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  1. I'm about to eat a ticket Will there be a special scalping table set up tomorrow for people who need tickets? $50! You can't beat that with a stick! PM me. I'm going to bed but I'll check my messages when I get up at 5:30am.
  2. well after two cancellations it looks like I'm going to have an extra non-passholder ticket for Saturday. I think it was $69 if anybody's interested let me know.
  3. SFMM sells beer? I thought they stopped when they removed Spillikin Corner.
  4. Grr! My first guest canceled so I found a replacement. Now HE canceled too! I might stop and pick up a drifter on the way to the park on Saturday. I hate to go solo
  5. oh, they really missed a chance at a great tongue-in-cheek moment! It could've said "One Last PAINFUL ride!".
  6. I'm sitting here thinking about how Revolution has run more years WITH the torture devices installed than it's run without them. I wish they would close Revolution after WCB so I could have one last memory of how bad the restraints are.
  7. Even though it's been unrideable for years, I've never given up on it. I still say it's my favorite coaster when someone asks. I know I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, but I would love for the headrests to be removed, too. ..and I hope they suspend one of the new trains upside-down in the loop during the makeover. When I was a kid, seeing that train stuck in that loop caused so much anxiety for me. I couldn't wait for Revolution to open.
  8. thaaanks! My stress level is back down to medium-high. Counting down the days!
  9. Oh no! I'm still not sure who my +1 is going to be! The person who was coming with me had to cancel so I'm working on finding a replacement. Do I need to let you know a name before WCB, or can I just show up with a friend and pick up our lanyards? I'm such a newb.
  10. I bought 3 season passes to Magic Mountain over the years and never made it up to Valencia to active them. Finally, just a few years ago, I decided to stop by the park on my way to a friend's BBQ in the valley to ride a few coasters since my season pass was about to expire (again). I rode Scream, Colossus, then Goliath. I was one of 3 people sitting in the Goliath train waiting for more people to come up to the loading platform when a large, loud group of men boarded and filled the train -- including the seat next to me. The train left the station and I kinda felt uneasy about this overly-boisterous group, and soon it became apparent why I felt that way. As train went past the on-ride camera, every last one of those guys crossed their hands up in a big "V" formation and yelled "VAGOS!" Yup, I was an honorary Vago for 3 minutes. One of my life's biggest regrets was that I didn't buy the photo of a terrified me and 27 Vagos. After that I rode Riddler's Revenge (I had never been on it) and it destroyed my back, so I left the park after only an hour. I haven't been back since then so I'm really looking forward to Sept. 12th. Hopefully I'll get to ride Twisted Colossus with some Hells Angels.
  11. This will be my first time. Do I need to bring chips or ice, or anything? Can't wait to ride The Mountain Express!
  12. your TR makes me want to give SFMM another chance. I think I'll plan a weekday trip over there soon.
  13. so, where is it then? If it's one of the greatest RCT2 coasters ever made, then I think I need to try it out.
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