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  1. Rode for the first time yesterday and was really blown away. That backseat...man...I was getting literally just tossed everywhere - I couldn't help laughing the whole time because of how ridiculous it was. And the top gun stall, while racing, is one of the trippiest most unique elements I have experienced on a ride. I have to say though...yesterday was the first time being told where to sit on a non-Disney coaster that I can remember (and even Disney seems to accommodate people who request the front on rides like Screamin, from what I've seen). Is this a new thing? Like, if I go to Silver Dollar City, do they assign me a seat on Outlaw Run? Maybe Deja Vu had assigned seating, and I later learned that Full Throttle does as well, but I can't really think of a time where I wasn't allowed to wait for a longer amount of time for the front or the back. Most queues seem to allow for this; the front or the back cars have a larger waiting space (Ghostrider always comes to mind because of how insanely awesome the back was in the late 90's/early 2000's - I always waited the extra time to sit there.) I was bummed to see that TC does not seem to have a queue like this, from what I could tell. Maybe this is temporary at this point, but I can imagine being fairly disappointed waiting over an hour with the intention of trying out the back, only to get assigned to the middle. Space Mountain, or Indiana Jones, I understand the need to assign seats (and the fact that it doesn't really matter where you sit), but for a ride that gives several distinctly different ride experiences, I would hope they would allow for this. On top of that, many people were just going where they wanted anyway. Some had the requests granted, and others didn't. It didn't really seem like they had the whole concept figured out, and even for a brief period of time where the ride had a 5 -10 minute wait, they were turning down the option to request seats. A positive note: EVERY ride I took in the morning I raced on at least one circuit, without fail.
  2. I didn't know that. Cars Land is really awesome and so is RSR. I have no idea how it would not be considered an E-ticket ride, although I'm not really sure what the qualifications for an E-ticket are. I imagine it has at least something to do with the ability to draw big crowds and make money, and in that regard I am sure RSR more than qualifies. I personally feel they could have kept the same demographic for the ride and sped it up a notch or two. But I'm not 10, and I'm not a huge Cars fan, so there ya go.
  3. They need to slow down the dark ride portion and speed up the racing portion. Simple as that. Even increasing the rate of acceleration would do a lot. It feels like it "wants" to go faster, and for a second there you start to feel it, but you never get an "OMG were going so fast" moment like you do with Test Track. I was also expecting some more sudden stops/jerks/brake screeching like you do with Test Track. Many people getting off the ride that weren't 10 had similar thoughts, several people saying "that's it?" or "I thought it was supposed to be fast." Wonder how hard it is to speed up/reprogram it. I also wonder how the ride was never designed to be as fast as Test Track, as it should have been, and would have been getting much better reception from older fans. I also don't think speeding it up would change anything in regards to families/children being able to ride.
  4. Without a watermark, how do we possibly know who to give credit to?
  5. Man, the SFMM clone that they just built in China is so much prettier than ours...
  6. Besides Ghost Town, what else in Knott's has any worth in terms of preserving? They could pretty much re-theme the entire park besides Ghost Town and I would be totally fine. To me, 1998-99 were Knott's finest years, when Ghostrider and Supreme Scream just opened. It still felt like good ole' Knott's, only with this kick-ass wooden coaster and a drop tower. Trashcans were still at an appropriate level and it didn't quite yet feel like part of a corporate chain. Good times. Still petitioning that they should paint Silver Bullet brown with...silver trains. My level of Knott's enthusiasm would increase. Throw in a beautiful tree and some shrubs/speaker boxes of bigfoot roaring or something where Pony Express used to be, and I would be sold. Ban the ride op headsets? Yes! Ban the notion that a roller coaster needs a 19 year old talk show host? Oh God Yes!!! And sure, an Intamin Giga would be incredibly awesome. If my calculations are correct, Knott's doesn't even need a full 12 steps to recover. Just those four or five things would be swell.
  7. Hahahahaha! There is no doubt that DCA in 2012 will be a very nice place and will feature plenty to do. Like others though, I think that in terms of a "second park" at the CA resort, DCA falls totally short. Florida's parks have very consistent themes. If I want to see animals, I know where to go. If I want to see Hollywood, I know where to go. If I want to celebrate worldly cultures, I know where to go. But as a GP, I have no idea what DCA is "supposed to be." It isn't a world fair, or a wild safari, or a tribute to films and hollywood. It's this kind of mish mash of attractions that, in the end, feel mostly out of place. Throw in the golden gate bridge, a winery and a main street and all of a sudden it's California themed? I think that they should just embrace the Pixar theme full force. In fact, doesn't DCA have the most Pixar themed attractions out of all the Disney parks? Given that anything Pixar touches becomes family gold, I can't see why "Pixar's World of Animation" or something like that wouldn't just be the perfect thing to call DCA.
  8. Absolutely agree. Not sure if they are holding on to it because they're stubborn, but I think they would be brilliant to rename the entire park when Cars Land opens. DCA has got to be the only Disney property that the GP, as a whole, seems to openly dislike. I have tons of friends who haven't been since the early 2000's because there "wasn't much to do." If they rename the park when this refurb is complete, it might fool all of the early attenders into thinking that enough has changed to justify returning. But seriously, who even goes to DCA for more than 2 hours? For almost everyone I know, DCA is just the appetizer to the main course across the street. I still personally can't believe that with the crazy success of Epcot, Disney didn't follow through with the original Westcot idea. Seems like that would have made a ton of sense.
