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  1. Been feeling crappy, with all sorts of "pains" in my body, mostly below the waist. Left leg, right of my back. across the tail bone 'line'.....

    Have put off re-visiting Playland, till I feel much better about going....

    ... And of course it would be absolute awesome if COASTER was running too ........ ???? ........ HINT TO PNE ....... 😊


  2. It's OPENING WEEKEND of Playland in Vancouver, Canada!  Finally!  :airtime:

  3. I'm here.

    I'm queer.

    And I'm old.

    Get used to it.  🍹

  4. I FINALLY got my first two tickets to Playland(PNE), which opens the first weekend of May! I have to go thru TicketLeader for each and every single day admission to the park <sighs>, and have to use a Code they emailed me for future use .... but hey, I got not much else to do right now, and it is only open weekends in May. But, as a Season Pass Holder from last year, I essentially get all the visits I want to the park w/o having to pay a single nickle (we don't have pennies any more, lol) for the tickets. I hope. Otherwise, I just can't wait to even stroll thru the park, w/o having to ride anything!

    Yah, sure. 😋 Well ..... maybe a ride (or three?) on Coaster, at least....


    One paper "ticket" for each day. Maybe next time, I can print them back-to-back? Hmmmm.

  5. 🍃 Happy Earth Day Everybody! 🌲

  6. Playland opens May 1st! Finally! Only weekends in May, though. To begin with. And I'll have a "Code" (as a 2020 Pass Holder) to use when getting my tickets for whatever days and times I want to go. A bit of work to get tickets, but that's okay. I'll live with it, lol. 🎢

  7. And my "Content Count" has just reached 26,600 !

  8. I get my first Vaccine Shot next Monday/19th! Relieved and a bit scared of it. I've never been one with needles, no matter what the reason.

  9. Hey all - I turned 68 today (Mar.30~21) so I just wanna say, hello, and welcome to my werld. I love theme parks and coaster. But also a good steak dinner somewhere, or a seafood platter will suffice. Been collecting cast recordings of Broadway (and other milieu) for years. And a true Stephen Sondheim (Into The Woods, FOLLIES, Company) FANBOI. Have met him, talked with him, and exchanged b-day and holiday cards. Life is good, some times.

  10. It's time to start getting into the Alls Hallow's Eve.....spirit!

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