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  1. I think the most consecutive rides I've gotten was 15 on Cheetah at Wild Adventures back on an ACE day a couple of years ago. It was dark, like 20 degrees, and I was the only one smart enough to bring a ski cap and gloves. I just sat on the front seat pretty much the entire ERT. The most rides in one day would be Medusa at SFGAd, with about 30 rides raked in on its media day back in 1999. Would have been more, but once again, it was freezing (this was the event that made me prepare for the worst always). Also, that was the day they invited some frat boys who partied too much the night before. The stench of beer and baklava was abundant after one lost his load in row 4, spraying everyone in 5 thru 8. That closed the ride down for about 25 minutes. Medusa also gets the nod for most rides in a season, with 257 back in 1999. This was back before I could afford to go ride Kumba whenever I wanted. Most rides total would probably be Steel Force at Dorney Park. Not sure how many rides I've taken, but I believe its well over 400. Nowadays I ride stuff until a 5 minute wait forms, then I leave.
  2. Yeah, Wayne's World was dated, and pretty much everyone knows about Happy Days. I just hope they break out the X-Treme Action Zone Motorcycle Stunt Spectacular with the Fonz jumping over stuff. Hehe, that'd be cool, daddio. Wonder if you'll see Arnold, Chachi, and Potsie there too.
  3. Looks like a pretty sweet little idea. I doubt these things will have the "spark" that X does. Wish I could find a way out there to ride it. Hopefully it won't take long for a U.S. park to get one of these. Maybe SFGAd or CP will get them at discount after the problems with the rocket coasters.
  4. That waterpark certainly needs some new rides. Now I'm really sad that I didn't get a season pass to SFA for Valentines Day. Glad to see though that this waterpark and SFDLs are finally getting some much deserved attention; though it does affect my market up here in Derek's Garden Hose Kingdom North. Derek "Still like the Toilet Bowl ride the best!" Ruth
  5. I voted for WDW. However, I will say that I do like the smallness of Disneyland. A majority of the rides there seem to be better quality (the castle is NOT one of them!). Indy is 1000X better than Dinosaur, Pirates I like better in Cali, Haunted Mansion, Toontown, etc, plus they have Cali Screamin. But there is so much more to do at WDW. Its not really fair to compare them. Breaking it apart into Magic Kingdoms is one way to do it, and if that's the case, the winner to me is DLP (of the 3 I've been to). I like Disneyland just because I'm getting lazy, and even on vacation, I don't feel like walking too far, which you have to do if you want to do all of the same rides that WDW has. I like the separation of WDW, the selection of other things to do, the friendliness, and the ability do always have something to do, even if one park is crowded. A wide variety of food places, hotels, and the whole general aspect of being a vacation resort more so than the overall "ghetto"ness of DLR is more visually pleasing. I also like WDW because I can fly there and it won't screw up my day like a flight to California does. Oh yeah, plus I lived nearby for 4 years. In fact, I'd be going to WDW soon, if not for evil cheerleaders. Derek "Florida-biased" Ruth
  6. Bet they'll drop the Mr. Six portion of the coaster name by 2007. Either the character will be totally played out by then and we'll just have Pandemonium, or Six Flags will once again be selling off some properties to Cedar Fair, in which case we'll get Wicked Twister. Please, Jebus, please, don't let them be playing that Venga Boys song in the queue at all times!
  7. Steel: 1. Expedition GeForce- Holiday Park 2. Superman: Ride of Steel- SFNE 3. Kumba- BGT 4. Dueling Dragons- IOA 5. Nemesis- Alton Towers Wood: 1. Phoenix- Knoebels 2. Georgia Cyclone- SFOG 3. Colossos- Heide Park 4. Grand National- Blackpool 5. Rampage- Visionland
  8. I guess my homepark is Dorney Park, at around 30 minutes. I've also got Dutch Wonderland about 30 minutes away too though (in the other direction). No sense in going there though. Also nearby: Knoebels, Great Adventure, Hersheypark- 1:30 Its not the 5 minute drive to IOA that it used to be, but its good to be home.
  9. March- SoCal; SFGAd opening weekend April- BGW/PKD; Knoebels opener May- Dorney opener Summer- weekend trips to everyplace (except Kings Island) October- Floridia (assuming hurricanes don't attack again) November- California Figure about 37 trips to Great Adventure before King of KaKa actually operates, much better odds than a Deja Vu though
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