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  1. Response to picture of RMC Gwazi's purple track...
  2. Honestly, I can't think of any legitimate teaser campaign the park has done. I think there might have been a few teasers or hints prior to Superman and Joker, but nothing on the level of what some of these other parks have done. I'm not sure why that is. Maybe they don't think their clientele would be interested? Yes they do have zoning laws like that and yes, the height restriction towards the back of the park is pretty strict. But I don't think that's the only reason. Most of those animals have been there for years. They're used to their environment as it is. Getting rid of them or performing major refurb would most likely be more damaging to them than leaving things as they are. Plus, I've heard some keepers before say that elaborate scenery is more for the guests than the animals anyway. And doing all of that most likely wouldn't bring new guests to SFDK. Also, SFDK has always marketed itself with "wildlife, wild rides" type marketing campaigns, so I think they would lose a lot if they 100% switched to a rides-only park. Not to mention all the behind the scenes tours and experiences the park offers. Just last visit I saw a group of about 10-12 people on one of the behind the scenes tours. At $45-50 a pop you can easily do the math and figure out how much they made in that 90 minutes. Tell me about your years of experience with zoo care and animal behavior. I'd love to hear more about how useless the exhibits are and how you know the animals are unhappy.
  3. I agree. "If it's not broke, why fix it?" Boss queue is horrible and long. I could easily see there being people who would reride it but don't because of how long it takes to walk the thing. Now is that causing lost revenue? Probably not.
  4. SFDK doesn't have their DC rides spread out, but their DC area is also pretty new.
  5. Putting the new coaster where the elephants were (and the off-road thing too if necessary) makes the most sense to me. I didn't know Taz has been down all year but I still think the park would rather put something new where there is currently nothing substantial rather than somewhere where they have to remove a ride. I did notice it looked like there were Fright Fest mazes in the former elephants area, so I guess those would have to move. Has anyone done those mazes? They're new since the last time I went to Fright Fest. It was drained when I visited in early August, which is definitely pretty early in the season to drain it. Maybe there's something wrong with it, or it's not worth the cost of running it when Whitewater Safari tends to be more popular anyway?
  6. Love all of these points! I had never heard of the Jersey Devil until someone mentioned it as a possible theme for this ride, and as soon as I looked it up, I thought that absolutely should be the theme. Glad they did it! Also makes sense why El Diablo was taken out. Your #2 point is on point! 7 & 9 might just tempt me into dragging my a$$ from cold Ohio to cold Jersey during the holidays. Are you willing to bet your other foot on that? 100% agree! I saw the leak of this last night, but given the fact that literally everyone was confused and intrigued af until the day before the announcement really says something given how badly-kept secrets the other big announcements this year have been. So even though the scramble wasn't "supersecrecy," it really should have been because they did a great job on that front! I'm glad they posted the answers to the clues on their Instagram! I didn't see them answering what the number "12" was supposed to mean. 13 would make sense (13th child, 13 stories) but unless I missed something, I'm not sure where the 12 comes from. EDIT: someone on Twitter mentioned maybe 12 for the 12 cars per train? What do you all think?
  7. Maybe the Larson Loops have all pretty much saturated the chain? (Sorry, haven't paid much attention to which parks have them and don't have them at this point). Regardless, I, too, am glad to see there are no more of them this year! After finally riding Batman at SFDK, I can say I really like the Free-Spins but it's also nice to take a break from them as well. I know usually the Six Flags additions get overshadowed by the bigger additions in other parks every year, but I'm always astounded about how they are able to give something new to every park, even the water parks. The only obvious outlier here is SFMM, but with WCR not being open yet, I totally understand why they wouldn't want to add yet another thing on their to-do construction list. It's been a few years since I've gone, but both Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park could definitely use some love, so I'm glad to see the park is planning on upping the ante with both of those events!
  8. Actually it's only been three years since Fireball was added. This looks like a nice, fun addition to the park! I think I've been on a couple of these (though this one is bigger than the ones I typically see as upcharges) and they're a ton of fun! Someone mentioned this being a new DC area... does that mean you all think Boss will be rethemed to a DC character? It could be a good thing but personally I like the name "Boss" better than any DC retheme but that's just me... Also intriguing if it is replacing the Go-Karts. I've only been to the park twice so I'm only vaguely aware of the location of this. Seems like a small addition to remove all of the Go-Karts for.
  9. Awesome to see one of these finally hitting the US! The name and theme seem perfect for this type of ride! For people who have ridden these types of coasters before, how wet do they usually get you? 63 mph launch up nearly a 150 foot vertical spike sounds pretty intense to then splash face first into water. Also glad to hear the park is running year-round! I still haven't been to any of the Texas parks, but them being open in January/February/March is an even more incentive for me to go and get out of cold a$$ Ohio during those months.
