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  1. ^^ Thank you, I wondered that myself. lol
  2. Usually I've had the opposite experience with Carowinds and holidays. I've been out there and there's half the people. Also, if you're going on Monday I don't think it will be nearly as bad as Saturday. Just get there when they open. Usually the first 2 hours everything (except borg) is a walk on. Saturday is always the worst day at PC like most parks.
  3. :? 8) Look I can use emoticons!! Anyway... I was in my early teens I think. I was terrified of them in my childhood. My mom didn't ride them and Dad was always on the big ones with my brother so I never really got started on the kiddie ones. Mindbender at SFOG was my first looper I think and after that the rest is history. I didn't start traveling to other parks until about 95 when I drove to BGW. (2nd trip, but first as an adult). *raises glass to 10 years of coasting* lol
  4. I actually nominated that for class song in High School for graduation (silly Bette Midlers Wind beneath my wings won out easily). I'm such a rebel. And I've seen Tom once in Charlotte. Awesome show!
  5. I just got my ACE newsletter today and found out that Coastermania is June 3rd at CP so now I think I'm going to add that to my trip. $33 for 18 hours in Cedar Point? Sold!!!
  6. Two coasters that pop up on these lists that always kind of confuse me... Mean Streak and Son of Beast. Last time I was on Mean Streak it was loaded with air time and running smooth. That was 3 years ago. In 99 it was rougher and slower. But based on my last ride it's in my Top 5 woodys. Son of Beast. Ok yeah the layout is a little boring, but come on it's the fastest and tallest wooden coaster in the world. And as far as being rough, what did you expect from an 80mph woody?
  7. I personally would never get a tatoo for several reasons: A) I hate pain B) I hate needles C) I'm afraid I'd get sick of it after a while and then have to pay to get it removed D) All of the above, oh sorry I just had a flashback of taking tests in the 80's...
  8. I guess I'm from the "old school" My two favorite bands are U2 and The Beatles As far as favorite song, that seems to change every day...hard to pick that one.
  9. As of right now these are my plans... Lake Winnie and SFOG - April (never been to LW) SFKK, HW, PKI and Beech Bench - June or July (all will be new parks for me except for PKI) Possible Fall trip with friends, but that's up in the air.
  10. I've taken the survey as well. The thrill lift looked like it would be a Vekoma flyer with a Thrill Lift, or vertical lift. That would be a wicked combination I'd love to ride! Can you imagine being on the front row as you get held there until it tilts over. Scary. lol
  11. Hi I'm Wes, From Charlotte, NC. Home of the Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Bobcats and the best flying coaster in the da world baby!!! lol I've been riding coasters as a hobby for 10 years now and I'm only up to 99 coasters But this summer I hope to get up to about 120.
  12. It must be a ninja thing. Ninja at SFOG has got to be the worst looper I've been on. The whole brake run shakes back and forth when you hit the brakes. The corks are taken so slow it feels like you will fall out. Hypersonic XLC isn't one of my favorites either. The hump is so tiny that it causes me pain every time I ride it.
  13. I was at BGW one time in the mid 90's and Nessy had been down all day waiting on a part from overseas. I was on the first train out that day after it got done testing that afternoon.
  14. Well that's a relief. I was going to be jealous otherwise lol It's like I've told a friend ever since I got back from Israel in 1998, if you want something bad enough you'll do whatever it takes to get it. She complained about wanting to go after I had gone. And I was like, all you have to do is save the money and it will happen sooner or later. Anyway, see ya around the boards.
  15. Hey Robb and TPR!!! It's Wes from the Thrillnetwork world. 8) Anyway, I was just curious how you afford your trips each year. Are you just "well off" or do you just save up the funds each year. I'm sure a producer on software doesn't do too shabby though. I've seen the trips you've been on and I'm like, man! If this is too personal I understand, just thought I'd ask. I've always wondered.
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