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  1. On 9/3/2021 at 10:41 AM, tndank said:

    People seem to think they may go on sale again next week.  Not sure if they are limiting capacity more, or if sales are just out of control.  The event is sold out tonight and I've hear Express is sold out for tonight and tomorrow already.


    I'm also heard folks have been able to purchase multi-tickets by phone and the desks in the hotels on property today.


    Hey! Thanks for the tip. I was able to order the multi-day ticket over the phone, and we enjoyed HHN 30 last night. Customer service said they were having an outage on their website, should be fixed on Monday. It was so much fun!

  2. On 6/8/2021 at 10:33 AM, disownedpear said:

    I've seen a few of those "Karens" at Knoebels as well, so annoying. I do get it though, heavy snapping does look like something is going wrong.


    I've never found the speed to matter much, you can easily snap Knoebels flyers even when they are running at their low speed, which is slower than any other model. 

    Aaaahhh don’t say that name, you’re triggering my PTSD. 

    But onto the topic; The flyer model at SFOG. I don’t know much about the manufacture but pretty sure it’s impossible to snap. Correct me if I am wrong. 

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  3. While I love the Kemah Boardwalk, and the Pleasure Pier south of there, I just can't fathom going back to that area of Texas.  I'm not a big fan of Houston and the surrounding oil refineries on the coast.  Also there's no new coasters there, and they're very limited in space as it is.  

    If Houston ever got a proper theme park again, I would definitely go visit.  

  4. I just got a part-time job at Epcot to celebrate the 50th anniversary in style. I'm really excited about all the new Nighttime Spectaculars that I get to experience.  

    All the threads about Disney Genie have been amusing so far, many people are not happy.  But, I've noticed lots of people on the DISBOARDS are stuck in an echo chamber & don't travel to other amusement parks.  They have very little basis for comparison.  I personally am excited to have this change implemented because the Fastpass+ system was extremely burdened from everyone using it.

    Genie is similar to MaxxPass at Disneyland and I thought that system was lightyears ahead of the Fastpass+ system at WDW.  It seemed more fair, I didn't have to plan months in advance, and I was able to get passes to big ticket attractions.  I was also able to stack my passes throughout the day.  Use one, and then while in the Queue line, book another one.  

    Yes the major attractions like Slinky Dog, Seven Dwarves, Rise, etc will be an extra fee.  But I think this will reduce the amount of lighting lane users to manageable amounts.  So it won't impact the regular standby queue as much.  

    I don't know all the in's and out's of the new system, but I can't wait to see the potential!  Even if I don't pay for the large attractions, I think everyone on here is savvy enough to know how to navigate the parks  and avoid lines for the major attractions.  


  5. Wow, the GP was already calling "the Mindbender," The Riddler." Now I feel they really will think the name of the coaster is "the Riddler." I guess it's just an annoying quirk, but the park hasn't officially renamed the coaster. But the GP certainly will. While the sign is consistent with the area, it just looks like a pretty poor attempt at beginner graphic design to me. Oh well.

  6. I LOVE Holiday World's Rain policy. I had the opportunity to experience this 8 years ago for my 30th birthday Wow has it been that long already? But these rides are something else when the tracks are all wet. I am in the camp that LOVES Legend, and I put it above Raven. I understand the first drop has been changed since I went, but I loved that part and especially the double helix of death. I feel like you're going to be ripped out sideways at any moment. I wasn't anticipating airtime either, but it was definitely there! And voyage, became my number one wooden coaster that day

  7. Hello all, CNBC just dropped a really interesting video/article about Six Flags and how they plan to survive the current situation. "How Six Flags Plans to Survive Coronavirus"

    I watched the video last night and felt like it was 17 minutes of CNBC not saying a whole lot of anything. If the video is called "how they plan to survive coronavirus" I would think it'd be the focus of the video, not like two minutes of throwaway comments at the very end of it. But hey, lots of great stock footage...


    I agree, after finishing the video it was more about the company's financial history; not so much about what they plan to do. But I suppose them securing funding is one thing. They also touted the innovation in rides. They claimed that 2022 will be a huge year for technological advances in attractions. I hope they're right! Maybe that's when we finally see one of those S&S concepts come to market.

