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  1. banks!? ha ha ha... i've got all my money in US Postal Service "Forever" stamps! I'm rich! RICH! RIIIICH!
  2. Sorry--that sort of talk sends me off sometimes. XII may have been kidding, who knows... and he/she is young, and young people are known to say things like that sometimes. XII: you can hate the people that jump to conclusions, but this country is not full of them, so ease up!
  3. not if you're WHITE. It sounds bad, but I have a feeling that was a contributing factor to the "suspicion."
  4. Then leave. Keep in mind that the nearest exit may be located behind you. edit: Oh, you're 16? My friend used to say stupid stuff like that when we were that age. It seems likely to be an attempt to sound provocative... especially among citizens from other countries (who would usually ask my friend "are you crazy?"). maybe you'll change your mind, maybe you won't. Guess where my friend still lives? Yep, good ol' U S of A.
  5. That would be fine Actually, it would be better if they are able to hide the ride somehow... maybe with one of those cool canopies like the one that stands over Fremont St. in Vegas but a little more subtle. Maybe it could show the night sky at first, then evolve into some kind of passive story about the gold rush... meanwhile, coasters travel above the canopy (which I think is transparent during the day). I imagine that it is also hard to quantify how enjoyable the nostalgia experience is to a visitor, too. When I was hungry or thirsty, I tried to make sure I went to that part of the park so that--maybe--somehow the numbers will show that I spent time in that part of the park! Maybe if the season passes ever get RFID-ified, they can see exactly where we spend our time... each time we walk through the entrance of the museum, how many times we walk through the tunnel to Soak City, visit Independance Hall, etc. In fact, maybe each gate in the coaster stations could sense which train I was on, and instead of having all of those individual photo booths, there could be one central one that pulls up all of my on-ride photos for the day. edit: ...or from home...
  6. Ah--I heard you guys have had that burger for a while! Parts of NY have it, too... but it will be "new" to a lot of others! I was surprised that Ghost Town occupied such a large part of the park. I also liked that the trash cans were shaped like barrels. If you like it, it doesn't hurt to write to the park and tell them how much you like it. If they do remove some buildings, I hope they are able to eventually place them elsewhere... perhaps theming the path to Soak City. I noticed that by the log ride, they had put out some of those foot massagers... and some kids were complaining that it ate their quarter. I took a look at how they were powered, and it seemed like 4 of those things were plugged into your average home power strip (along with a vending machine)! I'm sure that if the kid put a quarter in while the vending machine's compressor was on, it probably tripped the breaker on the strip (if it has one). I liked that Knott's has a lot of rides that stray from the typical staples (Arrow looper, Wild Mouse, Ferris Wheel)... and look how many launched coasters they will have! I assume the upcharge for the Screamin' Swing is a convenient way to deal with capacity? Here are a few more pics from the tower, run through Photoshop a few too many times to try to remove the Vaseline from the Tower's windows.... Supreme Scream Looking towards Pony Express Looking towards Independance Hall Silver Bullet
  7. Thanks--I stood and watched the flywheel spinning for a while I walked by it a few times but never saw a train launch. It looks like a pretty fun course! I haven't been following Pony Express much--is the second hill taller than the first? It looks like that from the pic I took from Sky Tower.
  8. Still a few things left.... See? THANKS FOR READING! Hope you enjoyed it. I certainly did, and I hope I have a few more opportunities to go back to this great park this summer! Finally... once I left, I was starving... a quick stop in Hungry Valley unveiled a new McDonald's sandwich that isn't available in northern California (or many other places): The Angus Third Pounder. I thought it was a great sandwich. I didn't feel like walking through the tunnel over there, but Knott's has a great replica of Independance Hall. From what I remember, it says something like the blueprints created for the replica were used to refurbish the REAL Independance Hall... note: if it doesn't say that, it is still a good story, pass it on. is it as fun as it looks? I liked that the stage coaches have a nice course to travel on, and some of it is elevated. these cars are really cool Knott's has a nice looking train
  9. OK, I tried to take a lot of pictures in Ghost Town. I think this part of the park is really cool--yet I suspect it could be the first area to "take one for the team" when more space is needed. I grew up near Detroit, and the concept of moving old buildings from different areas long distances into one big collection is a little familiar. Henry Ford built a place called Greenfield Village like that (Sorry, Dayton... you're not getting the Wright Bros. bicycle shop back...). This area reminds me of Greenfield Village and Cedar Point's Frontier Trail... and my parents said the same thing when I sent them some of these pictures. GHOSTRIDER Owwwwwwwww! The layout looks really cool and I thought this was going to be one of those underrated rides.... but... I didn't like it. It was very very uncomfortable. I was seated in the middle of the train, and someone else's review mentioned that the front is an entirely different ride, so I will give it another chance someday. I've ridden some rough, bad coasters before (Psyclone, Roar, Grizzly, Mean Streak), but this one takes the cake IMO. It makes Mean Streak seem excellent, and I didn't think anything other than hard drugs could do that. That's all, folks! actually, not quite... stay tuned for bonus pics Was this train ever used at the park? When? Museum and Town Hall. I really liked the museum. I wish all parks had them. More Ghost Town Jail Shops Ghost Food. This is where your money goes to die. Crafts Blacksmith Bank Gun Shop Gold Trails Hotel Bird Cage Theatre Bear Shop I meant to go back here to see what this is all about. It looks like there are some rocks that the shopworker will cut open for the kids. Do some of the rocks have toys inside or something? This way to Ghost Town... don't forget to have $0.51 to make a Snoopy penny on the way...
