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  1. Wait, so... someone was killed/sterilized by the broken beer bottle? If it was broken "under water" yes, they have to drain it... Some may not like it, but that is the sue-happy world we live in... Sadly this is a totally understandable precaution that the resort took... I believe they are talking about the Darwin award. The original poster mentioned a Darwin award for the person who dropped the beer, causing the pool to be drained. But that does not work as a Darwin award, a Darwin Award is described as "They recognize individuals who have supposedly contributed to human evolution by selecting themselves out of the gene pool via death or sterilization by their own actions."
  2. Glad to see that the park is doing well. As a local, the park had some years that were not quite good. Management and the clientele were not that great. I'd be pressed to say it made SFMM look nearly pristine in comparison. But to see actual lines at the park is very good news! Looks like the new management is doing a very good job. Hope to see more from the only place nearby to get a decent coaster fix.
  3. I believe you can make a subreddit private, which would help mitigate trolls, but also would make it less accessible for possible new users/members. So that would most likely not work in your favor. Good for weeding out trolls, but limits your potential subscribers to that subreddit as well.
  4. This is the reason I voted yes. Admittedly, I'm not on Reddit very frequently, but this isn't about what I specifically would do, it's about what the new potential audience will do. I think this is a great idea to expand your overall reach. If anything, the fact that so many people are saying no simply because they don't go to Reddit is an even BIGGER reason to do it because it's it's illustrating that central point - forum users are comfortable still using the forums and wouldn't go to Reddit. Well, what about all the Reddit users who aren't going to come to the forums? You said it yourself, your other social media pages have been blowing up because that's where the market trend is heading. I personally don't understand the "fight to keep the forum alive" argument. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this forum; it's by far one of the websites I frequent the most. However, it's foolish to argue against documented trends - that people more and more are using social media to interact - when planning tactical business moves. To me, Robb, the main consideration I see is the overall size of the potential audience weighed against the opportunity costs. The amount of time you end up investing into the subreddit will have to come from somewhere, taking some time away from your other media platforms (forums, Facebook, Twitter, etc). If you feel that this new audience at Reddit is large enough and beneficial enough to target, and the amount of time/energy it's going to take away from maintaining your other current avenues is nominal and not going to negatively affect the quality past your comfort level, than absolutely go for it. Hell, I'd be probably most inclined to support the "f**k it, let's try it out for a bit" tactic. If you end up not liking the results at first, hit the eject button. I have to agree with this 100%. Most of those who are saying no the idea are saying so because they themselves do not or would not go to Reddit. Which is opposite (in my opinion) of what Robb is trying to do. He is attempting to broaden the reach of TPR and expand its fans, users, members....etc. Not to have members from here vacate and move over to Reddit. I frequent Reddit a lot, and Robb is correct, most amusement, theme park, or roller coaster subreddits are not active and garbage. But that's is mostly because they stick to one niche. r/Disney and others only talk about Disney related items, r/rollercoasters....self explanatory. I believe the TPR subreddit would encompass everything at once, much like the forum. A one stop shop for everything an enthusiast would need in a subreddit on the topic, with the quality of TPR, which is not really matched elsewhere. The moderating on this site is superb, and I know Robb and whom ever he chooses for moderators in a subreddit would have a good handle on doing so on Reddit. In which case, I think a trial run is a good idea. Give it a shot, and see how it goes and/or progresses.
  5. That is a tough call honestly. At first I love the idea, as I browse reddit daily. But, I also come to TPR for my coaster/park fix after that. Like you mentioned, I would be worried that it would take too much conversation away from the boards. And moderation there would be a full time job. There is some insane redditors on there that enjoy trolling the crap out of subreddits. The Disney related subreddits are pretty tame however, and moderated pretty well. I just know those few loonies who have an issue with Robb will be trolling constantly, and not actually contributing anything useful. But it could also open some doors for people who are not familiar with TPR, bring some from reddit over to here. Thankfully the good and knowledgeable redditors far out weight the useless ones.
  6. Seeing shows like this, makes me glad that at the AZ state fair we get RCS, and they are headquartered here.
  7. Good idea for a thread! Ever since I was little I was always enthralled with carnivals. I would watch them set up and tear down all the time. And it is nice that RCS (Ray Cammack Shows) is located locally for me as well. I have heard and read a lot on wade shows but never been able to experience them.
  8. Just saw a picture on twitter that was taken backstage (so I will not be posting it). But it appears to be showing them already removing the boats from the building.
  9. Did anyone else notice that the picture of the track in China, and the pictures from the plant have two different job numbers? Im assuming the job number should not change from piece to piece. So maybe this is not the same track? EDIT: Yeti beat me to the punch on the job numbers.
  10. I had longhorns BBQ while I was there last weekend. It was surprisingly good. Its not Famous Dave's or anything. But it was pretty good, Got 3 mini sandwiches (1 pulled pork, 1 brisket, 1 spicy sausage) and a side of cole slaw for $10.
  11. I was at SFMM over the weekend. Goliath is still pretty early in the painting process. They were pressure washing the portion just after the MCBR, and only about half of the track was sandblasted at the joints and such. Which come to think of it, do they really sandblast it or do they just primer over the spots? And Scream was down, but seems like no one knows exactly why. The park was pretty busy Saturday, but Sunday was pretty dead, we waited no more than 20 mins for almost every coaster.
  12. Awesome, thanks for the info. I really appreciate it.
  13. Thanks for the responses, I appreciate it. We will be going the second week of Novemeber 6-9th. Im not really worried about any particular ride being closed, just making sure thats not a time that there is alot of coasters down for rehab or something like that. I always knew about the half off coke can deal, but was not aware that the offer lasted that long. Looks like I will be doing that instead. Does anyone know if they still do the twicket thing anymore? I checked their website but saw nothing on it. Again thanks for the info.
  14. Alright so my 25th birthday is coming up in November, and we are considering heading out to SFMM. I have not been since 2004 and need to get on Tatsu, and of course Terminator, and my nephew I think will enjoy Thomas Town. But I do have a couple questions. How is the park in November (second week of, to be exact)? More so as far as the coasters and such, do they all run or is it the "off season" and many will be down for rehab and what not? And the park in general, will it be busy? We will be there probably be there Friday and Saturday, and I know schools will still probably be in but I am not sure. And lastly ticketing. Is the $26.99 online deal legit, or is there hidden fees and such? I mean, $27 is awesome considering a regular day pass is, what, $54? And do they still do the twicket where you can return the next day for $10 or so? I think thats what I paid last time. Or is there a 2 day ticket package thing? I know, a lot of questions, but like I said I have been in a few years so I am not sure what changed. Thanks in advance for any answers or advice
  15. Always been a fan for some reason of pictures of carnivals being set up. Years of watching the local carnival set up couldnt be part of that could it? haha
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