  10. Wow!! I was NOT expecting SFDK to get another coaster this year! A very pleasant surprise. This addition is perfect for the park! I think all of us can agree the park (known for being more of a family park) has been desperately in need of a mid-sized family coaster and I think this will fit in perfectly! A lot of people were upset about Pandemonium leaving because it was very popular among families, so they'll be finally getting their spinning coaster back. Also, I love the idea of the snakes in the queue! I wonder if the snake exhibit they already have will just be relocated, or if they're getting more snakes? Maybe this is a small test of whether pairing rides with animal exhibits goes over well at the park. I could see them getting a mini aquarium paired with a ride similar to what's at Manta at SWO, but that's me getting ahead of myself. Whoever mentioned seeing a "rattlesnake crossing" sign, where exactly was it located? If it's where the elephants were, that area of the park is pretty dead and is in desperate need of something new. If it's where the current snake exhibit is over behind Tava's, then that's pretty close to the lake and would have awesome lake views. Both areas would be great for having a family coaster as the front areas of the park are already pretty coaster/ride dense but then you have Tava's kinda on it's own (I pretend the blue coaster near there doesn't exist ).
  11. "It's unlike anything we have around" = custom There are 14 custom iBox RMCs. If you take out the 3 in the Eastern Hemisphere, you get 11. So SFGAdv would be the 12th on the Western Hemisphere (counting BGT's coaster, of course). RMC El Toro confirmed. Or better yet... RMC Rolling Thunder.
  12. I see what you did there. But in all honesty I was thinking of going to the park on a Friday for Halloweekends but now this is making me second guess as I wouldn't be able to splurge for FL+ if I did go. Maybe I'll just have to make it more of a point to go in the Spring next year. What was the price difference between last year and this year on Gold Pass? I've gotten a Platinum since moving to Ohio and I don't think that's been too different in price the last couple of years.
  13. I swear if this is the scramble, this will be biggest troll teaser campaign ever.
  14. I'm going to go with Premier since SFMM and SFGAm will/have gotten them recently. It could be a mobiĆ¼s coaster but I'm not sure if they would consider that to be "not dueling" since it is technically one coaster but would most likely ride as a dueling coaster. Also of note there was a clue that mentioned the number twelve and if you write the numbers (there is only one... you won't be seeing double) you get 1-2 or 12. Still not sure what that really means though as it's the clue no one has any guesses on at the moment. If you put the letters in order of their frequency in the puzzles you get: _CSR_YE?? Someone on Twitter suggested scrambling it to "Sorcery" which seems like a good guess but still doesn't give us any information. Someone else on Twitter suggested "Scorned" in reference to the Jersey Devil legend... the woman had 12 children and her 13th child was the Jersey Devil, aka "scorned" child. Would fit perfectly if SFGAdv only had 12 coasters and the new would be #13, but they already have 13 coasters (they claim 14 with the Larson Loop). However, "Scorned" doesn't use the "Y" and requires two more letters and I think we're only getting one more (unless the last letter is coming on announcement day. I'm usually good at word puzzles but this one isn't making a lot of sense to me and I'm not seeing too many good guesses. Glad this will be announced soon because this teaser campaign is hurting my brain
  15. According to RCDB, there are only 4 coasters listed under the "Extreme" category currently operating in Saudi Arabia, none of which enthusiasts are likely to consider extreme compared to our standards. Certainly is sobering considering the the current biggest coasters in the entire country of Saudi is a Surfider and a Boomerang. (And yet there are Ohioans complaining about Orion, but we're not going to talk about that...) I really do hope this is completed as planned! Any mention of the project completion goal? I remember hearing something about 2023 in the video but I wasn't sure if that was the entire park or just one "phase."
  16. Yeah, I'm interested to see how much involvement Six Flags actually has. The verbiage makes it sound like they'll be involved but I wouldn't be that shocked if it turns out to be all but a straight licensing deal. I mean, I did see a few job openings for Qiddiya on the Six Flags job board so there's got to be some involvement. But also... This is a very valid point as well. I'm excited about the potential for this coaster and the park as a whole, but I'll reserve my full excitement (as well as looking at travel plans to Saudi) until this thing is 90% complete.
  17. Oh...my...god! Is this a 12-year-old enthusiast's pipe dream RCT3 park or is this real life? If this works out as described I believe this can hands down be the best Six Flags park. I can't even believe it's going to be a Six Flags park! I don't know how the economics of theme parks works but this is definitely not all on a Six Flags budget! I think the key here is the mention of the Qiddiya Investment Company's role. To me, this is like a theme park designer was approached and told, "Design a new theme park that can be built in the next year or two and gathers significant interest. You have unlimited money." Seriously. Maybe I'm just star struck because I have a thing for tall and fast coasters (I was obsessed with Kingda Ka before I ever got to ride it ) and this is claiming tallest, longest, and fastest coaster. Even if it weren't for the stats, the layout looks super fun! I might have missed something, but what is the height and length? I definitely might have to put this park on my Bucket List for go-to places in the next few years.
