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  1. call me old fashion or whatever but i don't like it. the seats look ridiculous. Do the speakers really need to be that big? I remember my last ride, i had a blast and was able to kinda turn around and see my friends behind me..was fun, eh.
  2. i'm hoping mine is Maverick, but it will most likely be El Toro for a mini marathon.
  3. I was at Metallica too at Nassau. Great show with beach balls!
  4. My friend Joey is the drummer to Combichrist. Im sure he still has the gig. He's also on the cover of the RockBand 2 box. ugh, name dropping...
  5. I recently saw Oasis and Madison Square Garden. great show! Tomorrow - Metallica at Nassau Collesium!
  6. Ravine Flyer 4... or my favorite - Gwarzi !!!
  7. Im really diggin' the airtime hill after the top hat. thats a sweet flow! it looks pretty intense too, lots of action like Maverick. gotta get to Italy!
  8. i don't know about anyone else but I do not like it when the rails are the same color as the rest of the track on BMs. Scream and The Dark Knight in SFNE look pretty cool with the color rails - even the plain steel color or painted grey is a nice touch to add the scheme. Its just looks to blahhh all one color and you can't really appreciate the beauty of the curves and twists.
  9. Mine tag is Bizzily. Send me a friend request. Anybody playing COD4? or sports games like hockey?
  10. i wonder if the pretzel loop will pull the usual high g's like the superman clones. You think BM lowered the forces there? does anybody notice any differences?
  11. Lets hope they don't call it "Medusa:X" or something cheesy like that. I wouldn't mined a new paint job for it, it sure can use it. I just dont know how cool the effects will be to the rider if your flying by them - maybe something in the helix would be neat!
  12. looks sweet and fast! I just don't understand the theme. When i think of Terminator i think of steel. Its that simple. Almost any steel coaster type would fit this theme better. But im not complaining, we get a new ride and thats awesome.
  13. great pics! i love the Montu pics. I can't believe how awful Kumba looks already. They recently painted it! no? looks awful.
  14. We'll never get the real speed due to the scale. it would have to be totally manipulated in some way to slow it down and speed it up in certain areas, then it wouldnt really be rolling like a coaster. lol. it would strictly be a visual thing. you have to admit these toys are legit for what they are. very cool stuff.
  15. nice job! cool layout for what you got. Its just very fast. In my opinion, these things are just not enjoyable to watch, the are more enjoyable to look at. Makes for a cool a model , thats about all. It would be cool if a wheel chassis or two were motorized with controllable speeds so you can actually see the train maneuver around. Nice work though!
  16. If it wasn't on a Saturday, I'de probably go to SFGADV, but since it is, screw that... not worth dealing with the crowds (waiting for september) Ill probably get a donut to celebrate from dunkin' donuts then contemplate why i don't have any friends that ride roller coasters and how blah it is lately to ride alone.
  17. Here's mine: 1- Raptor - solid ride from beggining to end 2- Alpengeist - intense speed, beautifully situated 3- Montu - good first half-my fav inv. zero-g roll, boring second half 4- BTR's - just awesome and always will be 5- Great Bear - love the drop and zero g!
  18. It gets very crowded mid-summer. be prepared. i did notice last year the lines move fairly well for KA an El Toro though. I find the best time to go is in early September.
  19. Great TR. I cant believe the traffic. Thats a complete unsafe mess. They need some rules, laws and lights on the road. Fun Fact: Gorky Park is mentioned in the Scorpions song "Winds of Change"? Ive had that song in my head all day thanks to this trip report. lol. its annoying.
  20. I saw The Raconteurs in NYC at Terminal 5. Ridiculously awesome, ridiculousy crowded venue. sold out, no room ANYWHERE. it sucked! you could not even walk around the bar areas. I watched most of the show from hallway leading to the bathrooms. awful experience, but the band was great. Brendon Benson was fantastic and Jack White was standard awesome Jack White.
  21. SFGADVs Rolling Thunder - both sides. Sure, it looks pretty but its crap.
  22. Its because the park is improving well and El Toro is that good.
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