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  1. I hope it does turn out to be a water ride. It's still pretty hot in Valencia it's nice to be able to cool down.


    Whatever it is they should theme it to Aquaman as well. He's certainly deserving of something. You can ride on one of his sea friends helping him out! It would be awesome.


    I can imagine the t-shirts now 'Aquaman got me wet'! and all sorts of variants on the same thing.

  2. Ok, so I'm posting my itinerary here, I'm off to Japan next week for my first trip.

    So if I'm missing out on something obvious please let me know! Also suggestions for things to see and do in the evenings, what to see/miss etc would be great!


    Arrive Tuesday 6th March in the evening, if we have time we'll head to Aqua Stadium.


    Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are not locked down yet. I'm waiting till it gets closer to see the weather so I can pencil in Fuji Q when they might open a couple of rides. Then I also want to pop in to Yomiuriland and a day for culture and shopping.


    Saturday the 10th March, we've tickets to the Ghibli museum in the morning, once we are done there we'll head over to Sensojii and Hanshiken, not sure if we'll explore the park or just get the credit and then do some exploring.


    Sunday we're changing hotels and heading over to TDR To get the Starlight ticket for entry after 3. We have an additional 4 days at Disney, Monday through Thursday.


    Friday our flight is in the evening at 7pm, so really we have another day.


    I'm wanting to do Tobu Zoo as well. I think it'll make the most sense to go on the Sunday and just do Disney in the evening. But we're changing hotels the same day, so has anyone had anyone had experience with either a Tokyo luggage transport service or with stowing luggage in their lockers.


    Does anyone know if Tobu Zoo still has their Magic Carpet? I looked on their website but it looks as if it's gone, which would be a shame as those rides were awesome. I think Toshimaen has one, tempted to swap it out with Hanshiken.


    So any suggestions on any of the above would be appreciated! Thanks

  3. If you looked up Main Street Equity in a dictionary they would be described as thus;


    'A bunch of mindless jerk's who'll be first against the wall when the revolution comes.'


    They don't feel the need to answer any of our calls back about our broken boiler and cold everything!

  4. People who crouch down and pretend to be too short to ride. HA HA HA SO FUNNY, no one has EVER done that before!


    Not being allowed to wear glasses on rides.


    Inconsistencies between parks, where something is ok at one park, but not allowed at another, You take your bags onto Rock 'n' Rollercoaster, I took my bag on Corkscrew at Alton Towers and the ride op, told me it'd fall out. So you can't even use common sense!

  5. True story: anyone who has ever worked as a ride operator at a roller coaster will tell you that one of the most common questions is "is it scary?" If the roller coaster happens to be indoors, the #2 question will be "does it have loops?"

    Not to be out done by every second guest crouching down as they walk past the height check and saying they are too small.


    Back to MM though.....I hope it does get replaced with a water ride. As an infrequent guest who visits in the off season I find I get a case of coaster fatigue. It does say a lot for the parks line up when you have several excellent rides that would stand out in any other park but are merely back ground filler rides.

    So a replacement log flume would be great. Not to mention the fact that it gets fairly hot in Valencia, so getting a chance to cool down would be nice.

  6. I'm just glad that Dreier Looping is still around, I wasn't sure what had happened to it after Flamingo Land. Whilst I've not been on Dreir, I'm local to the Mindbender in Edmonton (easily the best part of Edmonton). It really is a fantastic ride, that despite its age remains completely ride able.


    I guess Canada and Mexico are on par then? Awesome looking law enforcement and classic Schwarzkopf!

  7. Best of luck with Fuji Q, I'll be there the following week. So hopefully it'll work out for both of us. Did you work out how much it would cost to get to Tobu Zoo?

    As for hotels I was looking at a chain http://www.wmt.co.jp/ The one in Tokyo I was looking at was well reviewed. They charge by person as well so that might be better for you. Not sure what their property in Osaka is like.

  8. Chertsey station is closer than Staines and is about a 20 minute walk. When I've gone to Staines I've either been stuck waiting for a bus or splashed out on a cab. If you're short on money and want to get there early I'd go to Chertsey. If it's a double decker bus then it has to go a longer way to get to the park as there is a low bridge.


    Hope that's of use.

  9. Visited today second vist to the park. Walked onto pretty much everything, longest wait was 15 minutes for Tatsu. Thanks to the people who posted the touring plans. The rest of our group ended up going on X first and got stuck in 90 minute waits. We walked onto it later in the day. Awesome ride and an awesome day. Both trips to Magic mountain I've expected a bad day and to only get a couple of rides in and both times I've been very impressed with the park. So I guess I'm something of a minority.

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