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  1. Got to ride it tonight. The ride is easily the best at SFMM. The train once it makes the turn out of the station is "launched" into the funky hills, which were fun and provided with small pops of airtime. The "launch" took me by surprise.


    The drops of the lifts are amazing, I rode it in the back and would compare it to El Toro's first drop due to you being out of your seat all the way down. But you get to do them twice, which is great and theyre followed by small pops on the little hills at the bottom of them.


    The blue side enters the turnaround/highfive with some ejector air, it is not sustained for very long but its there. The highfive is great, but the headchoppers and the airtime that was provided after you come out of it was one of the highlights. When you head into the airtime hill under the stall, its a mix of Goliath's airtime hill, in terms of how long it lasts, and one of El Toro's first few hills in terms of strength. You get sustained ejector for a good couple of seconds. Its probably my favorite part of the blue side. The zero-G roll is intense and quick, probably comparable to Batman's in terms of how you're "whipped". The turnaround parts all provided airtime, I found the outside banking one to best of them though. They all had pops of ejector airtime.


    The greenside was probably my favorite of the two though. The first time the drop caught me by surprise, despite knowing it was coming. The quick transitions in and out of the highfive on the green side reminded me slightly of Maverick, maybe not as intense but easily smoother. I found the greenside highfive to be better. The double down was the highlight of the greenside, the first part is nice instance of ejector, then second you fall back down to your seat, you turn slightly to the right and then your back out of your seat again, this time only more intensely. The stall was fantastic the hangtime is incredible, you feel like you're never going to flip right-side-up again. The you hit the hill before the second turn around, which also gives airtime. Then you hit the greenside of the turnaround, again lots of pops but no really long sustained ejector airtime.


    The ride overall was great, and its easily the best at SFMM. While it does not provide a lot of that long-term sustained ejector air, like say El Toro does. It does however it makes up for it by the quantity of airtime. There is lots of it throughout the ride, I look forward to seeing other reviews in the coming days.


    For Scream, they still have Scream's old trains on the new colors and it still has that Scream rattle. Very minor changes to Scream aside from the paintjob.

  2. Who's gonna be the one that goes up there with a tape measure?
    Hopefully this helps.


    Assume that all the horizontal beams are an equal vertical distance apart. That means that there would be 20 horizontal beams on the structure, but include the distance from the base of the tower to the first horizontal. So the vertical distance of the structure is equal to the distance between 21 horizontal beams equally spread apart vertically.


    So take: 415ft(Height of the actual tower) ÷ 21 (number of horizontal beams) = 19.762ft vertical distance between each horizontal beam.


    Based upon this we can assume that LL is 19.762ft from the top of the tower.


    LL ends at the horizontal beam from the top of the tower. So take 415 - 19.762 = meaning the height of LL is *about* 395.283 ft.


    THIS IS NOT EXACT. Boy do I feel extremely nerdy after this.


  3. My family and I are all going to be visiting Magic Mountain on Monday the 18th, any advice for first time visitors? I decided to avoid any lines what so ever, even if it is a Monday in June, and bought the platinum flash pass for my brother and I.... I've used fast passes at kings island but never a flash pass. Any advice on those? We're spending 400 dollars on parking/tickets/flash passes alone so I'm hoping for a good day


    Give me a run down of everything I need to know!


    The Q-Bot will be 100% worth it. You should have no problem getting on every coaster with many re-rides as well. Just be prepared for the heat so drink a lot of water and you should be fine. Now for the Revolution exit short cut. This will help you get to Tatsu faster than the GP. Just follow the yellow path. Which I would recommend going on first. Enjoy yourself!


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