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  1. Well the park had a huge expansion this year and really catered to thrill seekers. SCR16.BMP Here's the whole ride's layout. It completely occupies the eastern border of the park and really is incredible. So far reviews have said that it's right on par with Superman! SCR19.BMP One final helix and the brake run. SCR18.BMP Don't be fooled, this drop may have given the best air of any of Patriot's drops. SCR17.BMP Here's the Patriot's second tunnel. SCR15.BMP Yep you guessed it, more air time! SCR14.BMP Air Time! SCR13.BMP Here come the bunny hills! SCR12.BMP I absolutely loved the turnaround. The drop into it gave sweet ejector air and the speed and forces during those turns were incredible. SCR11.BMP Air Time! SCR10.BMP This gives you an idea of exactly how huge the first drop is. SCR9.BMP The first drop is very intense, gigantic with insane air. SCR8.BMP Constructed by B&M, the Patriot instantly became the park's most popular attraction. SCR7.BMP Last but not least is... the Patriot! SCR6.BMP The building in the bottom right hand corner houses a motion simulator known as Warzone. The film had great special effects. SCR5.BMP There's one of the Freedom Train's stations. Unfortunately the ride wasn't operational yet and the park doesn't expect it to for a few years. SCR4.BMP Here's the new eatery and bathrooms. SCR3.BMP The American Scream top spin was also added. It was running a really good program. SCR2.BMP A new round-up has been added with a very long cycle. SCR1.BMP Welcome to America- the Brave.
  2. Looking excellent so far. Just a suggestion, but if you want to replace the topple tower, a gyro drop themed to a tree would fit in.
  3. Yes (sometimes I drink 1/4-1/2 gallon) Do you like the Indiana Jones movies?
  4. Hi, I live in New England and my home park is Canobie Lake Park (well look at my user name!). Currently I am a student. Favorite Park: Six Flags New England Favorite Steel: Apollo's Chariot Favorite Wood: Wildcat @ Hersheypark Track Record: 20 wood, 58 steel, 78 total
  5. Well compared to my local carnivals, this one had a similar ride selection. Dream Catcher, Fireball, and the Zipper alone would make a good carnival for me. Mite Mouse reminds me so much of Quassy's mouse. Both are old, rare, and troublesome.
  6. Great work with this park. I absolutely love the feel of the park and I really like what you did with the swinger.
  7. cinciDAWGS12: Yeah, Rampage's first drop truely is a doozy. I couldn't agree more on the park's feel. D-86: I'm not going to add a water park, but I will add water rides in the future such as a log flume, river rapids ride, or a shoot the chute ride. Now onto update 5. The park has again added some more rides, but they haven't attracted as much as in previous years since no new coaster was added. Bob conducted a survey for park guests and determined that thrill-seekers wanted a major coaster like Superman at Six Flags or Boulder Dash at Lake Compounce. Bob was shocked since he thought Rampage was pretty darn thrilling (it got #5 in the golden ticket awards), but Bob said that next year expect the "American dream" to come true. SCR5.BMP the Garden Games, a state of the art arcade. SCR4.BMP The park also added a new restaurant this year along with... SCR1.BMP Here's a closer view of Up, Up, & Away. SCR2.BMP Two new family rides were added this year- Up, Up, & Away (Zamperla samba tower) and the Wave Swinger (Zierer model).
  8. After another successful year, Adventure Gardens is preparing for its third year, and it also looks to be their best. The year is highlighted by the addition of Rampage, a GCI custom twister that flies by many trees. This is sure to be the park's signature attraction! Now onto the photos. SCR7.BMP Finishing this update is Whirlwind, the park's Huss frisbee. I think it makes for quite a site entering the park. SCR6.BMP Rampage wasn't the only new ride added this year. Blade, a Fabbri Kamikaze was also added. Those trees really should make the ride exciting. SCR5.BMP Another aerial view. SCR4.BMP Pretty much an entire overview of Rampage. It reminds me somewhat of the Ozark Wildcat. SCR3.BMP I can't wait until this thing opens. SCR2.BMP This thing looks like it's going to provide some decent air for a GCI. SCR1.BMP There she is with all her twisty goodness.
  9. Thank you everyone for all the comments. The park is getting ready to kick off its second operating year. Bob invited me into the park to get some photos and I couldn't refuse. Let me say that the park is loking better and better each time I visit. SCR15.BMP I actually caught the ride testing! It seems to run quite well. SCR13.BMP I wonder how bad the headbanging will be. SCR14.BMP Essentially Lumberjack's layout is a drop, a vertical loop, two corkscrews, and some turns. SCR12.BMP But by far the park's biggest addition this year is Lumberjack, a custom Arrow coaster. SCR9.BMP This definitely looks like it's one of the better roller skaters out there! SCR8.BMP On the other end of Kiddyland is the Log Jammer, the park's Vekoma roller skater (special thanks to DBru for the layout). SCR1.BMP Garden Monster is a standard Zamperla kiddie coaster with beautiful landscaping around it. SCR2.BMP Here's the park's second roller coaster, the Garden Monster. SCR4.BMP In honor of Bob's beloved grandmother, this crooked house was named Grandma's House. SCR5.BMP Here's Speed Racer, the park's motorcycle ride. SCR7.BMP Closer view of the Astronaut... and the Snack Shack. SCR6.BMP Across from the carousel and planes are Tree Fall (S&S Frog Hopper) and the Astronaut (Herschell rocket ride). SCR3.BMP Proceding over the bridge, I entered Kiddyland. This picture primarily shows off the Kiddy Carousel and the Barnstormer. SCR11.BMP From what I've heard, this new Ferris wheel will be named the Wonder Wheel. Hopefully it will give some great views of the park's rides. SCR10.BMP I see that the park has added a Paratrooper.