  10. Thanks for clearing that up about Rip Tide. I agree--last year I stood there in that hot sun and watched it for a few cycles because it was so interesting and hilarious to see the ride tease and torture people. I told a lot of people about it (and sent out YouTube links to videos of it) because it was so cool. It has lost a ton of appeal now. It was one of the last rides I saw before leaving and I didn't want to be soaked for the ride home. I swore I would ride it no matter what the next time, but like b&m says, it didn't seem worth waiting in the hot sun for it anymore. Maybe Rip Tide is the ride they should charge extra for, with full water effects (and make Screamin Swing free). I've only been to the park twice, but on both occasions it seemed like Xcelerator had more downtime than Rip Tide. Why not run at lower power in "rollback mode" with 1 train to lower maintenance time Oh well... I hope they reconsider. Now that it is dry, it is easy to see rust/stains on the bottom of the ride "chassis" or whatever the rotating seat platform is called. I guess it may be too much to hope that CGA's Firefall would have a wet program now... grrrrrrrr... It sounds like one of those things that parks try and eventually reverse if enough people complain about it. I will probably fire off a message to the park about it soon... if visitors don't say anything, the park will probably think that people just didn't notice and don't mind the change. I'll get my last pics up later today... mostly Ghost Town stuff. Oh, I didn't realize how rare WIPEOUT is and I didn't ride... whoops! CALICO MINE RIDE I rode this last time. It looks really nice and seems like it could fit in at a Disney park, but I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. I'm glad I rode it, but at the time the line was very slow and it didn't end up paying off for me. It is something I expect I will ride again, though, because it seems really unique.
  11. ^ The sign said something to the effect of "if you are taller than this, you must be accompanied by someone shorter than THIS"... I should have at least ASKED! Thanks for the tip--I will try next time. I'd like to see a giant version of a whip... with jumps. Or a vertical one! OK, some more pics and words.... SILVER BULLET A terrific inverted coaster with some intense positive Gs and a real good air time spot (made me ask myself if I've experienced air time on an inverted before... myself has yet to answer). MONTEZUMA'S REVENGE I missed out on CGA's Tidal Wave(?), which I think had a slightly different launch, but was otherwise pretty similar. So, this was the first time I've ridden such a ride. I liked it a lot, and I thought it looked pretty cool, too. Despite knowing what would happen, I ended up being forced to look at my shoes for a second until I could push my head back.... derp! JAGUAR Owwwww.... why do kids scream in the station caves? Why does it smell like puke in here? Other than that, this was better than I was expecting. It is pretty exciting for a junior coaster, IMO. SIERRA SIDEWINDER Looks cool. {sigh} XCELERATOR This is a sweet ride. Launched coasters may become cliche and gimmicky, but I really liked Xcelerator. I've ridden Top Thrill Dragster, and there IS an extra punch there with the extra height on top of the great freedom of the restraints and the acceleration... but Xcelerator is just so cool. It looks cool, the line was only about 30 minutes, and it might even accelerate faster. High enough! SCREAMIN SWING Ugh... I don't like to pay an extra fee after paying for an unlimited ride admission... make up your mind! I rode Sky Hawk at Cedar Point (bigger and free), so I figured I could save my $5 for 32 oz. of berry punch... or a gallon or so of gasoline. If only gasoline was thirst-quenching... it's so much cheaper than the beverages at KBF! PERILOUS PLUNGE I think I mentioned that I didn't ride any water rides this time. This ride looks INSANE! I know it will freak me out when I finally do it. RIP TIDE I was disappointed to see the boring program for this ride. Last year it was soaking everyone and then whirling them dry. But now it doesn't do a whole lot and everyone stays dry Maybe it is a seasonal thing... LOG RIDE I'm so glad they have one... Can't wait to try it next time. OK, now I'm in Ghost Town looking back at Supreme Scream... time for a pause. TO BE CONCLUDED... I love these rides. Something about going faster than gravity could accomplish on its own is really, really cool. Yikes! That is steeeeep. I love these trains for Xcelerator. No giant dragster tires are going to fall off HERE... and they still look great! The Courthouse / stage seems to get used a lot or many different things throughout the year. Particularly Pit Road... I like all the detail in the RC cars attraction. Screamin Swing. When I found out you have to pay extra to ride, I started screaming obscenities and swinging my fists. I can see Xcelerator from here... kind of... it would be easier if these windows were clean! Sky Tower... going up... Palm trees and towers I didn't spend a lot of time in the fiesta area--it seemed like rides that I have ridden before, but I'm sure I overlooked some things. Another nice fountain. Nice fountain. KBF has lots of nice things Knott's has a pretty chaotic entrance. Even though there is a "welcome wagon," the first step inside is overwhelmed by Silver Bullet "Coaster Mash" Silver Bullet, Jaguar, Montezuma's Revenge, and Sierra Sidewinder
  12. After driving 380 miles from Oakland, I really wanted to ride any ride that I haven't ridden before anywhere else. Sierra Sidewinder really intrigues me, but the line.... barely..... moves..... and... when... it... does....... ... .... ...it...moves........very.......slow...... What is up with this ride? It must be hard to load? One train would dispatch and finish the circuit long long LONG before the ops could ready the next train for dispatch. Too slow for me.... I couldn't take the heat and left the line. I've got to return the rental car I took down there (about $50 for 3 days... and that crappy Hyundai Elantra gets much better MPGs than my 10 year old Mustang)... so... TO BE CONTINUED>>> yah, Back to the Future style.
