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  1. I'm fine with advertisements, as long as the park stays open. Now I don't know how much advertising is really going on in the park, but I don't think it would make anyone want to not come back to the park ever again. They just seem like small annoyances, which really shouldn't have you worried if you go to the park to ride coasters. Which I'm guessing is why most people go to SFMM in the first place.

  2. Well, Goliath is my 5th favorite coaster in the park. Behind X2, Riddler, Tatsu, and Batman. I'm more of an inversion type of guy, but Goliath is still a must ride for me whenever I visit the park. I've only been on Deja Vu once, and that was over a year ago, so I'm going to want to try it again because I've forgotten what my thoughts were on it. But thanks for all the info guys!

  3. ^^Yeah, Goliath used to have cubbies. If I remember correctly, they didn't have cubbies on Scream last time I was there, too. But that one I'm not sure about.


    I'm with EBL on removing the cubbies. The best way to enforce the lockable $1 cubbies is to remove anything in the stations that would make guests think they can store in the stations. When I rode Riddler back in May, they only let you put drinks in the station. Nothing else.

  4. ^I've experienced that same problem at KBF a lot. I hated it during my trip last November when they had Silver Bullet running one train, and half the switch backs were full. Then I go back in February and it's cloudy and cold on a Sunday, the park is dead, and they're running two trains. I think they should do it the other way around.


    About the rude ride ops, I've also encountered ride ops at Knott's who are pretty rude. Their jokes are annoying, too. That's one of the many reasons why I prefer SFMM over Knott's. I've encountered some lazy ride ops at SFMM, but at least they also have ops that are fun to talk to and not as annoying. The only notably bad ride ops that I've seen at SFMM are the Deja Vu ops. I don't think I've ever seen a train get loaded and dispatched as slow as they did the last time I rode it.

  5. Six Flags is the dump out here in Socal.


    When was the last time you went to SFMM? Having visited both Knott's and Magic Mountain within a week of a each other last month, it was a lot easier for me to make a comparison. SFMM is the CLEAR winner out of the two. I think SFMM, DLR, and Universal are all better parks than KBF, no contest at all.


    If you haven't been to Knott's before, I'd say you should go just to check it out. But you don't need to spend a whole day there, because if you go early in the morning, you can ride everything within the first 2-3 hours the park is open. At night is probably better, though, because it's cooler. Just don't go with high expectations. I guarantee you, you will be disappointed if you do.

  6. Another thing about Transformers, the professional critics all said that it wasn't funny at all, yet I found it to be a hell of a lot more funnier than the first one.




    Yeah, definitely. The theatre I was at was fairly full and everyone was howling every few minutes. I thought it was hilarious.


    I thought it was a lot funnier than the first movie, too. The audience in my theater was really into the movie, so everyone was clapping, cheering, and laughing when it was appropriate. It was probably one of the funnest times I've ever had at a movie, and the audience made the experience a lot better. I'm most likely going to see it again sometime within the next few weeks, before Harry Potter comes out.

  7. I also saw Transformers last night. I really liked the variety of robots they had this time around. The action was spectacular, too! I liked this movie better than the first one. It was one that I think was worth every penny that I paid for it, because it was pure entertainment and I had a great time watching it. I was never bored because there was so much going on. I had very high expectations for this movie, and it did not disappoint.


  8. ^^I think that SFMM's rides are fun and rerideable. Everytime I visit that park, the rides that I reride are X2, Tatsu, Riddler, Batman, and Goliath. That's a great line up of fun rides to me that are also rerideable. I'm always able to get on them again with no problems or worries about getting sick. They're not THAT intense to the point where I pass out if I ride Tatsu once in the back row.

  9. I'm hoping the park doesn't get a bigger version of Kingda Ka. SFMM doesn't need a record breaking coaster to please people. X2 and Terminator have both proven that. What the park need is a variety of flat rides that can appeal to both thrill seekers and families. Along with that, I'd like to see a spinning coaster and an Intamin full circuit launched coaster at the park. I want the launched coaster to stay close to the ground, like Maverick, though. The park has a lot of potential with the hilly landscape that they have.

  10. I'm all for a new coaster at SFMM, but I don't want the park to end up like Knott's. I hate how Knott's crams rides into each other, which is another thing I like more about SFMM. All their rides are in open and landscaped areas.


    I hope SFMM's next coaster is an Intamin terrain coaster. I'd rather have a ride that sticks to the terrain than a Kingda Ka clone. I also think it should go in between Viper and Deja Vu. Other than that, I think SFMM already has a great collection of coasters, and should try and get more flats.

  11. They assign seats on X2, as well. Out of the four times I've been on X2, three of those times they've assigned seats. The one that they didn't assign on was because there wasn't anyone else in line yet. I think it's fine to have assigned seating if it keeps the line moving. I hate it when I go up to the station to see a massive line of people in line for the front or back, blocking people from getting into other rows.

  12. I've noticed it only go off for 1 train before. That might be why you didn't get it on your run. At West Coast Bash it was only running for one train so ever other ride was fireless.


    I got two rides on Friday, so I think it was off all day. But thanks for clearing that up, guys.


    Also, how crowded does the park usually get the last week of August and first week of September on a weekday? The park's official site says they're is open 10:30-6, so I don't think it'll be that crowded, but I'd like to get some input here, too.

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