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  1. Great report! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! That Speed wave is unreal. How did you guys dry off after that? With the day as gloomy as it looks, it seems like air drying would be impossible after that.
  2. Given the first drops on many of the RMCs are some of the most intense moments of airtime of any coasters, Iron Gwazi's drop should pack a PUNCH. I'm super into great drops (El Toro and Skyrush are some of my favorite coasters) so I'm super psyched about this facet of Iron Gwazi! Also, Iron Gwazi will be closest to the current location of the gators at the park. I wonder if they'll even relocate some of them even closer to the ride. That's a twist... Yeah, so there's really no reason to ever look 6 pages into a google search, but if you search the word "gwazi," every single result on the first 6 pages (I'm not looking any further) uses the word in reference to the roller coaster. Absolutely nothing about African folklore. Something even more fun to try, type "gwazi" into google translate. Translate the word from Swahili to English. According to google, it translates to "gum." That explains the purple track... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_legendary_creatures_(G) Nothing on here either. So, it seems like a lot of enthusiasts are getting butt hurt over a name/mythical beast BGT MAY have completely made up. lol That is kinda hilarious to me. Yeah I did the same thing as you all and came up with only quotes about BGT. It is very curious. However, even if they made it up, they marketed it as meaning one thing and now will be marketing it as another thing. Not that the average parkgoer will remember/know/care. And in a few weeks/months none of us will care either. A chunk of us will call it "IG", some of us just call it Gwazi, and someone will inevitably make an even worse pet name for the ride. I give it one more week.
  3. ^I think all of that is too harsh on Banshee. While I do prefer more "snappy" intense inverts like Alpengeist, Montu, and Afterburn, Banshee has its own charm. Riding it just feels big, and open, and swooping, and as long as you ride toward the front, it's very rerideable because you won't get the same headache/stomachache you'd get say marathonning Afterburn. I think that's why many people prefer coasters such as the gigas (besides I305) to more intense coasters like the RMCs. I rode Fury for over an hour without leaving the station but do the same thing on Steel Vengeance (which they won't let you anyway) and you'll be hurting somewhere. All in all, it would be great to have a thigh-crushing airtime machine at KI and maybe someday they will, but I believe Orion will still end up being the best ride at the park and a very rerideable coaster.
  4. HAHAHA. . did you end up doing that anyways? (I see the last option got a vote). still . .. 80% said yes, so gonna do one Nope! When I answered it was 4-4 for the top answers and 0 on the others. Maybe someone else decided to be that d*ck.
  5. I'm not sure about all that. I still hear people bring it up in everyday life all the time. Now are those people who would have gone to the park who are no longer going to the park? Who knows. I can't keep up with the attendance figures, but I do recall the last figure I heard said Seaworld was still down in attendance. Whether all of that stems back to Blackfish is hard to say at this point, I think. Economics is very complicated and it's impossible to point to one and only one causation. Whether Blackfish is still causing them issues or not, hyping up record-breaking coasters can't be a bad thing at all for them.
  6. ^Exactly. And even though most enthusiasts hate the name "Cheetah Hunt", in my summer spent at Busch Gardens I don't recall even once hearing a camper, employee, or GP say, "That name sucks, they should have gone with something more in theme."
  7. "Why am I not cold after I ride this ride? It's still hot as f%!!" I'm loving these SEAS 2020 additions. They've really ramped it up this year! I hope this new direction fares well for the parks. Since people are getting jaded with the animal stuff, and there's really no way to compete with Disney and Universal with experiential and IP-themed rides, I hope opening record-breaking coasters puts them back on the "must visit" list for Orlando/Tampa travelers and locals who have stopped visiting the parks.
  8. My only issue with the name is one of semantics... I believe the name "Gwazi" was in reference to a part lion, part tiger beast, but Iron Gwazi is crocodile-themed. Nevertheless, I always thought the name "Gwazi" was really cool, and that crocodile-themed lead car might just become one of my favorite lead cars on a coaster train! Plus no one really cares about linguistics except English majors... I'm very excited for this addition, and I think both of these coasters will be solid additions to the two SEAS Florida parks! Can't wait to ride them.
  9. Great TR! Looks like a very fun place! I wanted to check out this place when I was in StL last time over July 4th weekend, but didn't. I can't remember exactly why we opted not to go, but I think it was because it would to take too long for my time frame.
  10. I have no idea what Dragon*con is but it looks like fun and I'd love to see more! I'd love to see pics of the zoo as well. Who cares that it's not theme park related? Still cool to see what you did! (Although I almost answered the last option on the poll just to be a d*ck ).
  11. Just noticed this. Portola in Plumas County? My parents work in that area! It's rare that I hear people actually trying to visit that area (vs. get tf out, as I did). No, it was actually Portola Redwood State Park. I didn’t realize there was a town called Portola until I googled it just now. Nobody does There is camping near Portola the town, but usually people would camp at the nearby lakes, not the town itself. Anyway, congrats on getting married! It is a shame that GS has gotten more rough. It's a great GCI. It's still not to the point of "NOPE" but it's certainly not as great as it was when it first opened.
  12. Yes and no. The Haunts get horribly long lines as do the rides, but I feel like the Haunt lines tend to move quicker and you don't have break down issues like rides. There's not really going to be anything walk-on until maybe later in the night, and that would more likely be the Haunts. Love it.
