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  1. I could have sworn it was, but maybe I mixed up my days, I drive on 30 past SF almost every day.. Hmm.
  2. You know, I can actually sit down and listen to "Never gonna give you up"...
  3. Does it really matter? All they did is bank the track after the airtime hills and before the helix.
  4. I really have no clue Right click go to properties and find the combality thing
  5. Dude its been testing for about a week, I really don't think it needs a new thread for it.
  6. I had no problem with the demo.. so Im asuming it would.
  7. No! I might be one of the only Texans who isn't! If you watch Family Guy then you would have gotten that.. But no I have nothing against homosexuality. David "My Grandmas Gay" Gaston
  8. Copy the files to My Computer/C/Program Files/ Atari/ RCT3/ Style
  9. Im ok with them, I tried those speed slide things like the one at Blizzard Beach. Only one I havent done was the coffin drop thing in Florida...
  10. I-rony! A wood coaster being destroyed by trees and moss....
  11. My sister forced me on Titan, thena year later I had 40 credits...
  12. 5 Bucks for Zip Block bags to ride wet rides at SFOT.
  13. Man, that sucks. I really wanna hit up Thorpe someday, it looks fun. p.s 500th post.
  14. Diablo Valley College?? Yep I see, Disney Vacation Club, Er, what does that have to do with anything?
  15. I can answer one question... Get a flashpass. The not to miss rides, well.. all of the rides coaster-wise are great, but if you had to pick just a few I would pick Kingda Ka El Toro Medusa and Nitro. David 'Hope this helps" Gaston
  16. Drops to hell.. But the John though... We are already there so what the hell. John decided to desgin his coaster with Rct2 which ended up killing everyone riding it... So a scary corprate layer came and....
  17. Now explain to me how's that creepy?
  18. Wow, Did anyone pick out one older coasters required a full time nurse!?! Thanks Olsor for all this great stuff.
  19. TG wasnt open during the ERT, and I really didn't want to wait in line for a peice of sh*t. Actually its not too bad. Are you going tommarow? Me and Ric are.
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