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  1. Oh, haha, I'm sorry! I just realized that. Ditto, putting THAT to good use! It boggles my mind.
  2. Dido = I agree Wooden coasters are more than bolt support, position track, bolt track which is how steel coasters are built. Which, I must say is boring.
  3. Sorry! That's just how I write, in pretty much everything, excluding schoolwork. I don't think that's what he means. If the lift hill seems separated in someway from Superman, but feels like Tatsu's lift, then it has a Tatsu vibe to it. Maybe it's some kind of background/height/angle thing?
  4. I don't care what brand of trains, but Mighty Canadian Minebuster (Or as Robb says, the Newton Cradle Novelty for your testicles) at CW needs some new trains. Riding is getting more and more painful every year! It's a PTC coaster, so it would probably get newer PTCs, but I would be hoping for GG trains.
  5. ^^ First of all, it's dull, I'm not a fan of Wild Mice. And also, when you have a lighter train (2 adults, or 3 or 4 kids), you seem to experience very little lats, almost not noticeable. Which defeats the purpose of a Wild Mouse! - Basil "Maybe it's just me!" Weatherby
  6. If a sound system can overcome the sound of a chain on an Arrow (X2), it should be able to overcome noise on a ... woddie.
  7. ^ I can't believe for the past 2 years I've been thinking PTC was known for it's coasters. Oh man!
  8. ^ That's hilarious! Not a fan of Mack, The Fly sucks, but I think this ride, just the design, has really turned my impression of them around!
  9. I don't believe the angles I see in pictures, because the angle the camera is at may affect the appearance of the lift.
  10. ^ You've given the fairy ideas! Also, no I don't drink or like drinking or anything. The name just sounds kind of cool, and I've been using it forever! ^^ You have foreseen the future! And thank you mighty title fairy! I think it is the most honorable and witty title! But I shall be back once I'm 19! (Legal drinking age in Canada)
  11. I'm not convinced, but they sure looks good. And.. LAUNCH COMPATIBLE? That'll be the day!
  12. This ride, is a babe. Not many rides make me want to go out of my way to ride them, but this one sure does. That in-line twist through the pretzel loop sounds awesome!
  13. Mighty title fairy.. won't thou please change my title to 'Shaken, not stirred'. Thank you!
  14. Dido! Wooden coasters are so much more than.. bolt support, position track, bolt track. BORING!
  15. It's not practical, but its cool. And I want one, it has served its purpose!
  16. ^ Hahaha! It's never fun looking through the whole topic though, is it ? Anyways, yeah, it's a new Mack prototype, finally something new from Mack!
  17. That's interesting! Boy do I love when my coasters are well themed!
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