  10. This is by far the best No Limits coaster, or a coaster from any other game, that I have seen. All of the details are absolutely incredible. Heck, the ride itself would be fun and thrilling even without all the scenery and theming.
  11. I've never played No Limits so I can't comment on that, but in Roller Coaster Tycoon I just save the track, delete the old one that crashed, and replace it with an identical copy.
  12. the ghost: Thank you. This is my third park posted actually (Fun Forest, Holiday World (not completed), and this one). DBru: I really liked the entrance plaza myself. I really think it sets the stage for a great park. Now for the update. The grand opening was today and it was a great day. So far the park is pretty small, but the crowds were pretty good for a park of its size and they had a half price special for the first day! SCR16.BMP This was the busiest and most popular attraction in the park, and for good reason since it's the park's only coaster. SCR15.BMP Flying through the helix. SCR14.BMP Essentially this is Wildfire's whole layout. Look at all that twisty goodness. SCR13.BMP I'll finish this update with the park's first coaster, Wildfire. It's a Schwarzkopf custom spiral lift coaster. SCR12.BMP These are some of the best bumper cars around, simply because they have Lusse skooters! Boy, these things hit hard. SCR7.BMP If you haven't realized it yet, the park owner bought the rides he enjoyed during his childhood for the park. The Tumble Bug fits into that category. To the right of it in the photo is the Jungle Cafe and to the left is the First Aid building. SCR6.BMP Wow! The park even has a whip. It's in great condition too! SCR5.BMP Indeed it is. SCR4.BMP Is that a caterpillar I see? SCR3.BMP After crossing the bridge, the first ride one encounters is the Grand Carousel. The ride is very popular on rainy days. Heck it's popular even on crystal clear days. SCR10.BMP Skyview brings you to the other station that is towards the center of the park. SCR1.BMP Here's another view of Skyview and it's bucket cars. SCR11.BMP The park added a sky ride named Skyview on Main Street to bring guests to the ride part of the park. It was a walk-on when I arrived so I hopped on.
  13. I was browsing the local newspaper and discovered this article. Quote: After reading this I stormed down to the park and indeed saw that construction was progressing slowly, but surely. Comments and suggestions are recommended and updates are sure to come. SCR9.BMP Aerial view! So far it's nice, but obviously the park has tons of expanding to do. SCR5.BMP I presume that this is where I can pick up a park map. SCR4.BMP Here's the bridge to the main area of the park. SCR10.BMP There's Mama Mia's Italian Eatery. Hopefully they'll have some killer pasta and pizza. The balcony looks great too. SCR3.BMP The fountain looks great and Main Street Creamery is rumored to have incredible homemade ice cream! SCR2.BMP Here's the first area of the park- Main Street. Looks like they have plenty of shops and buildings already constructed. SCR7.BMP Another view of the entrance plaza. SCR1.BMP Here's the entrance plaza. I really like it and it reminds me of Geauga Lake's old entrance.
