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  1. Yeah keeps kicking me out too, and I just got my coin from the eggnog bar!
  2. I'm not sure which one I'm more excited for, another credit or some C&P crab fries but I sure am glad tomorrow's Hershey Bears hockey game will include a free admission ticket to Hersheypark in 2014.
  3. I finally was able to open my cafe today and had a perfect town the last 2 days straight, so started on my flower clock today. As for public works requests, one of the hamster dudes in my town just requested I build a sandbox, so I think it's totally random and depends on how much you talk to your townsfolk. Just need the alpine cart and I've got my first themed series complete
  4. TPDave has the right idea, a Six Pints Day makes a Six Flags Day even better, though SFOT would have required a whole lot more pints than SFGAm did to be really enjoyable. Good thing you guys came up with that awesome contingency plan that day
  5. I was really pulling for "World's Longest Wacky Worm...in a box...themed to Snoopy Come Home"
  6. Finally went out and bought a 3DS. Name: HopDerek Friend code: 2380-3415-7842 AC name: Derek Town: Hopsburg Fruit: Pear
  7. A bottle of Brasserie Cantillon Classic Gueuze that I picked up last year while on the TPR Europe trip.
  8. In case you're interested and haven't seen it yet, here's all the proposed information on the Krustyland addition, which should happen sometime in August. The ticket system hopefully will make this game more fun to play frequently again unlike the Boardwalk expansion, and it looks like there will be several awesome amusement rides including the Tooth Chipper! http://simpsonswiki.net/wiki/The_Simpsons:_Tapped_Out_Upcoming_Krustyland_update
  9. I'm all set for this event. The ERT is always epic and the tours at Knott's are really great. Just have to tell my body that sleep will be at a minimum and that's what the flights across the country will be used for, and you know YOLO!
  10. If you log in to the game today you get a free box of fireworks. Happy 4th!
  11. I'm still laughing that they felt the need to include the random guys carrying skateboards into Six Flags Great Adventure. Why did they feel the need to include this? You can't skateboard inside Great Adventure, and with its location in the middle of nowhere New Jersey you can't exactly skateboard to the park either. What's next, visiting SFOG with some golf clubs, a golf cart, and a caddy? Oh Hollywood!
  12. I've seen Disneyland, Buffalo Bills, SFOT, SFOG, Epcot, BGT, Clementon, Dollywood, Carowinds, Canada's Wonderland, Kentucky Kingdom, Lagoon, and CGA while flying. Probably could have seen more if I didn't fall asleep on planes so easily. Disneyland Resort flying from SNA to LAS Buffalo Bills flying from SNA to LAS SFOT on approach to DFW BGT on approach to TPA
  13. Yeah, the timing for getting boardwalk boards is really dumb and really kills my enjoyment of the game, moreso than the constantly needing to be checking on my rocks and logs and visiting neighbors in the Whacking Day event to get everything did. Now I'm at the point where it takes 36 hours for a board to be ready, and it will keep increasing in time the more board tiles you need, up to 3.5 days! They definitely didn't plan it well. It does seem an update came recently and rumors are that clicking on a neighbor's board tile no longer resets it for them, but I'm not taking any chances.
  14. The world not ending was a good thing, getting back to Kennywood with everyone was even better. Really glad we got to experience the park at night, it's really a beautiful park made even nicer with the nostalgic feel of all the neon. Looking forward to the next segment.
  15. At 125ft and 65mph it seems Zamoerla is going for their own version of a Eurofighter, or at least one with a steep drop (or launch). Should be interesting, and another good thing for Coney Island. Plus I'll gladly take any excuse to go back to NYC.
  16. Weyerbacher Andromeda, an amber ale with lots of malty notes and a hint of coffee Enjoyable on a summer sunset
  17. ^That was pretty good, even better when we got the 3 donuts as a prize/apology.
  18. A backseat ride on Maverick at Cedar Point on Monday night at park closing. Aggressive but lots of fun and my favorite ride at CP
  19. Level 30 update is out, includes Herman and his Military Antiques store, Zesty's Pizza, and Jasper with the Community Center for 150 donuts. No Squidport yet, hopefully that'll be in the next couple of weeks. And then bring on Krustyland and the Tooth Chipper!
  20. ^Nah, it's no worse than where I put mine. Nothing says Eastern European training quite like a pack of smokes. you either die a gymnastics hero or live long enough to develop lung cancer
  21. I've been getting the crashes too, around the same interval as during the Whacking Day stuff, usually like every 15 minutes regardless of what I'm doing in the game. And yes, bring on the Squidport, which looks like it may be in another 10 days, but here's hoping its sooner! http://imgur.com/gallery/PFImd
  22. Looks like Whacking Day is officially over and an update is out on the App Store, featuring a yard sale on decorations from this TV season (lots of donuts, not a lot of money ones)
  23. Dropped off 50 eggs to each Jojo, Dave,John V, and Mechanic, and I'm only 10 snakes away from my final whack box. I'm really glad this event ends soon, I'm tired of searching towns for 5 snakes (some towns more difficult than others!)
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