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  1. I accompanied him on this trip, it was a very fun day!!! It was also great because there was barley any lines.
  2. NO How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  3. yes, its when your running your boosting your adrenaline and endorphins. also serotonin is created. Creating a high like feeling. do you like sean connery?
  4. ^Why would a penguin have a pancake on its head
  5. Who the heck is that? Who created the jaw breaker? why? seriously id like to keep my jaw thank you very much.
  6. Roller coasters are awesome!!! 4oller coasters arer awedso0me!!! Thats awesome that i could do that with my elbows!
  7. I used to live in Hawaii and its definitely one of the most beautiful places on earth. I don't think they should built a theme park there because it will just lead to pollution etc. and ruin the history and preserved paradise there is there.
  8. I went to Busch Gardens yesterday (I've got year long passes) it was so much fun!!! And we got to ride Montu twice in a row and Sheikra three times!!!
  9. HELLO What is up? I am Penguinlvr416...I am a roller coaster FANATIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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