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  1. If they are now at Geauga Lake, I wonder if the previous owner took them back to the park after selling the ride. Wherever they are, I hope they are saved since trains seem fairly easy to move in comparison to an entire coaster. Let's fire up those Pickups .
  2. ^I don't think that is actually stated as fact anywhere, and the picture was from the auction day in 2008. Even on the ebay page from a few months ago it said the trains had been moved somewhere, but didn't mention where.
  3. I'm not positive on this but the trains might be at Cedar Point, sitting inside Mean Streak. Something that looked like the red train was sitting half covered next to the Double Loop trains.
  4. To be honest it's not about their response. It's about TPR presenting themselves in the professional, yet humourous manner that I believe we carry ourselves. I'm not interested in petty back and forth bickering over the internet. Maybe I should rephrase that. I definitely don't want this to turn into pointless bickering, but I think everyone still remembers what happened last time we got some type of response on the subject. We had countless hours of entertainment and laughter provided to us, and unless anything changes, something even more humorous is bound happen. That is what I was referring to.
  5. I see you haven't been to Lake Erie this year. How can you say the beaches are not disgusting when they were closed for half the summer for bacteria problems? If that's not disgusting, I'm not sure what is. Waterpark >>>>>>> Great Lake beach
  6. I haven't even been on Shivering Timbers and I know it would beat out Ohio's wooden coasters, which isn't saying much. As for beating Maverick, I think I'll have to ride it first. If El Toro can't kick Maverick out of my #1 spot, I'm not sure ST can. I'm sure it beats Millennium Force though . You didn't take a behind the scenes tour of Nationwide Arena ? You do suck .
  7. November 26th, Red Wings at Columbus. November 27th, Wolverines get destroyed in Columbus. November 28th, Jackets at Detroit. Should be a fun weekend .
  8. ^From what I could tell the only rides that are closed are Viking Fury, The Crypt (mechanical problem, probably closed for the season), the water rides, and Planet Snoopy. None of the outdoor Haunts are scarezones (which means more lines). The entire park is a scarezone! ^^I noticed that as well, although I was impressed with Urgent Scare. The rest of the indoor haunts I was disappointed with, especially Wolf Pack and Massacre Mannor. I liked the themeing in Wolf Pack but I expected the scare-actors to be in werewolf costumes but all they had were random people in street clothes jumping out and screaming. Massacre Mannor, I have always thought to be the scariest and creepiest house at KI, now it seemed quite lame. I'm not sure what they changed but they should really consider changing it back. It really seems like KI went for quantity over quality in the Haunts this year, unfortunately. But I still love Haunt
  9. TTD's trains always looked great...up until this very moment
  10. Give Big Dipper B&M Stand-Up trains and a gravy splashdown .
  11. It doesn't. I live in Columbus, which is the next closest big city to Geauga Lake, and no one knows about it or cares about it (we care about the totally uber insane Sea Dragon ). If it means nothing to most everyone here, it sure doesn't mean squat anywhere else in the country.
  12. I was thinking the same time, so we'll have to see how CP handles this. I would hate if the zones are only open for an hour, you wait in line for Cornstalkers for that hour, then they say goodbye . Unfortunately I won't be back up to CP until closing weekend, but let me know If your there.
  13. The outdoor zones are open this year on Sundays beginning October 10th, although I'm not sure how well its going to work considering they will only be open for an hour or two.
  14. Club Blood had always been one of my favorites but it just seemed like some of the themeing was not being used this year. For example the Club Blood canopy over the entrance to the "club" had been removed. Small things like that just add up to me. Also I think between the last three rooms there were four Screamsters, so well understaffed.
  15. These are some seriously awesome photos . Could I get a few of these for backgrounds on my computer? I also happened to be at CP on Saturday and Sunday and wow was the park jammed Saturday. MF, TTD, and Maverick all had full queues but I just wanted the outdoor Halloween stuff. The changes on Terror Island and in Fear Faire are indeed amazing, as they seem to have a flow to them now instead of just a place with people jumping out at you. I did have a few complaints with the haunted houses though. Club Blood just flat out sucked. I don't know what happened to it but it's not even worth walking over to. Happy Jacks is normally great, but as you stated just felt like it was way under staffed. Eerie Estate had most of the lights off which made it so dark, no one could see where they were going. I kept walking into all sorts of things like tables, chairs, and pianos (which isn't fun). Lastly Dr. D Mented just felt like a revamp of Undertaker U. with a small hospital theme. I wasn't overly impressed with it. I did like the Screamster chasing people in the wheelchair.
  16. I think (but I'm not positive) Cedar Fair removed the ride videos from all of their coasters. I am positive that Raptor, Flight of Fear, Woodstock Express (CP) and Volcano have been removed this season. Maverick was just testing the cameras and never actually sold any videos (thankfully). Apparently the brackets that the cameras were mounted on were not withstanding the g-forces and CP gave up.
  17. I know what I saw, so unless it was Millennium Force's green train , Mean Streak's green train was sitting on the transfer track. I remember thinking why are they running two trains when there is a line half way down the stairs? As we left the station I saw it was sitting on its up-stops, which answered my question as green was un-operational.
  18. Should of taken a pic but it was there. It was sitting on it's up-stop wheels on top of the transfer track. Obviously they were not sure what they wanted to do with it. Did you take a few days off? I do know green has not run all season, especially two weeks ago. For the last two months it's been sitting inside Mean Streak.
  19. ^It was definitely on the transfer track. Not for long, but it was there.
  20. That's kind of what I figured. I probably should of typed that . Although I wish CP would of just left it and let it collapse . You are correct. There's been six trains somewhere on TTD's track/transfer since 2003 until the end of last season.
  21. ^^^^I'm filing a patent for that idea The only problem I have with the restraints is as the ride progresses it becomes crazy tight on your thighs, which is extremely uncomfortable while sitting on the brake run. I used to be able to just cross my legs after the ride to solve this. However CF/Intamin (I don't know who) installed a little box in the front of each car that goes between your legs and prevents you from doing this. Since Superman doesn't have the forces or the waiting on the brake run like Maverick or I305, this senario may not be a problem.
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