  14. After finishing Fun Forest, I began building this massive holiday themed park. Right now I am working on the Halloween section first, but later plan on adding Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and Independence Day areas. I will be updating as I go. SCR8.BMP Here's an overview of what I've done so far. So far I personally like my work. SCR41.BMP Here's the final helix around a small fountain. The ride still has considerable speed at this point. SCR40.BMP You guessed it, more air! SCR39.BMP Here's an air-time filled helix. SCR38.BMP It's not uncommon to get a little wet going through here. SCR37.BMP Here's the insane turnaround surrounded by a waterfall! The train just flies through this turn. SCR36.BMP Yeah! More air! SCR35.BMP Another pretty big drop. SCR34.BMP Don't be deceived, this is the most air-time filled air throughout the ride. It rivals the air on the drop into El Toro's helix! SCR33.BMP Out she comes. SCR32.BMP Woohoo! Back into the tunnel to the rider's delight! SCR31.BMP Yeah! Air Time! SCR30.BMP The train flying out of the tunnel for the first time. SCR29.BMP Here's the steep 85ft drop. While not the biggest coaster out there, the whole ride is non-stop thrills. SCR28.BMP Going up the lift. SCR27.BMP The whole ride is about 3600ft long and packed with air. SCR26.BMP Ever since opening, the Werewolf has been very highly ranked and has won numerous awards, including the #1 wooden coaster according to Amusement Today. SCR25.BMP Custom Coasters International constructed this incredible wooden coaster. The design was inspired by the Raven. SCR24.BMP Here's the park's star attraction, the Werewolf. This is a basic overview of the woodie. SCR15.BMP The 4-D theater has a great flick entitled Ghostbusters 4-D. Not as good as the first film, but it certainly beats the second. SCR14.BMP Here's an overview of Black Cat-astrophe, the park's dark ride. On the inside are some "haunted" ghost scenes. SCR22.BMP About to drop. SCR13.BMP This essentially is the entire layout of Fright Flight. Not very big, but it's a family coaster and quite popular among families and kids. Fright Flight circles around Demon Drop, the park's Intamin gyro drop. SCR12.BMP Here's a little area known as Witch's Castle. In it are the Witch's Wheel, an Eli Bridge Ferris wheel and the Fright Flight, a Setpoint suspended coaster. Personally, I like the broom cars. SCR10.BMP The Chance Trabant is aptly named the Pumpkin Patch. Next to it is the Magic Cauldron, the park's Mack Calypso. SCR9.BMP The spider ride is called Arachnophobia. Eyerly built it and it was the park's first ride. SCR7.BMP Like Fun Forest, Holiday World has flowers surrounding a small fountain. SCR6.BMP Here's an overview of the entrance area. SCR5.BMP Welcome to Holiday World, "the kingdom of holidays".
  15. Thanks for all the comments. Yeah now that I look at it all those trees did look odd. Anyway, I am about to post a new park that so far is coming along much better.
  16. Welcome to Fun Forest, New England's premier family theme park. Inside are 20 rides and attractions, beautiful scenery, and delicious food. Care to take a look? This is my first RCT2 park that I have posted and arguably it is my best yet. It took me yesterday and today to do this so I was very pleased with how quickly I created this beauty. Comments and suggestions are appreciated. EDIT: Whoops! I just noticed I posted my images in reverse. The first one is at the bottom of this post. SCR24.BMP Here's an aerial view of Fun Forest. Well, it's in a forest and it looks fun. It's not as big as many other parks, but it certainly has plenty of rides for a park of its size. SCR25.BMP Here's the main entrance. Not as elaborate as others out there, but it does its job. SCR23.BMP In the center of the park is this beautiful garden. Behind it is the Carousel Pavilion. SCR26.BMP Here's the southwest corner of the park. It's dominated by Wild Thing (B&M dive machine) and the Wildcat. With those air-time hills, no wonder why it's a fan favorite. SCR27.BMP Here's the northwest corner. The Wildcat and Tree-Topper (junior coaster) stand out. SCR28.BMP Here's the northeast corner of the park, or should I say Beast Territory. SCR29.BMP Here's the southeast corner of the park. It's clearly dominated by the park's log flume, Adventure River. SCR2.BMP You know you like Wildcat's lift. SCR16.BMP Wildcat's air-time filled first drop. SCR13.BMP Here's the park's GCI, the Beast (does it look better than King Island's?). SCR17.BMP The Beast is the favorite coaster according to the guests. The line certainly shows! SCR4.BMP The Beast's first drop and tons of twisty goodness. SCR14.BMP This drop gives some serious ejector air! SCR5.BMP Some flats and more of the Beast's layout. SCR3.BMP Here's Wild Thing, my very compact B&M dive machine. SCR10.BMP Now that would be scary! Wild Thing probably is the most daring ride in the park. SCR12.BMP Here's the Buzzsaw (Huss Rainbow) and Tree Topper (Vekoma Roller Skater) in all their glory. SCR11.BMP Not only is this a picture of the Wildcat's turnaround, but the Chance Sky Diver and Sea Dragon can be seen, along with the Crazy Cups. SCR15.BMP More rides. SCR19.BMP I just think that the center of the park is so picturesque. SCR18.BMP From this corner of the park, the Tree Topper, Wildcat, and Wave Swinger can be seen. SCR20.BMP He, he, he, he, haaa WIPEOUT. Okay, I couldn't resist. I love the water effects. The Tilt-a-Whirl looks cool too, I guess. SCR21.BMP Sweet, I see Wild Thing! It just overshadows the Moonwalk, Sky Diver, and Crazy Cups. SCR22.BMP Here's a shot primarily of the Antique Cars. Personally, I like the layout. SCR32.BMP I love the Ferris Wheel's location. SCR33.BMP The Bumper Cars and Paratrooper look fun. SCR6.BMP Here's Adventure River. There are 3 drops on this flume and the whole layout is pretty much hidden! SCR9.BMP Another photo of Adventure River. They're almost about to experience the big drop! SCR7.BMP Do you think it's worth it? They do!
  17. I know that you hit F10, but does a message come up after it's taken? I just hit the button and there's no notification at all. Also, if the screenshot was taken, I can't find it. I really want to get some shots of an amazing park I built and upload them here.
  18. I'd have to say El Toro. Even though I've never been on it, just all of the things I've heard about it have been positive and it sounds like my type of ride.
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