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  1. Personally, I think the color looks great. I was a bit worried at first, but it looks better than I thought it would. I think that this color scheme fits more to the animated Batman series, compared to the last one. The gray and black reminded me of Nolan's films. So I guess it depends on what you think of when you hear the word "Batman." But I guess now a days, people think of The Dark Knight.
  2. I've been waiting for this announcement since the last WCB. WCB 2010 will be my first one, and I'm so stoked that SFMM is on a Saturday this year instead of Sunday! Now I'll be able to stay for the night ERT if I go, too!
  3. I think we should be thankful that they're still only $54.99. That's cheap enough as it is for all the benefits you get. Where as Knott's sells their crappy pass with no benefits for $115. I'm still mad that I just now switched over to an SFMM pass after wasting time and money at Knott's for the last two years.
  4. The last time I rode Colossus, it had quite a bit of airtime in the back row. The only downside to it was every time we went into a drop, my thighs would slam into the lap bars and it was pretty painful. Other than that, I like the ride. It's not amazing, but it's not bad, either.
  5. Me neither. And on the topic of Demon Drop, Knott's would be smart NOT bringing it to the park. We don't need it, because we already have Supreme Scream, and it would be an eyesore to that area of the park. They should just save money for a larger, more original attraction in 2011.
  6. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. I don't like the Key Club at my school very much, cause they're all annoying. I can see why they were rude and loud at the park, though. Speaking for my school, they were advertising that day in a way that made it seem like Key Club rented out the park. It said something like "We take over the park for a day of fun!" and all the kids were thinking that they can do whatever they want, and that they'd have the park to themselves. It was pretty ridiculous.
  7. Wow, thanks for that info. Haha, I never even knew they listed ride closures on their website. If that's new, then great job Six Flags! I just wish, as it has already been said, that they had a better way of doing it. Maybe where they list the hours of operation, they can also list what rides are currently down? I think it's great the Goliath is getting a fresh coat of paint. I can't wait to see it when it's done! Regarding the new coaster, I hope it's not a clone. But if it is, I just don't want it to have the same name as another coaster in the chain.
  8. ^^I still don't see how that would quite work. Fiesta Village and that area of the park are already crowded enough as it. People complained when Silver Bullet was added because of it's obnoxiously large supports in the middle of the midways and in plain view. My friends and I even make fun of the fact that there is a support in one of the outdoor shops near the Wagon Camp. Can you imagine how that area would look with even more big B&M supports all over the place? Especially for a coaster as large as a hyper. I agree with Atem about Montezooma's Revenge. It's a great ride to get people used to inversions, and Jaguar really is popular among kids.
  9. Thanks for the clarification, RCFreak. Sephiroth, I agree with you on some of your points, but this is what I think: You're right about the fact that Knott's shouldn't try to be a family or extreme park. But at this point, SFMM is actually doing better than Knott's, in my opinion, with bringing in families. It's like both of their reputations completed flip flopped. Knott's is way too over crowded with coasters. At SFMM, you can't see many of the supports or coasters because they're all either on their own piece of restricted land, or hidden by trees. With the rides, I think Xcelerator needs a paint job. Silver Bullet should get a paint job that actually represents a some sort of ghost town theme. I disagree with the fact that Montezooma's Revenge or Jaguar need to be scraped. Reason being, Jaguar still entertains lots of kids today, and Montezooma's is one of the most intense coasters in the park. It's DEFINITELY more intense than Silver Bullet. If they did scrap them, how do you think a B&M Hyper like Goliath would fit in there? There would still be no room. Rides that should be taken out, though, are Perilous Plunge and Boomerang. Maybe even Riptide. The only reason Boomerang or PP ever have lines anymore is because they are both one train or boat operation. Perilous Plunge never runs its second boat whenever I visit. Riptide never has a line when I go, either. I think they could fit your B&M Hyper idea back there, with the station being where PP is now, and have the lift hill go out over the bumper cars and Pony Express. Then have the hills and drop in the backstage area to the left of Bigfoot. All the smaller hills after the MCBR could be coming back from that area, then it could do a splashdown where PP is now. Demon Drop is just a disappointment, in my opinion. Just another excuse to tell park goers, "Hey! We have a 'new' ride!"
  10. I really do hope that if it is a spinning coaster, it's NOT themed to Tony Hawk. Even with the other clones, I've never liked the idea of a skateboard themed coaster. But if it brings the families in... And I also think they should be focusing on flats. Primarily a drop tower. Then, one coaster that I think SFMM desperately needs is a Maverick-style terrain coaster, that would wind through the hillside of the park and have lots of air time. Those small terrain coasters are more exciting to me than the big giant hyper or strata coasters. They're also not as intimidating to kids and families.
  11. Does anyone know what a "Knott's Berry Farm merchandise location" is? I was checking out their website for the Toys for Tots deal next month, and it says for the free admission, the toy must be from one of those locations. Otherwise, you get a coupon for $15 admission instead of free admission. Here's the link: http://www.knotts.com/public/admission/prices/deals.cfm
  12. Yes, there are days SFMM has small crowds. I went on the Saturday of MLK weekend in January, everything was a walk on except X2, which was 35 minutes during the day and 1 hour at night. Yes, on a Saturday. You just got to know what days to go if you want small crowds. I've never been during Frightfest, so I wouldn't know about those crowds.