  13. CAMP SNOOPY Snoopy is probably my all time fav cartoon character, and I thought this area of the park was designed very well. CHARLIE BROWN'S SPEEDWAY What's this? The Whip? I always liked The Whip and I haven't seen one in years. Too bad this one is just for the kids! HUFF AND PUFF (?) I thought this was a unique ride. Kids push a lever forward and back to propel the carts around a small track. PONY EXPRESS I doubt I've captured anything that hasn't been seen already, but here are a few pics from Sky Tower and the train. When I walked by, the flywheel was spinning, but I didn't hang out and see what they were doing with it. Again, this story is TO BE CONTINUED... I love Sky Rides and Sky Towers... and this one is so photogenic Pony trains Pony station? Pony flywheel Pony flywheel Pony Express from Sky Tower Huff and Puff Charlie Brown Speedway... or a mini "Whip" Snoopy store
  14. ...ugh... I had a really long report written up but Internet Explorer crashed while I was adding pics... I will do this in chunks now... This was my third time to Knott's: 1st try: Halloweekends 2006... PARK FULL. Couldn't get in! 2nd try: Fall 2007, limited time. Xcelerator is down, and lines are long. This time, I was by myself and had full control over my activity My main goal was to ride; after I rode the rides, I went to the car for the camera so I could show other people the cool things inside this park. I loved the park. It is clean and beautiful. Customer service is fantastic and there is a fantastic variety of things to do crammed into the place, and--with the exception of a small area where 4 coasters (Silver Bullet, Jaguar, Montezuma's Revenge, Sierra Sidewinder) come together--it doesn't feel cramed at all. I didn't feel like I was in the middle of some high-densit suburban area while at the park... that is quite an accomplishment! OK... some pictures to cap this post before IE crashes, and then this story is TO BE CONTINUED... The Sky Tower, er, towering over the mine the gate The sign over the entry road... other signs were more confusing... such as the ones that seemed to direct me to parking lots that were full already. The view from the grassy lot I parked in at 11AM.
  15. dang! That's kind of lame.... since they sent out e-mails saying that it would open today... and auctioned seats, etc... Oh well... i guess i want a trained crew instead of an untrained crew when I ride.
  16. What time does CGA turn on ride lights? Is it possible to see ride lights on an day when the park closes at 8PM, or is that too early?
  17. Does Firefall have an opening date yet? One of the e-mail newsletters said it would open in April, but I can't remember if it had a specific date attached or not.
  18. I was hoping it was some kind of burger smoothie bucket or something. Are you reading this, Cold Stone? Fold some burgers into my mint chocolate chip pleeeease.... maybe Jamba Juice could offer a White Castle boost. I would think anything giant like that would be along the lines of their other mass quantity products... crave case and a gallon of sweet tea should be plenty nutrition for 2-3 people
  19. ^ Do they force you to order and drink the one gallon drink instead of what you actually want or something? Why would you decide to go, but decide to leave because they have a new product? That sounds made up.....
  20. Krystal is a decent provider of steam-grilled burgers in the south. I can't say that it equals White Castle myself, but the burgers are very similar. I was driving across Florida a few years ago and the glow from the Krystal sign seemed like a heavenly beacon lighting up the rural highway. I hadn't had a Krystal burger in years and was pretty satisfied with it. http://krystal.com/ I'm going back to Michigan in about a month and CAN'T WAIT for WC! Can't beat the real thing.
  21. ...or put one to use as the ride vehicle in a multi-terrain dark ride...
  22. Put saddles on about 30 of those and arrange them in a circle for the creepiest carousel ever...
  23. Similarly, someone else said that the voice on the Demon was gone... At first I thought "WHAT voice?" then I rode it on Friday.... voice is LOUD and clear. I never noticed the waterfall running before--I think that's my fault for just not paying attention, but it was a cool to finally see it. It seems like some of you think that Cedar Fair is willing to let theme elements fall into a state of disarray or something. If that was true, then who has been arranging flowers and trimming hedges around the park?
  24. ^ dude, what are you talking about? The fire is still there, and I heard the music from the Eagle's Flight station.
  25. The fire was working on opening day for sure... saw it with my own eyes! Not sure about the video... I didn't ride. Even the first year, the video was hard to see under the bright sun.
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