  8. Hello all, CNBC just dropped a really interesting video/article about Six Flags and how they plan to survive the current situation. "How Six Flags Plans to Survive Coronavirus"


    In early 2020, the Six Flags theme park chain found itself facing extinction for the second time in about decade, this time due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    But investors say a recent influx of needed cash and a renewed focus on its core business have given it a solid chance of survival, and perhaps some good years ahead. 

    Often overshadowed by the massive and famous destination parks run by Disney and Universal, Six Flags is the biggest player in the business of regional theme parks, with 26 locations across North America. 

    Since its beginnings in Texas in 1961, Six Flags enjoyed a successful, though sometimes tumultuous rise, only to find itself bankrupt in the midst of the financial crisis. The company reemerged and has enjoyed several years of strong sales.

    But by the time the coronavirus pandemic struck Six Flags was already struggling with stymied plans to expand internationally. 

    After a $725 million debt offering in April to help weather the crisis, the company is focusing on gradually reopening its parks.

    It is employing a number of health and safety measures. Park guests will have to make reservations ahead of time to keep attendance levels manageable. Most jurisdictions that are allowing businesses to reopen are limiting customer capacity to about 25% of a business's typical maximum capacity, said then-interim Chief Financial Officer Lenny Russ on a Oppenheimer investment conference call on June 16.

    All guests and employees are required to wear face masks. They will also undergo temperature screening before they enter the park with a new fast thermal scanning technology. There are dedicated hand washing and sanitizing stations and cleaning teams. Markers inidcate how riders should line up to provide space between guests and the park will leave empty seats on rides to keep parties apart. 

    Some parks were already open as of mid-June, Russ said. These include Oklahoma's Frontier City, a water park outside Phoenix and Six Flags over Georgia, among others. Six Flags' Great Adventure converted its safari in Jackson, New Jersey, back to a drive-thru attraction, and opened it on May 30.

    More parks will be opened as local governments loosen restrictions. These decisions could allow the company to pull in some much needed revenue during what is normally its busiest season. With spikes in cases in parts of the country, there is still plenty of uncertainty.

    Disclosure: Comcast is the parent company of NBCUniversal and CNBC.

  9. I’m dying to go to Japan and Fuji-Q. I’m glad you had an excellent time here! I just watched a video on YouTube where someone talked about Fujiyama somewhat negatively, but they too had a middle row seat. The back is definitely where it’s at. That is a bucket list coaster for me, along with the other three headlining attractions.


    Also love they had the front car of Moonsault Scramble out on display. That was a ride that caught my attention at a young age. 6.5 Gs?!? That seems physically impossible.

  10. “In this economy” destination parks are thriving now. However many smaller regional parks don’t seem to be doing so well. The numbers are starting to stack up: Clementon Park, Elitch Gardens, Scandia Amusment Park, Possibly Fantasy Island, Timber Falls, as well as Miracle Strip & Boomers in 2015.


    In Japan they’ve been closing regional parks left and right for some time now. I watched a video recently about the Hikikomori (Japanese Shut-Ins), and wondered if this had an effect on less visitors to regional Japanese parks. These people literally do not go outside, ever. They surf the internet, watch peak TV, and play video games all day long.


    Maybe this is also happening in the US to an extent as well? I have heard about shut-ins here too. There’s so much TV to watch, so many games to play, so many social media posts it’s nearly impossible to watch it all. But darn if some people aren’t trying.


    Just a theory perhaps but what are your thoughts on declining attendance at these parks? Poor maintenance? Lack of new attractions? Poor management? Maybe a combo of everything?

  11. We’re in an RV so our trip next year is going to take us from the Florida Panhandle all the way across the southern US to California!


    Definitely Going:

    The Park at OWA

    Six Flags Fiesta Texas

    SeaWorld San Antonio


    Belmont Park

    SeaWorld San Diego



    Universal Hollywood



    Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

    Gilroy Gardens

    California’s Great America



    Hopefully going on the way back home:

    Castles & Coasters

    Buffalo Bill’s

    Cliff’s Amusement Park

    Wonderland TX



    We’re skipping LEGOland so are there any other notable parks in Cali between San Fran and LA?

  12. I'm not sure how I feel about APP integration with theme park attractions. When I was at Galaxy's edge, I used the data pad all of 6 minutes before I realized I was missing all the cool theming of the land itself! So I put it away and never took it back out. Too many people are addicted to their phones enough as it is, and its kinda silly to be at an expensive theme park you paid for with your nose in the phone.

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