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  1. Looks like MTV is taking an interest in theme parks for more than one show... http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1698440/do-work-at-theme-park.jhtml


    Does your life feel like the movie Adventureland? Are you and your friends having the time of your lives working at a theme park? Or are you guys just working there to pay the bills? Are your co-workers and friends a fun cast of characters who should be on TV? MTV is looking for an eccentric group of people who appear to be between the ages of 18 and 26 and work at a theme park. If this sounds like you and your co-workers, get a camera and show us why you guys are perfect for MTV.
  2. ^Winner


    I live an hour from Cedar Point, so everybody at my school talks about it like its the greatest (which it may be ). Anyway, one of my friends posted this on Facebook:


    "Alright, so on the Millennium Force last year, a supermodel got hit by a bird."


    The saddest part was watching all of my friends comment and laugh. I wanted to comment and correct her, but I held back...


    Something like that did happen on Apollo's Chariot on it's media day. A model, Fabio got hit by a goose.

  3. Met Teresa Giudice from Real Housewives of New Jersey the other day in Paramus at a Book Signing. The one who flipped a table and recently filed for bankruptcy because her ridiculous overspending (for example - in the first episode, they showed her spending 120,000 dollars on furniture, and paying for all of it in cash) got her 11 million dollars in debt. She asked where I came from, I was like New York. Shes like Oh Wow, where abouts? I said Albany (Capital of NY State?). She gave me a blankstare and I awkwardly said after a few moments "upstate" which she seemed to understand..

  4. I know the weather policy isn't the park's fault but I'm a little confused why Bizarro has so many technical problems.


    Bizarro probably goes down everyday or close to that. 2007 it was closed for half of the summer, they've never seemed to be able to get it running reliably. Also, the new trains have had alot of problems.

  5. The first thing that got me is that the first number they called was to the local news station as opposed to the police. Now, I'm not a parent or anything but I can't think of why any parent wouldn't call the police first if their child was missing. Also on Larry King, when asked about it the boy apparently told his father "you said it was for a show". It seems like its a hoax, well at least that is what it is adding up to..wasn't that family on Wife Swap like, twice already too?

  6. Just got back from seeing Paranormal Activity, I'd give it a 4/10 at the highest. It reminded me of The Blair Witch Project kind of, but on a completely different topic. The scary parts weren't really scary either, it made you jump a bit, but that was probbly because of the noise more than anything else. On that note, the sound effects were really well done, but that is about the most positive thing I can give it

  7. Law and Order SVU - one of the only crime shows I really really like. The story lines seem to get better with every season too


    Jon & Kate Plus 8, I mean Kate Plus 8 - not so much my favorite anymore , because it has become more and more staged and it's more about the drama with Jon and Kate's divorce than anything else it seems. But Kate treated Jon like total garbage through out the entire show it seemed like

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