  9. ^ ...And then paint Monte yellow and Boomerang blue. Funny when the mere image of Monte being yellow makes me think "those were the good old days." I absolutely loathe Knott's Berry Farm. Hate. Disgust. Not a single redeemable quality in the park, at all. My recent trip was terrible, as you can tell, but EVERY trip I take there is terrible. Rude (and seemingly all 16 years old) employees, annoying station queues (throw those effing mics away - these employees are NOT professional hosts and in the end, the fact that the same dude on the PA is also operating this giant machine is unnerving.) Ghostrider sucks. Monte is green. Xcelerator is never open. Silver bullet doesn't have a shade of silver in it. Pony Express was insulting. And now they are putting in Demon Drop. It's almost like that friend you have, that is SO clutzy that every time he eats shit you almost can't believe it, because it is so frequent and so over-the-top. That is Knott's. It's sucks SO bad, that when they announce getting Demon Drop, you truly think it is a joke. But then you realize "ofcourse they are, this is America's first and worst theme park." I never really wanted to "pave SFMM," but I always kind of went along with it because I thought it was funny to joke about. But when I say "pave Knott's," I am dead serious. I would actually be happy. Literally. Oh, and BTW, who the fuck does Knott's think they are with their stupid "ride warrior" campaign. WTF? Trying to appeal to teens - as if the teens don't know that one of the largest collections of coasters is an hour north. Screw you, Knott's. Screw you for all it's worth. /rant
  10. WTF???? Dude, you do NOT know what happened. You don't. So just stop. While I am sure that your friends/family are certainly impressed with your knowledge of coasters and your ability to watch 1 minute silent videos and makes judgments, a lot of people are not. Myself included. I have seen Xcelerator rollback tons of times and have never seen the freakin' seat move and smoke come out! So just stop with your "I am an expert and can stay calm" crap. Guaranteed this is traumatic for these people, so have a little respect, or restraint or something. You're really sounding like a douche.
  11. What hysterics? Not everyone is a coaster nerd, and it sure seemed like a traumatic event, ESPECIALLY from a person who is scared prior to riding (the GP is more prone to thinking accidents may occur.) So WTF dude? Laugh all you want, but if MY kid had his legs stuck under a restraint that was smoking while he was holding his head, I would freak the hell out. I imagine you would too. How effing hilarious!!!! Unlike most accidents that make the news, this one actually featured a video that was a tad disturbing, especially watching the Dad freak out. And why the hell does it matter that it has happened before and was worse? Go tell that to the two people who left the park in an ambulance. Regardless of the severity of their injuries, they left in a freakin' ambulance. Crappy day. Xcelerator drew blood.
  12. ^ - Um...B&M DID pioneer the inverted coaster. Of course they did. The only similarities between an Arrow suspended coaster and a B&M invert are the fact that they hang below the track. That would be the same as comparing every coaster that features up-right track and calling them the same. I mean, technically you have a point, but the thread isn't "Intamin vs. B&M vs. Arrow." Besides hanging below the track, I don't see any similarities between suspended coasters and inverted coasters. The suspended coaster is so unique that you almost can't compare it to anything. Staples of the B&M invert would be inversions, and riders legs hanging without a floor. We don't have to call it an innovation. We can just call it a "hit." But they are everywhere, and have since inspired almost every other company to design their own versions.
  13. I partially agree. It is my opinion though that the birth of the B&M inverted coaster is one of the most important innovations in steel coaster history (as well as being their most popular product.) I do agree that B&M "perfects" ideas (their versions of stand-up and flying coasters are clearly superior to that of their predecessors).
  14. The fact that Intamin is responsible for a ride like Maverick AND a ride like El Toro...AND a ride like S.R.O.S. (Bizzarro) - to me it's no contest. B&M's, to me, never fail. I like all of them, including Silver Bullet and whatever "lame" rides they have done. They are pioneers and probably the most important/well-known coaster designers around. But most of their coasters never reach the intensity that several of the Intamins do. Wish they did. Given what they do, B&M are flawless. If I owned a corporate theme park, I would be all over them. The capacity and the consistency and the "prettiness" - all very crowd pleasing. But, in a fantasy world, in my own mental theme park, I would have more Intamin's than B&M's. A rocket coaster, a mega-coaster, a pre-fab woodie, a hybrid Maverick style ride...yummy.
  15. Just got back from an awesome day at the park. Terminator is AWESOME. Definitely a sleeper in the sense that it is quite a bit more intense than I expected. The theming is...well...really good! As much as I would like to try and critique something, myself and the group I was with (non-coaster nerds) were consistently entertained by the queue/pre-show. Regarding the pre-shows - yeah, they are long. But the acting is tongue-in-cheek enough for it to be enjoyable. And yes, I was totally able to request a seat in the front with no issues. The park itself was perfect today - everything was almost a walk-on, and we rode X2 at 3:00 PM to a half-hour wait. Magic Mountain has a VERY solid woodie (stop it) and I think that the "whole experience" works much better than I could have expected it to. And the ride has several awesome pops of air. Twisty, fast, and smooth. Good job GCI.
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