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  1. ^Were you involved, or did you just pull over to take a picture?


    ^ As for the app, unless they've updated it recently they don't display wait times.

    You have to enter your season pass into the app in order to see wait times. Even then, you can't see the wait times unless you're in the park, and they're not always accurate.


    Photo was pulled via Twitter from KCBS LA.



  2. Just went to Knotts on Tuesday. We rode Ghostrider first. It's a much smoother since I last rode it. I guess the retracking has worked. But, the Calico Mine Train ride still is having problems with miners setting off explosions while the train is in the mine. They should seriously try to reinforce the mine as it is held up by rotting wood. The track should also be upgraded. I can't believe MSHA, Mine Safety and Health Administration has not shut that mine down yet. Too many close calls with explosions.

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