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  1. Son of Beast at KI with old trains and loop or T2 at SFKK
  2. ^^Wait times for those coasters on a saturday in general are bad. Friday may still be bad but it can sometimes be hard to predict. ^Last week of august is usually not very busy. If you want to be close to an entrance, stay at Hotel Breakers. It is very close to two entrances. sandcastle suites isn't horribly far away but it can be around a 5-10 minute walk.
  3. ^Except for TTD, MF, and Maverick typically all the other rides have walk on's.
  4. ^^Maverick, Millennium Force, Raptor, Skyhawk, Iron Dragon, and Planet Snoopy
  5. Normally in that hour you can typically get one ride on Maverick(unless you sprint back there) or a few rides on Raptor, MF and Skyhawk.
  6. You said Camp Snoopy and Skyhawk were new for 2008. Camp Snoopy opened in 1999 and Skyhawk opened in 2006. New for 2008 is Planet Snoopy and Skyscraper.
  7. Recently Maverick has been having a lot of downtime especially in the morning. I would say not going to Maverick during ERT and go ride MF or Raptor.
  8. I made it over there on Monday and I have to say it is a great water park. The slides were going very fast and the capacity seemed to be pretty good. I was able to hit almost every slide in about an hour and a half.
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