  13. Or Kings Island, like they did in the past. I mean, KI is getting a newly-themed area and they said there is more information about it to come. It wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility for them to snag a couple flats and put it in the new Area 72 and act like that was the plan all along, even if it wasn't.
  14. i've been wondering the same thing. Maybe the San Jose combination of heat and cold mist/fog isn't good for it. But same could be said about the weather in Buena Park. Also, when was the last time CGA did retracking work on GS? Just noticed this. Portola in Plumas County? My parents work in that area! It's rare that I hear people actually trying to visit that area (vs. get tf out, as I did).
  15. GOLD. I love this park so much. Also when I went to view the picture, the number of likes was 666. Tried to get a screenshot but turned to 667 before I had the chance. Purple People Eater theme confirmed.
  16. I feel dumb because I completely forgot this place even existed and I've been in the Cincinnati area for three years now. Shortly before I moved here I remember looking up the awful-looking Zyklon and thinking "maybe one day I'll feel like getting that credit" and then obviously didn't care enough to think about it again for three years. Given that I never hear locals talking about visiting this park, this is probably a good move. My friend says she really only goes for the pool, and it sounds like that's been the general consensus for the park as well. A couple of my friends and I are going to make a point to go this weekend, just to experience it before it goes away (one of them has also lived in the area a few years and has never been either, so I guess that further shows something). Anyone else planning on hitting it up this weekend?
  17. I just saw this and I'm super pumped! I agree that everyone needs to come out and support this event so that they continue to expand it and continue it. It's worth it if at least for the night rides. I'll have to plan an evening for this but I am down! I noticed there was mention of a "laBARatory" and the description sounds like they'll be serving Haunt-themed beer in the least. I don't remember there being alcohol at the park in the past. Is this a new thing for them?
  18. I watched the POV and can confirm it will be forceless. I rank it below Fury, I305, Millennium Force, and Leviathan which I have not ridden yet but know it is my 4th favorite due to the POV. The B&M rattle on Orion is terrible. It's so rough I had a headache for two weeks. And it has terrible capacity. One and done.
  19. Yeah, I mean... it is just... not really something I can comprehend. Clearly, Dutch Wonderland is a KID'S park. But so is Sesame Place and Legoland. And Disney is an everyone park... but that doesn't mean it isn't also a park largely catered to children and children at heart. I understand that if Disney were considered fairly, they would likely sweep quite a few categories year after year. But they should just explicitly say we are excluding Disney, because it comes off as odd when they have won with TOT in years past, but somehow don't take home Best Theme Park Food or Best Kid's Park. Ah well. Yeah it's tricky. I would hope most people understand that Disney would sweep most of the categories, so to me it's interesting to see which non-Disney parks win. But then, it's weird when there are a few Disney wins thrown in.
  20. Thank you for the look into this year's HHN! It looks and sounds epic. I love that they continue to up the ante and top themselves year after year, and I love that each year brings totally new mazes and experiences. Don't think I'll be able to make it down this year, so I really appreciate you all sharing about it so I can at least experience a piece of it vicariously.
  21. This was my first thought as well. Still a ways to go but it seems like an improvement at least. Hopefully the "diversifying" will continue in the coming years and we'll see even more accurate awards in the future. I mean, wasn't there a year that SFMM Fright Fest won best Halloween Event? Giving it to HHN Orlando makes wayyyy more sense.
  22. I know this is kind of last minute, but has anyone been to Pride Night at Kings Island? It’s tonight 6-12pm. It’s a separate ticketed event so it’s not on the park calendar and passes aren’t valid entry. I’m thinking about going but unsure if I want to or not. Anyone know more about it? Like are the rides open? It’s unclear to me from the website.
  23. I've done two cross-country road trips. First was three weeks: NorCal down southern US and over to the East Coast, up the coast to NYC, Niagara, then Ohio, over to Chicago and then the Dakotas, Yellowstone, then home. We hit up a few theme parks on that trip and landmarks/places of interest. Second was 5 days: NorCal to Ohio for me to move out for grad school. Purpose was not for theme parks, so we didn't hit any, but did do STL City Museum. One thing I will say about these types of trips is not to underestimate the amount of time you will spend driving. Three weeks will go fast. Picture is somewhere in Nevada, I think. It's not impossible to hit a park every other day but it is improbable as there are a lot of states you'd have to go through that have a whole lot of nothing. Looks like if you chose the northernmost route, you could hit up maybe Lagoon in Utah (EDIT: Lagoon is also out of your way for the direct route), Six Flags Great America in the Chicago area, then do Cedar Point and Kings Island in Ohio (KI is out of the way but worth it). Of course hit Kennywood when you're in the Pittsburgh area. I'm not sure how far east you want to go after Pittsburgh, but Knoebels in Elysburg, PA is a great park if you can swing it, and Hersheypark in Hershey, PA. There are others further east and south that are great, but then you're going even further out of your way and adding more drive time. For the trip back, if you take the southernmost route, you could easily hit up Worlds of Fun in Kansas City (but if it's a "good park" is TBD). If you want to detour, Silver Dollar City in Branson is great and you could maybe swing Holiday World, but it looks like both of those would be away from the direct route. Really, you need to do a day-by-day plan and figure out how much driving you want to do every day, and factor that in with the length of time you'd have available to take detours to theme parks. You might be better off just flying to PA and renting a car to hit the parks in the NE. Also, RCDB is a great resource to figure out which parks might be near locations you will stop at.
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