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  1. Online petition!!! These always work! Didn't I read somewhere (on these boards, even?) that Revolution's OTSRs are pretty much no longer optional for some local ordinance/safety thing?
  2. Steel Hawg (and I assume Mumbo Jumbo will) is braked to the 90* point in the drop. The remaining drop (including the 111 degree point) are unbraked. Braked drops are a bit of a gray area, though, I agree. I count SH and not the Squirrels, but it can be subjective. But that's a different discussion. And yes, Saw is the steepest drop with no brakes.
  3. ^Actually the current record holder will maintain its status, even after both of those rides are built. Saw is 100* and HRRR is less than 90, it just has a vertical lift. EDIT: Ok, so the current record holder won't retain its claim. Steel Hawg will be replaced by its "basically a clone" sister ride Mumbo Jumbo thanks to one degree.
  4. Maybe Matterhorn floats...? I'm really liking the new look of Mickey's Wheel. It just "feels" more right than its original design. But I'm really curious to see what exactly happens with Mulholland. And thanks to a friend hoping to go to SoCal for school in 2010/2011, I may have a legitimate reason to visit.
  5. That drops reminds me of Renegade, plus an extra turn. This thing is beginning to have all kinds of awesome stuff. Much more impressive than I was expecting. But I still think the supports look ugly.
  6. Eh, the first drop and loop, yes, but the rest is fairly accurate. As for the "emphasis on coasters" thing, could it just be the size proportion? I mean, coasters are much bigger than shops and kiddie rides in real life. Maybe that's what the main problem is, as it doesn't really seem to me that they tried to exaggerate the size of the coasters at all (unlike CP, where MF's absurd lift completely covers the little petting farm). It seems they kept the actual sizes fairly proportionate. I really do like these new maps though. Clear and concise.
  7. They could probably advertise Maximum RPM! as a new coaster for 2009 and no one would notice it was intended to be (consistently) open last year. "It's just been under construction for 20 months..."
  8. ^^Except that they're hoping for a Memorial Day opening (May 25). I'll pay more attention to this once they actually do finalize the sale. Not trying to be pessimistic, but it just doesn't seem like this park has been one to meet their deadlines effectively or on time.
  9. ^I actually found that answer in the WCB thread. I believe EBL asked it in one of the more recent pages.
  10. I don't completely get the "lack of theming" stuff. The outdoor sections on this have more theming than the outdoor parts of Mystery Mine, which few people bash for that purpose. And yes, I know MM has a more extensive indoor part that Saw appears to, but I think they are doing quite a good job with the atmosphere here. Just my $0.02.
  11. ^I really want to listen to more Tonic after accidently getting "If You Could Only See". I *really* like that song. Mine's pretty diverse rock... 1. Bridge Over Troubled Water--Simon & Garfunkel 2. Falls On Me--Fuel 3. Wish You Were Here--Pink Floyd 4. Slide--Goo Goo Dolls 5. How's It Going to Be--Third Eye Blind 6. Hysteria--Muse 7. If You Could Only See--Tonic 8. "The Office" Theme Song--The Scrantones 9. Wonderwall--Oasis 10. I Don't Care--Apocolyptica feat. Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace Top played bands: 1. Goo Goo Dolls 2. Pink Floyd 3. Third Eye Blind 4. Led Zeppelin --daylight-- 5. Muse 6. Avenged Sevenfold 7. Three Days Grace 8. Journey
  12. Yeah, they're brakes. And no, they're not on all inverts. I know Afterburn has one too. They're probably just trim brakes to help keep the speed consistent over the top.
  13. My only guess as to why Bon Jovi hasn't done one is because of Jon's involvement in the AFL, but even that doesn't make a whole lot of sense since plenty of ex-NFL players were involved in the AFL (Ron Jaworski, John Elway, etc). But yes, Bon Jovi would be top of my list. And while they may not be "arena-friendly" enough, I'd love to see the Goo Goo Dolls do a halftime show.
  14. From what I've heard (if I remember correctly), America is lucky to have gotten El Toro. I think I heard that was a bit of a fluke purchase...? Thanks to Scott's Coastermania TR, I know Kinzel & co. specifically said that CP wouldn't be getting an Intamin pre-fab; I dunno if that carries over to the other parks or not though.
