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  1. ^ True, finally we're getting something after four years , besides, it has been mentioned that Flashback's spot will be used to expand HH
  2. I don't think that's going to be it, because I don't think that the train is even going to touch the water. The train will already have to crawl into the station (or at least it seems so), so I find it would be stupid to slow it even MORE by making it touch the water. Plus I don't think the trains would stand any amount of unbalanced forces at all, and B&M would not risk their reliability crown like that (hope so) Edit: yay page 100!!
  3. ^ I think that what he is trying to say is that the MCBR is there in order to slow the train just a little bit, so that the train doesn't actually have to go into the water and still make the splash effect look realistic I personally think that the MCBR is there for several reasons: 1. Safety issues: the final brakes doesn't seem to me long enough to stop safely a train with the momentum it would have if there wasn't a MCBR 2. The MCBR would slow the train to make the splash effect look better, just think about it: the train goes too fast trough that part, the splash effect has to be fast, and you don't enjoy it that much 3. The waterfall: if they want you to be able to enjoy the view of a waterfall, it has to be slow. But that's just me
  4. I think it has been mentoned before, it's 45 degrees, same as Tatsu
  5. yeah!!! well finally we're getting another coaster, our last one was on 04, we deserve it!! Glad Saphiro takes a look at the coaster-lacking Mexico, what will the surprise be for 2010? Let the speculation begin (LOL)
  6. Ok, this is my first post here, and I hope it is not too late to reply. I'm mexican and I live in Guadalajara, I have been to six flags mexico. It is true that many kids here stop going to school to work, it is a sad social problem that the goverment is trying (or at least they say so) to fix. It is not true that americans aren't welcomed here, but you have to be carefull because mexico city is really unsafe, so try not to wear your best clothes, just wear something informal, DO NOT wear any kind of jewrerly and try not to bring a lot of money with you while on the streets. To answer your questions: 1) I drove from home 2) I'm not sure 3) I would say a 10, even thow this is a third-world country, the rides at Six Flags are verry safe. 4) I didn't go 5) Mexico 6) Mexican 7) I did feel unsafe in several parts of the city, so try to stay away from poor zones and try to stay in a good, zone (if you can understand me) I personaly don't understand why do you want to come here, because we don't have the greatest coasters, but overall it is a fun place to spend the day. You probably won't have to spend 2 days in the park, just try to buy a flash-pass (they are caled the same here). There are only 4 mayor casters in the park: Medusa- a wooden coaster, I would say it's pretty fun to ride, Batman- a standard SLC Superman- a morgan hyper, the tallest, fastest, and longest coaster in latin america. Boomerang- it was the first boomerang coaster installed by vekoma. If you go, have a fun day!
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