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  1. Okay I have another question. This is gonna sound stupid, but seriously, how much does a paintball hurt? Because I might be playing speedball in the next month. All I've heard is "It stings" and that doesn't really answer any questions.

  2. ^God PE was hell for me last year. Whenever we play flag football (The idea of the flags is to NOT tackle people!) some douche would just go out of his freaking mind on everyone within arm's reach.


    This isn't really a rant since I found it hilarious, but some kid at my bus stop tried to insult me, and when I didn't care he went "God, you think you're so cool.", which I laughed at, and then he went "You're not that cool! Stop acting like you're better than everyone! God! You know everyone hates you because you think you're better than them!". I don't think I'm really that cool, but this kid wastes hours on end trying to insult me, and utterly failing. Then yesterday he said I didn't reply to his insults because he could kick my ass, then threw dirt at me, so I pinned him to a tree

  3. It would make sense to introduce my parents to my girlfriend, but my parents think I should only hang out with total preps. She is definitely not a prep, plus she's a year older than me, which my parents will instantly have a problem with because "It's not right.".

  4. My girlfriend thinks I don't like her. I was going to kiss her for the first time outside school (not surrounded by a bunch of people, we were both staying after so the place is deserted) but she couldn't get a ride after school so she didn't stay after. Then I found out that no one wants to go to the movie I was going to go to her with, and my parents won't let me go with just her because they've never met her.

  5. *Revives thread Frankenstein-style* It lives!


    Anyway, I started really learning to skateboard yesterday. I just want to get good enough to skate around downtown, and see where things go from there. I found a basketball court near my house that I can walk to, and I'm already improving after two days

  6. ^Well he entered the country illegally. He broke the rules. He had to pay for it Just kidding, sorry about you're dad's friend being deported. One of my friends is moving away so I guess I can kind of relate. Anyway, for todays rant, my ex-girlfriend broke up with her boy friend (also my best friend. My life is confusing as hell.) and now she's acting super clingy, even though I have a girlfriend! And yes, this is the type of girl that would have a backup boyfriend lined up in case she got dumped. And this will get me some boos, but I still kind of like this girl. I wouldn't go out with her when I'm in another relationship, but the next few days will probably be torture.

  7. Urban Terror is amazingly hard to learn the controls to . It's a free FPS that my friend got, and I downloaded it last night. It's fun and runs smoothly, but the controls are a total nightmare!


    EDIT: I just found out my best friend is mad at me and I have no freaking clue why!

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