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  1. We are taking our first family trip to Florida in November. Our little one will be 10 months old. How do you lug all of the things needed for a little one? How does the airport handle the stroller, carseat, pack and play, and diaper bag (or do we even need all of these things?). Does the child get a carry on? Or does he only get a carry on if he has a seat? He will be sitting in our laps for this trip, its only a 2 hour flight. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated! I am worried I will forget something, or have to pay a boat load of extra money to take it all with us!


    Also, how does the baby swap work? Do we have to wait in the line, or do we go in the exit? I know Disney's policy is a bit different than Universal's.


    Pete's Dragon is a brilliant film! I will not stand by and watch you trash a film from my childhood! Prepare for my imaginary dragon battle!


    I will see your imaginary dragon battle and raise you one candle on the water!


    --Robb "you're going to name your kid elliot? No no no. Eliott is a fat kid that eats paste.." Alvey


    Okay I know someone went all in with the video, so I call with:


    "A dragon, a dragon

    I swear I saw a dragon

    A green and seething fire-breathing

    Monster is in sight

    With eyes of red, a lion's head

    And wings as dark as night

    Oh, he has a jaw of gleaming teeth

    He's 50 feet in height"


    If any one can sing this song, then you know you LOVE Pete's Dragon, just as I do. SHHH don't tell Robb

  3. Hey everyone! I just joined the site last night. Pretty new at all this, but yet excited as well! I am going on the Japan trip, so if anyone out there would like to chat, or email me, maybe my fiance and I could have someone to hang out with over there. I am petrified about the long flight, but I can't wait to see Japan.


    My home park is Kings Island. Can't wait to see what all the "new" rides will be. HA HA I haven't been on many coasters, at least none that I have been keeping track of. I will be keeping track of them now because of my fiance.


    Other than roller coasters, I love Quilting and scrapbooking. If I had the time or money I would be a happpy camper. Both take lots of money, and lots of time.


    That's it for now... See ya in Japan


    Julie C

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