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  1. Great photos. Can't wait to ride them in 86 days
  2. ^ Surprisingly, I had the same experience on Sidewinder at Hersheypark.
  3. It was determined that the heartline roll applied too much stress to the trains during testing, not during the pull through. Here's a picture of Maverick testing with the heartline roll. http://rcdb.com/ig3570.htm?picture=36
  4. All of the lights are on up the lift hill. I am pretty sure this it the first time this has happened. The train (or whatever of it is there) is still sitting in the shed.
  5. I just caught the transfer track in motion. Also the storage track now has half a roof.
  6. ^^ Those trains look like Scream trains. http://rcdb.com/ig2169.htm?picture=25
  7. ^ Its not a straight section of track. It is more of a banked slight turn. Its just an illusion in those pictures.
  8. ^ I don't think he said why (unless I am just completely blanking out). I think he said it at a Coastermania Q&A.
  9. If I remember right, Dick Kinzel said that he would never put a flyer in. Once he retires, who knows what could happen.
  10. It looks like we finally have a ride where you can see some portion of Beast besides the two lift hills.
  11. There are only 3 pieces to go http://kidiamondback.com/public/latest/blog/index.cfm?entry=ee824d1c-2e02-4d3f-8fde-6b4dd97331ee
  12. Those are some great pics!! And no, you're not the only person who isn't a fan of Millennium Force.
  13. It's amazing how Sandusky can be so different. One side of the city looks very good (economically speaking) and yet the other side looks like one of the poorest places you will ever see.
  14. To answer your questions: 1. Besides on Saturdays, the crowds are not all that big until late June into July. If you were to go on a weekday during May, lines will be very short. Most schools don't get out until early June. 2. May can really vary. Sometimes it is 70 degrees, sometimes it is 40 degrees. As people say around here, "If you don't like the weather in Ohio, wait five minutes".
  15. 1. Maverick 2. Magnum XL-200 3. Voyage 4. Firehawk (I can't believe I have a Vekoma in my top 5 ) 5. Kumba 6. Montu 7. Vortex (KI) 8. Apollo's Chariot 9. Beast 10. Top Thrill Dragster
  16. I was on the webcam this morning and I caught this picture. Maybe it really is Laser Snake Horse on Fire!
  17. Mine will be Kings Island and Diamondback on the preview night. Only 108 days
  18. I was lucky enough to win a contest for the last ride on Millennium Force for the season. That was one of the best rides I have had on Force!
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