  18. SO many cool additions to Epcot! Biggest ever show to a Disney park? Space restaurant with views from above Earth? New scenes in Spaceship Earth? Very cool! Can't wait to see how this all turns out. Did I miss something or did they announce when this will all be completed? Also, the way they are describing Guardians reminds me of Gringott's at Universal, or am I reading/understanding that incorrectly?
  19. ^Ape, I'm not sure how we haven't met yet since we both go to KI pretty often. Maybe we should make that happen! I promise I shower and use deoderant! Now that we're almost into September (what what?? How did August go by so quickly!) you know what that means... Haunt is upon us!! I'm getting ready to start digging out my Halloween decorations that I'll then leave up until uncomfortably close to Christmas. Looking at the Haunt website, it doesn't look like there are any new mazes or shows this year Which mainly sucks because a few years ago there were two additional mazes (Sorority Slaughter and CarnEvil) that have yet to be replaced. (I realize that the building Sorority Slaughter was in has since been demo'd and rebuilt into a restaurant, but still, we're down two). However, the good news is that all the mazes from last year are returning! I wasn't sure if we'd see Field of Screams back with all the construction, but thankfully it'll be back, and hopefully we can get some nice construction pics of Orion from the queue. Also good to note, there are four new scare zones this year: International Street Fear (International Street), Rivertown Reaping (Rivertown), Shipwrecked (Action Zone), and Zombie Mall (Coney Mall, also home to Coney Maul scare zone). Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think now most major KI walkways open during Haunt are going to be scarezones. So while there are no new mazes this year, if these new scare zones are even half as immersive as Pumpkin Eater (new for last year), then this year's Haunt will still be a step up! Anyone planning to go on the 20th? I always try to make it out for the first night of Haunt, so hmu!
  20. Yes! Do you think Orion will end up being a top-10 coaster?
  21. Thank you for reminding me about the Pumpkin-bot that scared the sh*t out of you last year
  22. That would be awesome, but I don't think the GP would get it. My thought is that they would want to tease something that would also be meaningful to the GP, but maybe (hopefully?? an RMC would be rad!) I'm wrong. Someone on Twitter pointed out that the letters could be spelling "Creature" and the theme is the Jersey Devil. I had to look it up but it looks like a pretty solid folklore creature to theme a ride off of. The park mentioned they will give clues on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with the announcement being the 29th. That leaves 5 more days of clues before the announcement, or 7 letters (8 if you count the announcement as being the final letter) if each clue is a letter. "Creature" sure fits that bill. I guess we'll see today what the third clue is.
  23. The Haunts generally open an hour or two after the park, and when they do, the coaster lines on Friday are generally not too outrageous. Especially in September and early October, as DILinator said. If you stay until closing, in the last hour of operation a lot of them will be virtually walk-on as well. Also of note, a lot of the walkways are transformed into scare zones during Haunt, so it might be tough to avoid scary things during that time. You can always purchase a "No-Boo" necklace for your kids so the scareactors don't try to scare them. I don't think they generally try to go after kids that young anyway though, but if your kids are easily scared, they might still see some scary things.
  24. So we didn't get any surprises or twists for the announcement, but that's okay! Seeing the renderings of this coaster made me even more excited for this. That wave turn and those airtime hills... did anyone notice the large height differential between I think it's the 3rd and 4th hill? I'd expect to have some awesome airtime on that hill. And because this thing will be a people eater and most likely not be broken down all the time or thigh crush to an uncomfortable extent... we'll be able to ride it a ton of times even on busy days! Could the park have made something bigger, better, broken records, first-of-its-kind, etc.? Probably. Should they? Who knows. But I think this statement provides an accurate description of one reason they didn't: Kings Island is already an amazing, top-10 park and this will just make it even better. The park's skyline is going to change dramatically and the colors of this ride look great and will be an amazing complement to their other rides. They're also going to completely revitalize and retheme that area and improve it a lot from X-Base, which will be another welcome improvement to the park. I think this ride will end up surprising a lot of people with how good it is, but even if it doesn't, "cookie-cutter" B&Ms are still a ton of fun and worth riding. And all of you planning to visit when this thing opens, come say hi to someone who enjoys the hobby and doesn't have a stick up their butt! Also, last night's event was a ton of fun and I have some pictures I can post from our day and evening whenever I get the chance.
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