setzte sofort der Notstopp ein. Es bestand aber zu keinem Zeitpunkt Lebensgefahr für die Gäste.” "Coach number four had lost rail track. Thereby emergency stop engaged immediately. But at no time were the riders in mortal danger."


    One thing I wonder about is the statement about emergency stop. This coaster doesn´t have one, the only active brakes are in the station. So either the press got it wrong (as they often do) or they must have pimped their trains lately... The other statement is that about mortal danger. What if some of that flying debris hit you straight in the face? It was pure luck no one was hit by flying scrap! This park guy has to show nerve, I bet he thanked the lord all day long! But since the train is well designed, it couldn´t come apart nor could any restraints fail, since couplings and restraints are redundant and made to last such situations. Compare to Mindbender if you want, as fare as I remember, neither couplings nor restraints did fail on that one too. Since plastic bandages of coaster wheels are kind of an achilles heel and thus may come off, trains must be made to resist the forces of a derailed coach. Normally, it wouldnt completely derail like it seems to have happened on EGF, it would still be on track, but dragging. Why aren´t there better pictures of the train? Park must have been full of people, as the train was ??? All that I can see is that a whole wheel assembly seems to be missing. This was a serious malfunction for sure, but will we ever know? As I know "our" press, they will never catch up on it again. But don´t you blame it on the maintenance crew! Those guys know what they are doing. If you are looking for someone to blame, put it on the management. That will always do

  9. Cool, so TPR is finally coming to my neighbourhood - I am absolutely gonna be with you that day. Thanks for all the fotos, it´s been 6 years since my last visit and I live like 10 minutes away But I still remember the Sky Circle as the scariest ride of my life. You are gonna love this park. Check out their website, they even have barf ringtones for download...

  10. oh well,

    I never meant to start that kind of "expensiveness" discussion, if I ever did. No question TPR trips are great value, but its up to everyone how much money youre gonna spend. And the octoberfest is gonna be tempting. Thats all I had to say. But to make things easier for all you poor travellers, I think I have a treat for you. Last year I met a dude who brews at home. Since I am gonna meet up with TPR anyway this year, I wonder if there is any request for "TPR BREW" around here? I might ask my friend to brew a few gallons of ExCeLlEnT beer of any kind TPR would choose, and it would come in swingtops or kegs, for you to take back home, and to mention it, it would be even more genuine bavarian stuff than that already good brew you get at the fest.


    How about that for you Bud/Miller/micro brew slaves?

  11. Hi there,

    now thats some good news - TPR is finally coming to Octoberfest

    While your stay should allow for trying each and every treat on the fest, there are a few things that everyone should know:


    - Try Augustiner Bier! And if you like it, stay with it. (Won´t stop the most of you guys getting wasted in the Hofbrau, though... )

    - Go to Fischer Vroni (near the main entrance) and try Steckerlfisch (smoked mackerel) together with Augustiner Bier! (Since most of the food on the fest is just excellent, just eat your way through all the beer tents while you are there, and don´t miss out the schnaps and the candy)

    - Try Snuff! I recommend "Kloster Andechs Spezial Snuff"

    - Stuff your pockets with money! Everytime I go to the fest I wind up with a two day hangover and 200 € poorer Remember that individual ride fares average about 4,50 €. There´s a familiy day though (wednesday?) with lower fares. Oh, and beer is around 9 € per Mass (34 oz). Meals are from about 7 € up. And there are megatons of merchandise to choose from.

    - If you want Dirndl and Lederhosen (Robb? Elissa? At least you should absolutely do that!) don´t get ripped off in some fancy fashion shop but try used stuff, there are lots of shops around. It´s cheaper, and it looks better, especially the Lederhosen. Interested? PM me!

    - Take a look at the city (beer-goggled or not) and consider the following: Englischer Garten (biggest park in town, some Biergarten, no roller coasters), Deutsches Museum (somewhat dated but very large science and technical exhibtion - and an according shop you have to see, with all kinds of technical toys, alike literature, and general science stuff...), Olympiapark (especially worth visiting because of the architecture. It´s another beautiful yet futuristic park with a large TV tower to explore and a Sea Life aquarium and it is close to the BMW Museum and the new BMW Welt where you can check out the latest Beemers if you want (I prefer Audi a lot ) and if you want to check out the nightlife, there are of course many many Octoberfest-afterhours and chances are you will find one of your favorite rock bands playing in the city, since there are thousands of concerts every year.


    Some suggestions for side trips

    - Kloster Andechs. A beautifully located monastry just outside of Munich. They brew a widely renowned beer there, and they have a beautiful Biergarten too.

    - Schloss Neuschwanstein. A 2 hour bus trip from Munich. Not much here to say, everyone should see it once in a lifetime. Try to get a "behind the scenes" tour in advance, which shows some of the secret spots of the castle you normally don´t see. There is also a sledge ride nearby. If the weather is nice, take the nearby cablecar to the top of the Tegelberg and enjoy the panorama, its just amazing! Hey, you could even hike to the top!

    - Go and visit my friend Peter and his little park in Marquartstein 1,5 hrs south of Munich: http://www.maerchenpark.de His wife is american, she will love to meet you guys!

    - Consider renting a car and enjoying the last Autobahns on earth without speed limit. Find the autobahn to Garmisch-Partenkirchen or Passau and just nail it!

    - If you are not sick of airplanes yet, the Munich airport features a visitor hill with good view of the enitre airport and also a behind the scenes bus tour.


    Well, after all there are a lot of things to do here. If you are looking for something particular, just PM me!

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