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  1. how can i delete the poll if it's useless robb?
  2. true fire in the hole is great, but it just isn't as thrilling as it was when i was younger so i didn't add it to the poll!
  3. I just noticed, Thunderation is a great ride, sitting backwards isn't as good after you know the layout of the ride!
  4. Ok i made this thread so that the people of Missouri and the surrounding area to talk about one great classic theme park. By great classic theme park i mean Silver Dollar City!! This Thread/Topic is for posting stories,pictures or even videos of this classic park. i will start it off with a few pics from my 1st trip this year on 9/15/08 then i will post pics from my upcoming trip on 10/16/08. Powder keg Powder KEG Powder Keg Powder Keg Launch Giant Swing An empty Lost River Of The Ozarks another newer ride THE GIANT BARN SWING! flooded mine Flooded Mine Flooded Mine Flooded Mine
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