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  1. Thanks title fairy!! I knew you wouldn't disappoint.
  2. Because just imagine how weird and embarrassing it would be to have evening wood Why is it called morning wood anyway?
  3. Title fairy, can I get a title? Thanks!
  4. Yes, but then what's the point of it being refill-able? I would still prefer that than to cary it around.... But of course when I go with my dad he never wants con ride anything so he can be my personal cupholder
  5. ^They do, I think they can do it with everything you purchase at the park.
  6. He thought they were Twizzlers. Why is Apple Co. called "Apple"?
  7. I just love how people in this forum like to think they know more than coaster engineers.
  8. Great work as always Jarmor, it was fun to ride and had a creative layout, it seemed like some kind of fair ride
  9. because they are gay. should I do all of my homework??
  10. If it takes more, you are a geek with no life who is over thinking this. How many beers do you have to drink to see an ugly woman hot??
  11. Actually I love that people stare at me when I use flash or fast passes, I feel like "take that"!! haha, It's not that fun when you are the one queuing thow
  12. ^An employee, just like you, only hears rumors, the dippin dots guy on the other hand is very reliable .......
  13. Wasn't Paramount's former CEO their new CEO?? My head is spinning right no....
  14. But it's not like you can't offer something just because the competition does, right?
  15. Thanks, actually it was quite hot inside, I can't understand it but well....
  16. Hi there, yesterday I went to my local park here in Guadalajara, Selva Magica (magic jungle), and as I know you don't get many TR's from mexican people in mexican parks, I decided I would do my own. I wen't with my little cousin who is 8 and my aunt, now onto the photos. We started with the "snow zone", a special area only open for the summer where for around 4.50 USD you get tickets to various activities involving snow. Snow Zone They had this slide, along with a snow fight zone and a build a small snowman zone My aunt was not good at taking pictures..... We then headed to La Catarina (the caterpillar), a small kiddie coaster. Again, my auntie... The ridiculously small cars First drop POV!! Next was Jubile With abrupt drops and not banked enough turns..... And is made by Pinfari!! who I had never heard of Titan was next Nice airtime in the front and middle.... Great airtime in the back Gooooing up!! Gooooing upper!!! I then rode this crazy turning boat with just lapbars by myself And our last coaster, Tornado Random operator One wheel train enthusiasts rejoice. Goooing up!! Cooooming down!! We ended our day in the log flume ride. Thanks for reading!!
  17. What a fantastic quote! Link to the interview? http://rosegeorge.com/site/rollercoasters/ Thanks for the link, it was so fun reading it again
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