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  1. Thanks to everyone that answered my question about crowds. If anyone is still wondering, my school district (CUSD in Orange County) gets out on June 23rd for our last day. The only days we off of between now and then are May 28th, June 1st, June 11th, and the obvious Memorial Day. I do live about an hour away from the park, though, so I don't know if my school district would influence crowds as much as LA does. Knott's and Disney are much closer to us, which are both only around a 25-30 minute drive.

  2. Very nice Photo TR that really shows off how great the event was! Those Scream photos are amazing, and now I'm wishing even more that I had gone on those extra backstage tours. I saw you guys throughout the day, too, but never came by to say hi. Hopefully I can meet you guys and some other TPR members at WCB 2011. Thanks for sharing the awesome photos!

  3. Thank you so much for such an amazing day on Saturday at SFMM! It was my first coaster event in general, and I will definitely try to make any future TPR events that are within my reach, and will definitely be back for WCB 2011! Some things I thought were awesome were:


    -Morning ERT on X2 was great. I got 3 rides in and all 3 times we just walked back around the station and got on again. My friends and I rode every coaster open for morning ERT, but unfortunately missed the expedition excursion. We want to try and do all the extra WCB stuff next year, instead of just focusing on rides.

    -The backstage tour from Deja to Batman was awesome. William was there waiting with us before we started and he was a really cool guy! Alex was our tour guide and I think he did a great job.

    -The lunch was excellent. I got some of everything and it was all great. The unlimited refills on drinks was the best part, though!

    -The Q&A and presentation was awesome! I had no idea the management was such a chill group of guys, and I really felt welcomed at the park with how much of a fun attitude they all had. The whole day there were employees smiling and asking us how our days going, even Jay Thomas himself! I love how the park president can take time out of his busy day to walk around the park, picking up trash and interacting with guests. The staff at Magic Mountain did an excellent job making my friends and I feel welcome!

    -Night ERT was the highlight of the day. Racing Colossus was amazing, and I couldn't believe how much fun it actually was! I wasn't expecting much but it was awesome how the ride seemed really competitive! The audio remix on Terminator was hilarious, and that was the best night ride I've ever had in the park! Terminator is blazing fast at night! The only other rides we went on during night ERT were Batman and Goliath, and both were excellent.


    Overall, we had an awesome time at SFMM and I'm looking forward to attending next year's WCB, too! Thank you to Robb and everyone at SFMM who worked so hard to put on such an awesome event!


    I just have one more question. When were the backstage tours for X2, Scream, and Colossus? If those were during the morning expeditions, I wish I could have made it! Oh well, I'm already looking forward to next year!

  4. Yesterday at SFMM was my first TPR event ever, and my friends and I were very impressed! We had a great time, and I'm wishing I could have gone to the Knott's portion today, too. Hopefully if it's two parks next year, I'll be able to make it for both days. Thanks to Robb and everyone at SFMM that put on such a great event yesterday, and I'll definitely make sure to attend WCB 2011 next year, too!

  5. The only categories I care about are Best Picture and Best Director. The Best Picture noms I've seen are Inglorious Basterds, Up, The Hurt Lockr, Avatar, and District 9. I think Inglorious Basterds should win Best Picture, because it was all around the most entertaining movie out of the five that I saw, and the entire cast worked great together. But I'm guessing The Hurt Lockr will be the one to win. I'm also guessing Katherine Bigelow will win Best Director, and I'm completely fine with that. I will be very disappointed if Avatar wins Best Picture, though. VERY disappointed...

  6. 1. X2

    2. Tatsu

    3. The Riddler's Revenge

    4. Batman: The Ride

    5. Goliath

    6. Scream!

    7. Terminator Salvation: The Ride

    8. Viper

    9. Déjà vu

    10. Goldrusher

    11. Colossus

    12. Ninja

    13. Superman: The Escape

    14. Revolution


    I don't care how long the wait for X2 is, I will ALWAYS ride it at least once every visit. At night, it's the best experience I've ever had on a theme park attraction.


    Tatsu I love so much, because it was the first coaster I ever rode at SFMM. I remember being really excited to finally be at the park and riding my first flying coaster. The pretzel loop is just insane, and the rest of the ride is really relaxing and fun.


    Riddler and Batman are kind of tied for me. I love Batman because it's really fast and never slows down, but I like Riddler because you get hang time and some nice g's. Both rides are about the same, but Riddler's station music, longer track length, and stand-up position give it the upper hand.


    Goliath's first drop and helix of death are both awesome. This is probably the only ride in the park where I've kept my hands up the entire ride. It's REALLY powerful at the bottom of the first drop, too. I felt it last time when I accidentally leaned forward a little. haha


    Scream, Terminator, Viper, Déjà Vu, Goldrusher, and Colossus are all fun and enjoyable rides to me. I make the effort to ride each of them at least once a visit, but my top 5 is what gets priority.


    I don't care much for Ninja, Superman, or Revolution. Ninja's too slow and shaky for me, Superman is too short, and Revolution hurts. I can go to the park without riding these three and I wouldn't really mind.

  7. Hey everyone! I was just wondering what Disneyland in CA is like when it rains. I've heard that the park isn't very crowded at all. But what attractions close in the rain? Do the fireworks still go on at night? And if you've been in the rain before, how was your trip compared to a visit on a sunny day? The reason being, I'll be visiting the park on Tuesday, and the forecast says "few showers."


    EDIT: This is the forecast I'm following.


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