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  1. Hi!


    Has anybody been to this park recently? I am headed there on the 2nd and 3rd of August and was wondering if the horrible operations I remember from a few years back have gotten any better at all?


    I am ready to bite the bullet and get an Express Pass for at least one of the days, but if anybody has been in the last few weeks I'd love to hear their experience...

  2. Hi!


    I haven't posted here for a while and hope this is the right forum, I apologize if it is not.


    I'll be visiting LA from 20th-29th of June from Denmark, and definitely plan on going to SFMM (and Knott's as well)! I'm sorry as this might be an oft-repeated type of question, but do any regulars have any tips, especially about which day within my time frame might be best/least crowded to go? I do plan on getting a Flash Pass if it is crowded. And any other general advice for the park? Best place to eat, any underrated rides, etc.? I'd much appreciate it. And if anybody will be at the park those days and wants to meet up, send me a message!



  3. Hmm... On a 700 foot drop, wouldn't the train reach terminal velocity at some point due to air resistance and friction? I imagine it would stop accelerating after 500 or so feet, in which case the shorter ascent makes sense and wouldn't need brakes...? I'm just putting this out there and it might be stupid, please correct me if I'm wrong, I'm terrible at physics.

  4. One time when I went to Heide-Park on a school trip... Of course I was going crazy being the geek I am, wanting to ride everything. So we were in line for Colossos (such a great coaster!) and I ended up in the backseat with the 'badass' of my class, who was always being the 'cool guy' doing all sorts of stupid and dangerous stuff. Anyway, we were going up the lift and he was getting more and more nervous, but tried to stay cool nonetheless. As we reached the top, he broke down though, going "oh my god oh my god oh my god please hold my hand" So I rode Colossos holding his hand, and after he insisted that I would never tell anybody. (Which I didn't.)

  5. ^ Oh, yes, that zero-g-roll. Best one I've experienced! I went to the park years back (before Shambhala) and due to the parks terrible operations I only got to ride Dragon Khan once after waiting 2 hours. But it was worth it. For me, it's a tie between this and Tatsu for the most intense B&M, even though they are so different (and I have yet to go on a lot of coasters!)

  6. I have found that Gerstlauer's rides are only as smooth as the car wants it to be. It definitely varies from car to car. Euro-fighters are substantially rougher than the new infinity coasters too. They're making progress, but they need to improve the consistency of the ride experience.


    I pretty much agree that Gerstlauer can be hit and miss, and as was just mentioned, Kärnan is NOT a smooth ride, but for instance Karacho is very smooth. I definitely think Mack is the right choice for this ride, too.


    EDIT: I was wondering... Couldn't this likely be some sort of tilt coaster? http://www.mack-rides.com/en/products/coasters/e-motion-coaster/c-ec-info/c-ec-info.html

    For me, this would make more sense than a spinner, which would be really quite extreme with that layout! Or has it been confirmed already...?

  7. Honestly, this is probably one of the strangest-looking coasters I've ever seen in my life.

    I completely agree with this! Some of the elements look pretty bizarre, for instance that super-steep airtime hill after the banked tophat. Or the extremely tight first drop. But I think strange is a pretty good thing in this case, I can't think of anything I've been on that I think rides like this. I'm actually really excited to ride this!

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