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  1. agreed. the worst thing about the BM pretzel is the amount of pressure at the bottom, it makes my lungs feel like they are collapsing. its a bit too much pressure for that snippet of time. Ive only ridden S:UF at SFGADV , so i cant imagine how intense Tatsu must be. The element is fun, dont get me wrong, but to see something new from BM like a few more twists and turns between elements is awesome. The Pretzel loop is the pinnacle of the ride like on the S:UF clones - after it , the ride tames and lames out. I hope this layout is legit. It appears to have an unusal flow to keep things more interesting.
  2. the ride in the video appears to be pretty similiar to what the concepts art showed. well...what we can see anyway. Looks kinda fun if its true and if so, hooray for no boring pretzel loop. looks unique.
  3. im on now if anyone is up to the challenge...
  4. ugh i feel so left out Im on usually around 11pm eastern, what time is everyone else usually on? Oh yeah, i got my Mii to be my character online! sweeeet!
  5. yeah!i if i remember correctly theres on part where theres people displayed behind glass and its all poorly lit and they look like they are drowning. freaked me out! i havent been on it in a long time, so i dunno if they updated it. i hope they didnt. lets not forget thats it feels like its nearly 15 minutes long...
  6. oh man the Dragon coaster. I love that ride. Its a good long coaster and it sits above that creepy tunnel boat ride in the dark. that is some seriously creepy stuff. did you go on it?
  7. for the record my name in game is "biilly". just letting you all know
  8. we need to set up a chat room or something because the time zones are goin to make it all screwy. this way we can set a time and all have some fun -any ideas?
  9. this topic is a tough one! ADMIN EDIT - Please re-upload your photo! It didn't show up on the server.
  10. its that damn east coast / west coast time thingy! lol i was on here at 11pm, hoping it would somewhat balance out, what time are you usually on in the evening?
  11. heres my number : 4468-1374-1012 lets race!
  12. it is amazing how smooth it runs againt people all over the world. im impressed with it. there are some people out there with crazy good skills. lol. they must be playin it too much... cant wait to race!
  13. count me in! ill get my number up tonite. does anyone know how to set it up so only friends race friends? i havent gone that far into it.
  14. we should do somthing with Big Mike. His huge trip report thread has tons of standard Bike Mike self shots that we can alter fo sure!. Maybe we can have him in wierd places , with people , old ladies in bikinis, whatever...what do you all think?
  15. Indoor mini golf?!? where is located in the park now? thats cool! Thanks for the pics. This is just making me want to go even more now... wow, i havent said that in years....( thanks to El Toro!)
  16. anybody down for a TPR race in MK? should be fun to do...
  17. yeah, Prince deffinitley owned. He's wayyyy underrated. Did you catch him on the Superbowl? It was a damn good show. My fav guitarist hands down is Jack White. Listen to the Raconteurs new album, his playin along with the songwriting is top notch. check it out. David Gilmour is another great one. Dark side is amazing.
  18. great photos! Goliath looks great. Im glad it has found a nice home. I think the movie you referenced is "Gleaming the Cube"... good old skateboarding flick with Christian Slater! lol.
  19. nice pics! i have got to ge to Vegas sometime soon. Forget about the coasters... i can take a pic with wax Prince! awesome, good stuff!
  20. $5 for one putt? yeah...thats a good deal . I cant wait to see the people waiting in a line to pay that. Better off saving that money for gas to get home. Nice pics though! I can wait to ride El Toro again... and again and again and so on...
  21. Fu Manchu at Bowery Ballroom, NYC. They played what seemed to be a best of show. It was killer. The Burning Brides opened for them and they were pretty good too. Fun show.
  22. You can take a bus from the Port Authority i think. I did this a few years back and they had a ticket deal with the bus ride. Im not 100% positive they still do this though, look into that when your here.
  23. This is absoloutly stunning. Its going to be fun monitoring the creation on-line over time. Lets just hope things in the world dont get worse to make a trip there impossible... and you know theres gonna be some good BMs there, Busch always does em' right.
  24. i dig Disturbed. The singer actually sings with catchy melodies and hooks. Thats rare these days in metal music. Il check it out when its available.
  25. ive had mine for a month and i love it. there are sometimes when you get frustrated with it but the pros out way the cons. I was considering a laptop for my commute in the morning on the train and i thouht why not just get the phone, it can do everything i would do on a laptop , and it fits in my pocket! if you are conidering one, play with it first, its not quick to use like a flip phone, theres alot more to the functions. it taks time to get used to.
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