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  1. Sorry to go a little off topic here, but I actually visited the park for my first time yesterday with my family! We really enjoyed ourselves, and even my parents (who don't ride coasters) loved the park! Thats a very good sign. The park was very clean, I didn't see litter anywhere! The rides, from what I saw, were running great, and the employees were very helpful, one of them was even nice enough to walk us up to Ninja when we got lost! We were very satisfied with our trip and will be returning sometime in the fall or next spring. The only thing that I thought I might point out that was negative was that people were smoking while we were in Tatsu and Batman's queue. I don't know if thats allowed or not, but I think that might make some people uncomfortable. Overall, we had an amazing day, and I want to thank everyone at Six Flags for a memorable experience!



    That is Hallelujah Jubilee. Avoid at all costs. Very crowded, very rowdy, not a good day to visit, especially for a first time!


    Is it anywhere near as bad as Disneyland during the week of Christmas? It was pretty crowded when I went last year. Well I guess I'll have to talk to everyone else in my group then, to see if we can go on the 19th instead. Thanks for warning me!

  3. Hey everyone! I've been browsing these forums for a while and find them very helpful and informative! I would like to ask you guys what the crowds at SFMM will be like on Saturday, April 12th. I'm going to be visiting for my first time and would really appreciate any help. I'll only be there for that day from opening to about 8-9pm, do you think I'll be able to ride all the major coasters? Thanks for any help!

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