  15. ^But Chuck had The Greatest Song Ever prominently featured in three separate scenes (the triathlon competitions, using the intro, the "Venus!" verse, and the guitar solo), so that makes up for the lack of 3-D. But yes, the 3-D was a bit pointless.
  16. ^"Bird's eye view" on Live Local Maps? That's what I use (where available) to see a complete layout. Great shot, regardless.
  17. ^Being stapled would produce a similar situation as a G-suit would. It would keep the blood from being able to be easily forced away from your brain. Not as effective, certainly, but it makes sense it would help a little. I grayed out at the pull-out of Millennium Force's first drop. But that was my first big boy coaster, except for Rock n' Rollercoaster 18 months before. Invertigo/Face/Off is the only ride that consistently gets me close to gray outs now.
  18. What a great ending. I'm not even all that upset the Steelers won. Santonio Holmes...just wow. Way to rep Ohio State On another note, James Harrison really makes me scratch my head. He makes great plays and is a big part of the defense, but he gets VERY close to crossing the line between agressive and flagrant. I hope for his sake he keeps the tenacity under control. I still love Kurt Warner.
  19. ^Ok. My post came off a bit more hostile than I anticipated. I didn't intend to make it personal, as I suspect you didn't intend to personally attack/question my "knowledge" of the game with your 2nd sentence. I hate your team, but I do not mean to disrespect you. Yes, a good number of announcers suck. And I do follow the NFL (not just my lowly Bengals) enough to know that. From what I do watch, though, the ex-players (as I tried to specify) know the game a lot more than those along the lines of an NFL Brent Musburger. Though I will note that there is a difference between knowing the game and being able to explain the game--something I see more recent players-turned-announcers struggle with (no question they know the game, they just can't communicate that knowledge). Now, I still don't understand your justification of why sitting in the stands helps you understand what affects the players better than the legit commentary, but I can accept that. My apologies for unintentionally carrying this substantially off-topic. I'm reluctantly picking the Steelers simply because of their defense. I don't think the towel incident will lead to much outside some locker room pep talk. 24-21.
  20. You should go to the site formerly known as BPB Guide before you do to make sure you know all the facts and information about the park. It is very easy to read, as well. I got 17, with about 5 guesses.
  21. ^You're saying you know all this crap about what the athletes experience on the field because you've watched them from the grandstands? I'd bet I learn much more about the game and "how it's played" by watching it on TV and listening to the commentary from people who have actually played than one would sitting behind some guy waving The Towel. Watching people play football does not give you insight to everything that affects the players. It just doesn't work that way. And if it did, I would imagine Scott has visited enough venues and seen enough games to be a head coach somewhere. And that's just based on his random TRs on here.
  22. Whoops, I even forgot about Draggin'. So they have ID, TTD, Magnum, Maverick, and part of Mantis. Anyway, the yellow is a bit questionable in my mind until I see it on Nighthawk, though the navy blue seems to fit the...uh..."theme?"...of the ride. EDIT: Isn't yellow the primary color on the new sign? Yellow letters with a dark (blue?) bird head in the back?
  23. LOL. The Bengals lost the game because TJ stepped on a towel, and not because Carson got taken out on Cincy's first play? Or that the Steelers were just plain out the better team to begin with? My favorite, though, is saying that the Titans lost to the Ravens because the towel made them. If the towel had any "powers" they would let the Titans win that game so the Steelers could stomp them themselves. I didn't realize the Steelers were the type of team to take credit for other teams' successes. Sure, the towel is a nice symbol of team unity, and any vandalism is good incentive to "seek revenge". I get that. But seriously, this is no different than colleges stealing their rival's mascot before the big game, lynching up a rival's mascots, mocking the Gator Chomp or the O-H-I-O, etc.
  24. It's not that uncommon for parks to have coasters be the same color. CP has 3 coasters and part of Mantis' track all red, and Heide park seems to have all their coasters in green and white uniforms except Colossos and Desert Race. Though it is a bit strange to make back to back colors the same like CW may be doing. Oh, the mystery...
  25. I've heard Crush's Coaster was modified for Disney to have perpetually moving cars. I dunno about the floor, but looking at the RCDB pics it almost looks like there's a small strip of floor next to the track. Maybe the strip moves with the cars? Maybe someone who's been there can confirm one way or the other. I don't like the looks of the ride in the sense of aesthetics. As a ride, though, it looks MUCH better that I was anticipating.
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