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  1. On 6/16/2021 at 8:24 PM, KarlaKoaster said:

    Wow that's such a classy promotional video. Also those trains are so long, it's basically an omnimover!

    The theatrical atmosphere in the station when the train dispatches is just magical - gave me goosebumps. Nice to hear the dispatch music subtly in the video.

    Classy indeed - wouldn't expect anything less from Phantasialand.

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  2. So what do we make of this? As well as the postponed 'World of David Walliams' featuring 'Gangsta Granny: The Ride' opening this season, Alton Towers have rented three classic fairground rides they are calling 'pop up attractions' from UK showmen. They have been branded 'The Retro Squad' which accompanies some unique marketing...




    Roller Disco (Waltzers located in Dark Forest) – get ready to slide and swirl round and round, faster and faster in a head-spinning, totally rad experience

    Mixtape (Smashing Jump located in X-Sector) – you’ll be in for some major retrotastic laughs as you bounce up and down, then down and up

    Funk’n’Fly (Super Trooper in Forbidden Valley) – reach new retrotastic heights and enjoy a thrillingly funktastic flight


    With COVID restrictions preventing traveling fairs from taking place for the foreseeable future, I can see this will be beneficial for the showmen. The rides are filling spots where retired flat rides were located, and will hopefully reduce the queue times of the major rides which were long last year.

    I feel indifferent about it. Bizarre that any park would rent flat rides from the traveling fair circuit, but feel the capacity benefits and how they are being marketed will be advantageous.

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  3. On 3/9/2021 at 2:01 AM, bert425 said:

    I have to assume you have not been on Wonder Woman. . which also has a "continuously moving station".. .that often stops, because a restraint isn't down far enough, or the person has trouble with the restraints.. or someone is late getting to their seat because they were running to the cubbies to put something up.
    (or if someone needing assistance getting on the ride..similar to how the Omnimovers stop for the same).

    the trains really do move steadily, but often DO come to a complete stop as well in the station.

    I have ridden it (my shoulders remember it well), and a fair amount of other rides that have moving platforms and / or trains. Appreciate station stops are activated either manually or automatic from time to time, but the very nature of something continuously moving provides more of a sense of urgency than a static train just sat there. If they didn't, then parks and manufacturers wouldn't bother to install them. Successful examples are Hagrid's, Arthur, Phantom Manor, Rip Ride Rocket and so on...

  4. 1 hour ago, coasterbill said:

    So what you're trying to say is that Dollywood has baffled Baffles?

    Well and truly 🤣

    From Dollywood's blog -


    Mystery Mine is on track (yes, that was a joke) to open a week or two after the park opens. We have been working with the ride manufacturer to enhance the guest experience. Our crews are extending the track after the first outside drop and reprofiling some of the turns and transitions to provide a smoother ride.


    Intrigued to see how they are 'extending' it, unless there's more changes in areas outside of the photos.

  5. That photo of Nitro running in the snow is hilarious and awesome. The majority of B&M rides can run in sub-zero temperatures, and as the pacing is so quick on Fury I would not expect it to be an exception.

    I remember working at Alton Towers and the only reason Nemesis wasn't able to run in snowy and icy conditions was due to icicles on the track - so maintenance went around and smashed them all off to get it open.

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