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  1. How early were people lining up outside the park? I feel like this is also going to help alleviate some of the rope drop logistics on their end.


    As long as they keep the line open at the end of the night for anyone who wants to ride and that sounds like it'll be the plan still.

    Around 6am. They will still line up in the morning time. They did today also when they said it wouldn’t open till 11. They shut the line off around 6 saying it was at capacity

  2. That lady complaining on Twitter is mind boggling. Me and my fiancé did 7 out of 10 houses with a 100min wait for stranger things (worth it) plus academy of villains. We also left 15mins early or we could of queued for Carnival but we have frequent fear so we decided to get it on Sunday. She easily should of done all the houses last night with express. Stranger things was the only house I saw with an Express line wait

  3. Quick trip planning question. I'm planning to get to Cedar Point the day before Coastermania and ride some stuff until closing, which is 10PM that day. Looking for some late night food after closing, and I'm looking at Quaker Steak or Thirsty Pony. Haven't been to either. Both places just have their winter hours up right now, but I would assume they'd want to stay open after Cedar Point, right? I'm staying at the Hojo across the street from Thirsty Pony, so both of these are in walking distance. Thoughts, suggestions, recommendations are welcome.

    I love Quaker Steak. One thing I miss about living up there. They have really good wings. Usually on Tuesday's they are all you can eat. Great flavors also. I prefer Cajun and the Louisiana Lickers.

  4. ^^^That's what most people do at DAK. I do the same 3 rides plus lion king and the tiger trail only cause I love tigers. Oh not to get off topic, not sure if Robb said this or not but Disney in the last 10yrs have done what most should do and that's improve the experience for guest's. New hub and even themed the bypass which they didn't have to. Plus a lot more I just don't want to take over the topic. Awesome report though

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