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  1. It's not even that big of a difference. I didn't even notice the lift slow down the first time I rode it this season, and I was looking for it! It still throws you over the first drop and hauls ass through the ride as it did before. It might be a tad slower, but I couldn't really tell. I did find that it was a little slow in the morning. But I'm pretty sure the 58 degree temperature had something to do with that... Later in the day it was flying!
  2. One time I was at Dollywood. It was pretty hot and I didn't really drink a lot before hand. I decided to ride Tornado. That thing was flying! As the train went through the first loop, I noticed it was a tad more forceful than usual. Then we got to the second loop and I started greying out. From that ride, I don't remember anything from the third loop to the brake run. It was fantastic haha.
  3. Source? They look different in the pics on the last page...
  4. ^I don't even feel that one. I'm too busy holding on for dear life! Haha. (That's a rarity for me.)
  5. ^What rattle? I mean, when it's cold it has the cutest little rattle, but otherwise it's fine!
  6. They weren't that bright and shiny towards the end of the season... There are NO signs of wear and tear on them at all in those pics.
  7. Ha, anybody notice that Skyrush's wheels and wheel assemblies look brand new?
  8. Could be for the main reduction brake. On Mystery Mine, the fins start at the crest of the main brake.
  9. I have yet to find anything more complicated than a TOGO stand up restraint!
  10. So far Great America announced Batman backwards, and Thorpe Park just gave a clue that one of their coasters will run backwards. We are assuming its Nemesis or Swarm. Interesting. I wonder how B&M is doing this. I see two possibilities: 1. Turn the whole train around so the lead car is on the back of the trains' forward motion. The is how PTC did it. My concern is that this would screw up the way the train steers through the track. (Arrow did reverse trailering, and we all know how their rides run! Yes, I know the gaps are the primary cause, but still.) 2. The more likely solution: Simply turn the seats around on each car.
  11. This is just not what SF needs right now. They should be focusing on making profits with their existing properties by focusing on quality. Improve the quality of the parks, and plan quality additions. The chain has been so unbalanced for years now, they need to fix themselves before expanding.
  12. It's Germany dude, the people over there are smart. They don't need LOTO (Lock Out Tag Out).
  13. You just answered your own question... The fact that that is sitting in plain view of guests and is NOT part of theming is absolutely unacceptable.
  14. You can see that they are trailered like NTAG, so it shouldn't be a problem.
  15. Nighttime rides on the Beast with rain/fog/and after running on a hot day are awesome! It had to be hitting close to 70 mph on some parts. That alone makes it my #2.
  16. I never did at any point, feel that that structure was unsafe. I just feel that it wasn't made to last if anything.
  17. I was there in August of this year. The ride staff was awesome, but elsewhere service was lackluster. Batwing and Joker's Jinx look terrible, Superman's trains are rusting, they act like Tower of Doom is the tallest drop tower on God's green earth, and the overall park layout sucks. Don't even get me started on the train ride that takes you past the old locomotive that they let sit and rot, and all the facilities backstage that appear to be falling apart. Not to mention that the cars are rusting out and I wasn't all that confident on the wooden bench I was sitting on (rotting wood.) And the new major attraction in how many years is a 25 year old mediocre stand-up coaster? Please, there are plenty of reasons for me to not visit this place. I love how TPR skipped it on the New Hotness tour LOL!
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