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  1. ^That's not what happens in Columbus. The sirens will only go off if a tornado has been spotted or is indicated by radar, which will also cause a tornado warning to be issued.
  2. All these people should really be glad they have I305 at all. They complain for years about not having a "great" coaster and how KD has no airtime. They finally get a ride that fits those complaints and what do they do? Complain even more. They really need to be thankful for having a ride that is one of the tallest and fastest coasters in the world, and will most likely be a top ten coaster. On a side note, it's too bad KD didn't put in I3.5, which would probably have much less complaining and be about $24 million cheaper.
  3. The ride was clocking at higher speeds than 94mph on media day. It's completely possible that the trim has slowed it down to 94mph. Unless you are out there with a radar gun, you really can't say for sure and any posts about how fast the ride is currently going is just made-up, fictional, fabricated information pulled right out of someone's a$$ and posted to the internet. I never heard that it was going over 94 mph and just assumed that the park would go with the highest speed they clocked. That would be great if I305 was still going 94 mph. Whatever happens, I can't wait to ride it in July.
  4. The "official" speed is always going to be 94 mph which obviously isn't the case anymore. KD doesn't want to give up the "fastest gravity powered coaster in North America" record. However a certain person in Sandusky could want the new speed so Millennium Force could regain that record.
  5. Shoot The Rapids height requirement has changed. It now is 42" tall to ride. If they are between 42" and 48" tall, they must ride with a responsible person. The good news is the height requirement didn't go up to 48". http://www.cedarpoint.com/public/fun/blog/2010/5/22/Rider_Height_Clarification.cfm
  6. I guess it's now safe to say Millennium Force gets the "fastest gravity driven coaster in North America" record back.
  7. ^I think there are 6 blocks, although I really don't see how they could pull off running 5 trains. A train would have to dispatch somewhere around every 30 seconds, which seems incredibly hard to do even without air gates. I'm not even sure if I have seen it run more than 2 trains.
  8. Sounds like my ride on Paddlewheel Excursions on Sunday. Goes great with 0 feet tall and accessing speeds of over 3 mph.
  9. The majority of the GP, most likely, won't even know it was delayed once it's open on a regular basis. Considering that a bunch of people always ask "Does this ride go upside down?" when getting on something I HARDLY believe they are going to know about some kind of reputation and appeal. My personal favorite, "Does Thunder Canyon go upside down?"
  10. Kinzel did mention in the article that STR could of opened on opening day, but only two boats would of been operating. I would much rather wait a few weeks for it to open at full capacity than stand in a horrendously long line with 20 people going through every 5 minutes or so. On the subject of rides starting to open after opening day intentionally, I think it depends on when the park opens. If the park has a March or early April opening, I can understand not opening the ride until later on in the season. If the park opens in late April or May, the new ride should be ready to go with the park.
  11. ^Assuming Intimidator is the same as Diamondback, it's two per row.
  12. Welcome to a coaster enthusiast forum! While we're at it, lets start discussing 2015. I'm going with the 500 foot inverted wooden looping launching coaster ^I guess it was just a valley. One more reason to hate opening weekend . Kudos to CP getting it running so fast.
  13. ^That's not what I ment. I was thinking that we are already talking about it. I was at CP when I heard out about the new ride.
  14. I find it funny that speculation has begun for the next new ride before the current new ride has even opened.
  15. Ohio GP get very angry when CP goes more than two years without a new coaster. Yesterday I heard many people complaining that CP only got a "lame/stupid" new water ride this year that doesn't even work.
  16. Like I said, it has been done there before, Ive seen it. Even with a full train of guests on a cold morning it just barely makes it through that corkscrew, were talking creeping speeds. It is no surprise to me at all that it stalled out there because of its slow speed after the MCB, especially since it had no guests and it was chilly. I guess the only way we will know is when it reopens. If it is open today, it was just a normal valley. If it opens later in the week, it was most likely something else.
  17. Maybe they are secretly testing those restraints for Maverick.
  18. Think about where it valleyed. The train is specifically designed to go through that part of the ride very slowly in case the MCBR stops the train. A normal valleying just doesn't seem logical in that spot. ^^1) Would you really want to be standing on a bridge when a coal powered train goes under you? Most people wouldn't want to be breathing in black smoke. 2) I have no idea why they got rid of those uniforms but they haven't used those in a long time (I think since 2004).
  19. ^That's what I thought at first but from what I could tell there was nothing connected to the train.
  20. Just got back from CP and something crazy happened to Mantis. At first it looked like it valleyed but after looking closer the front of the train is not even close to the bottom of the drop. The train is stopped close to the bottom of the MCBR drop.
  21. ^^That tends to be the only time I ride it (and assuming I have already ridden Maverick ).
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