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  1. KI must not want us watching the testing of WindSeaker... they have moved both of the webcams on the site.
  2. If you read KI's twitter, at one point they say "Make no bones about it, something big is coming to #KingsIsland. Details 3-18-11. www.visitkingsisland.com" That makes me think that its something for Halloween...
  3. The red dot is for serveying... it lets them know exacly where to place their equipment so that all of the measurements come out the same.
  4. Ya, it looks as if it runs just like the old gravity powered haunted houses... You get pulled to the top, then slowly roll to the bottom.
  5. I looked up Golden Horse on RCDB... Not only have they ripped off Vekoma SLCs but they also have their own versions of Vekoma Skaters, and Mine Trains. Fantawild Adventure has one of each, all from Golden Horse.
  6. I spend about a month in Myrtle Beach every summer and I love Wild Water & Wheels... this park also has bumper boats, mini golf, 2 go-cart tracks, 2 or 3 kiddie rides, 2 childrens water play areas, 1 adult lounge pool, and a large wave pool.
  7. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you have it backwards... Most pneumatic breaking systems are closed when there is no pressure and require air pressure to open. It's a fail safe encase of pressure loss, so that the train will still stop even if the breaks loose pressure. There are a few coasters the other way around though, ex. Magnum XL 200...
  8. Now I would rather see a new trill ride rather than a kiddie coaster, but... If they could do a nice kiddie wooden coaster, such as Woodstock Express at Kings Island, would be a decent kiddie coaster... give the little ones a little more variety than your average kiddie coaster. But as I said, I would still rather see a new thrill ride.
  9. Ill give it a go... I'm not great at NL but I'm better at wood coasters than steel.
  10. Well, to change the subject a little... the issues with I305's wheels reminds me of a video that showed up here on the forums a while back... some of you might remember it as the "Roller Coaster Junkie" song... The coaster in the vid is red and the wheels catch on fire when it goes too fast LOL. Here is the video for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about. *edit... I cant seem to get the video to show up... here is the link
  11. That's AMAZING!!! You must have some major connections if you got to ride this coaster 5 years before it opened.
  12. If you look at the Cedar Point STR web cam it looks as if the part of the ride on the island has been filled with water. http://www.cedarpoint.com/public/fun/webcams/webcam2.cfm?chip=3
  13. From what I was told, Cobra was sold for scrap a few years ago. The only thing left from it are the trains and I think some lift chain. Those are in the building that houses FOF. Plus, King Cobra was torn down for Delirium. My first visit to the park was in 2000 and both King Cobra and SOB were operating.
  14. This looks GREAT. I think that this looks like a great addition for the park. Now we only need this at one of the U.S. parks for the rest of us.
  15. Poof?!??! Poof?!?!? What are you trying to say??? That you found a way to magically transport every Club TPR member to those parks?!?! I'm sorry I had to do it.
  16. Those photos are amazing! What type of camera do you use? None of my cameras can do night shots that amazing.
  17. If I remember correctly, Universal had to contract another company to make the launch because B&M refused to do it.
  18. Actually I read somewhere in an interview that they had to turn the old Paramount Park's coasters forwards because CF's insurance would not allow them to run backwards.
  19. Actually CF is clever by using those colors. Red is a color that stimulates hunger, therefore making you want to eat. Yellow is a color that stimulates energy and happiness making you have a better day at the park and wanting to come back.
  20. Great TR so far. I spent a lot of time at HRP last year but have yet to see FSMP. Funny things is that I have family down there and when I spend a month with them each year we go to Beach Church. Last year Sundays and Wednesdays always gave me an excuse to go to the park.
  21. It would also be nice if switch tracks were available. So many coasters have dual stations but without switch tracks we can't build them.
  22. Well West Virginia is known for Moonshine and most people know of Morgantown, WV because of WVU. So I can understand why they used Morgantown because it is easily associated with WV.
  23. Actually, the Starfish is a Chance Wipeout. It is merely a park model. Knoebel's is the portable model, much like Kennywood's Wipeout and the one that used to be at Mariner's Landing in Wildwood. Knoebel's Wipeout had some modifications made to the ride to allow single riders. The ride becomes very forceful when the turret stops and the platform continues to spin. The Wipeout is basically a Trabant/Casino 2.0. I thought that Knoebel's Wipeout came from the Myrtle Beach Pavilion?
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