  13. I'm happy to hear the event was a success. Regardless of whether or not they do this again next year, I'm still getting an SFMM season pass next year instead of a KBF pass. I've been a Knott's pass holder for two years now and we don't get a coupon book or special events or anything. SFMM really knows how to treat their loyal guests.
  14. This year, the park went into daily operation in mid-March. So the park should be open weekdays during April next year, too.
  15. Knott's stays open all week long, but SFMM is only open on weekends. The only ride I can think of that would be closed at SFMM for off season maintenance is Deja Vu. KBF usually puts their rehab schedule on their website. I'm not really sure on the rain policies, so maybe someone else can help you on that. If there is high wind speeds in the area, though, some rides at SFMM will close. Not sure about KBF, though. I hope this helped a little, and have a great trip!
  16. I think Colossus should get a little fixed up, too. It was actually surprisingly fun, and smoother than Ghostrider to me. The last turn is really slow, though. That was one of the most boring parts of any ride I've ever been on. The lap bars also hurt my thighs every time we went down a drop.
  17. But why doesn't the mist on X2 work? I don't think wind has anything to do with those effects, and I know that the mist would certainly be welcome during the hot weather. I could tell it was off because during my one night ride I've ever had on it, it got really cold and my face felt wet when we went through the mist. I'd much rather have that effect working in the summer than the fire. Although both effects working at the same time would be better.
  18. ^^^The fire was on for both Terminator and X2 yesterday. I didn't really feel the heat from Terminator, so it was fine. But X2's fire sucked in the 100 degree weather. Especially since the mist wasn't on. I've been on it six times, and have only had the mist on for two of my rides. Both of those rides, though, the fire was off. So I don't think I've been on it when all the effects are working at the same time.
  19. When I rode it, I didn't get much airtime at all, but I did go nearly 90 degrees! I'll try leaning forward next time to see if I can get any airtime.
  20. I was just at the park today. We stayed from opening until closing. It was a little smoky in the morning, but cleared up a few minutes after the park opened. We rode every coaster at least once except Revolution and Viper, and I rode Terminator for my first time, too! It was fun, but the ride op lady pushed my restraint down all the way so it was annoying. Some other new rides I rode today were the Roaring Rapids, Yosemite Sam's Sierra Falls, and Tidal Wave. A lot of the coasters felt like I was going through a furnace, due to the heat. Especially Riddler's Revenge! The ride was not fun at all because of all the hot air. So I've decided that if I want to avoid crowds, I'll just go in January instead of late August. Everything was under a 15 minute wait except X2. All the rides were also running one train. But the ride op at X2 told my friends and I that they should have been running two trains on X2, but one of the trains was having problems. He said they fixed the problem, but they didn't want to bring the second train on for some reason. I really think they should have, because the line was an hour long because of the one train operation. That was the only line longer than 15 minutes all day. I'd also like to say how much of a difference it makes riding X2 in the inside seats and the outside sides. I rode in the back row, inside seat for my first run. It was smooth and fun, and it was the same old X2 I know and love at my number 1 spot. Then I rode in the front row on the outside seat. That was the most brutal experience I've ever had on a coaster... Overall, it was a fun day at the park. Not my best trip, but certainly not my worst. As for the current discussion, here are my thoughts on where my favorite places to sit are... X2: It's a tie between the back row or front row, inside seats. They're both the same to me, but the back row's directional changes feel a lot faster. Viper: I've only been on it in the front row, and have never found it that bad. Tatsu: Back row is the best. I like being yanked down the drop and the pretzel loop is amazing. Deja Vu: I prefer the front, mainly because I like being able to see everything. I hate looking at the chair in front of me on any ride. Terminator: Only been on it in the back. I liked it a lot, though. The ride was fast, smooth, and probably would've had some good air time if I didn't get stapled. Goldrusher: Back car, first row. It has some nice pops of air. Superman: Don't care. Ninja: Don't care. Riddler's Revenge: Front row, because I don't like looking at the seat in front of me. Batman: Same as Riddler. Scream: Same as Batman and Riddler. Colossus: Back row. It's actually smoother than Ghostrider, but the lap bar hurt my thighs whenever we went down a drop. Goliath: Back row. I got some floater air on the drop today. Canyon Blaster: Don't care. Revolution: Don't care.
  21. Thanks for the update on the smoke. I'll be heading out to the park today to ride Terminator for my first time! And also, I stopped caring about that Facebook contest when Le Monstre beat El Toro. It isn't even a tournament about coasters anymore. The Canadians are voting for Le Monstre solely because it's in Canada.
  22. Would anyone happen to know how smoky the air is at the park? I'm watching the news and they're saying there's a lot of smoke in there air, but I don't know how much smoke there is in Valencia.
  23. The last time I rode X2, the fog was on during my night ride. I felt it and it was freezing. The fire was off, though. I also think it would be cool if they had tunnels at the bottom of the raven turns filled with fog and lights. That would make night rides even better than they are now.
  24. Alright, thanks for the information. EDIT: For the coke can deal, can you use any can of coke, or only the cans that have the ads that say you can use it at SFMM to buy one ticket, get one free?
  25. I have a question for season pass holders. One of my friends has a play pass, and we plan on using one of the free tickets that comes in the coupon book on Monday, the 31st. He says that he also has coupons in there for $10 admission and $25 admission. Can we use those coupons along with the free ticket on the same day, or no?
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