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  1. ^&^^&^^^ Put the ride at Knoebles...only way to see that capacity!


    Yes, that's what I liked about Knoebels when I went back in April. Them ride ops don't muck around.


    And are there any Flash Pass restrictions on Maxx Force for the moment?


    Maxx Force is only on Platinum Flash Pass, and you only get to skip the line once per day. The first 50 Diamond Elite members can use one of their two skip the line passes for Maxx Force. After they hand out 50 Skip the line passes, no one else can get one that day.

  2. The gate to the parking lot will usually open between 9 and 9:30. They usually start letting cars past the point where you pay for parking around 9:30. They usually start letting people past the metal detectors around 10 AM. They usually let you in the park at 10:15 AM. The rides begin at 10:30 AM. It's not always the same, but this is the way they usually do things. I'm always at the park early, so I know that this is how it works.

  3. I was just on the Six Flags Great America website, and I noticed that they have now added the Gold Plus Membership as a new option. I checked a few of they other Six Flags parks, and they all had it as well. I know that this was one of the options talked about in a recent guest survey. I wonder if any of the other membership options will be added. The survey listed Platinum, Diamond, and Diamond Elite.

  4. Six Flags Great America is very inconsistent with the way they do things. There have been a few times when they let gold pass holders in early this season. Once, they decided to let gold pass holders in three minutes before they let in regular season pass holders. Everyone else was going to be let in four minutes after that. I was standing at the front, when they told the employee’s at the scanners what was going to happen. Another time, they let all season pass holders in a few minutes before everyone else. Most of the time, everyone gets let in at the same time.

    I’ve been to the park over twenty times this year, and those were the only two times that gold pass holders were let in early. To be fair, things have been a little more consistent this year. They never let people in, and then hold them back somewhere along the way. They did that often last season.

  5. The coaster is actually the S&S 4D Free Spin. It's kinda funny, because it's getting talked about in almost every six flags thread on TPR. Either every Six Flags park is getting an S&S 4D Free Spin, or most of the rumors are wrong.

    Six Flags Great America just closed four rides. Orbit is done forever, while at least one of the other rides may be moving. Screamscape has a rumor that Six Flags Great America is getting an S&S 4D Free Spin in the location of the ride(s) that's moving. This is also where Ragin' Cajun was located, before it moved to Six Flags America. It will be interesting to see how many of these end up at Six Flags parks in the future.

  6. I just noticed a few things on the Six Flags website. Rage of the Gargoyles VR starts on the Demon on Saturday, August 13th. If you buy a Rage of the Gargoyles t-shirt, you can ride on Thursday from 3 - 5. Season pass holders and Samsung phone owners can ride Rage of the Gargoyles all day on Friday, August 12.

    If you were planning on riding Demon, keep this in mind. Demon will now have a long wait time, just like most of the other coasters. I might try out Rage of the Gargoyles on Friday. It will be my first experience with VR on a coaster.

  7. If you go during the week, attendance will depend on how many groups are there. If been to Great America six times this season. Four of these visits have been midweek visits. One of them was pretty busy. The area of the parking lot used for cars wasn't very full. The area used for buses was packed.

    On its opening day, JL had a 55 to 110 minute wait all day. Raging Bull can get up to an hour, because they don't always run three trains during the week. They usually only run two. Superman and Goliath seem to go from 20 to 60 minutes. It will go up and down.

    The Six Flags app now has wait times listed. I use it to decide which ride to go to next. If Goliath says 55 minutes, I go ride something else. It might be back down to 25 minutes a little later on. The real wait time is often less than what the Six Flags app has listed.

    Last Friday, I was able to ride Goliath 5 times throughout the day. My longest wait was 25 minutes. That was my longest wait for any ride that day. I didn't ride Superman or JL, because the wait was too long.

  8. ^What was your overall feeling about the whole process of getting there early, waiting to be walked back to Goliath, and that process of walking back as a group? I'm not an overly anxious person by nature, but sometimes really crowded groups of people pushing and shoving can really bother me. Was it a fairly decent process, or was it a pain in the rear? I'm going in a couple weeks, and I'm mostly concerned about getting there early enough to get a couple of rides in on Goliath before it gets really crowded. Thankfully, I'm not going on a Saturday, so hopefully that helps the crowds. Thank in advance for your feedback!


    If you go during the week, they may not walk you back to Goliath. Most weekdays when I've gone to the park, you can just run all the way to Goliath. If you do get walked back, stay on the left side of the group. When they get near Goliath, they form a single file line on the left side. People that run past security usually get sent to the end of the line.

  9. I will be visiting the park on Saturday for the first time. How long can I expect to wait? Tips? I am a counselor at a computer camp, so Saturday is the only day I will be able to go.


    I would be willing to plunk down for a flash pass, but my friends (who are also underpaid counselors) aren't.


    On a Saturday, I would assume they will walk everyone back to Goliath at around 10:00 AM. Arrive at the park early, before 9:30 AM. This will give you a chance to be near the front of the line for Goliath. It should be a very short wait to ride.

    Superman has a single rider line, so you can use that to avoid a long wait. That will allow you to ride Superman later in the day. If it's a busy day, most of the lines will get long. I would hit the most popular coasters first, before the lines get really long. If you hope to ride every coaster, you just need to plan on waiting in a few long lines.

  10. For DILinator, getting to the park early will help. If they let the Gold Season Pass crowd in early, they hold them back at the front of the park. They don't walk them back to Goliath, until they start letting in everyone else. If you're at the front of the regular lines, you can be near the front of the line for Goliath.

    Sometimes, they let everyone in at the same time. On those days, they usually just let everyone run all the way back to Goliath. If you run, you can get to the front of the line for Goliath. There's also a single rider line for Goliath, if you want to ride again.

    If you want the front or the back of Goliath, they usually let you pick your seats. I've never had a problem. The back row is best for the first drop, but the front row is the best for everything else. I almost always sit in the front row.

    For ACES, a regular season pass does not include parking. You will need to pay for parking each day. I think parking is $25, but I'm not 100% sure. I have a gold pass, so I don't need to pay for parking. Also, Grand Ave does run right past Six Flags Great America.

  11. 1. Blu-Ray

    2. I have access to Amazon Prime, but I almost never use it. I will use Netflix in the future, to watch some of the original content.

    3. 5 - 10, usually purchased between Black Friday and New Years (at a very large discount).

    4. I have a Popcorn Hour C200, and I'll be getting an Amazon Fire TV Stick (since it was only $19)

    5. I only watch about 30 minutes of YouTube a month.

  12. Cedar Point will be open to the public on June 6. Coaster Mania will happen before and after the normal park hours. You will only be able to attend Coaster Mania if you belong to Club TPR, or some other coaster club. Coaster Mania is free, but it does require a season pass or single day ticket. Coaster Mania will usually include free breakfast, lunch, and a t-shirt or hoodie.

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