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  1. ^A few days ago I got shot in the eye with a nerf gun by a freaking nine year old in Guitar Center. When I told the mother with my eye red and probably the size of a golfball, she lost her sh*t and told me off for not "Accepting my kids for the who they are!". I seriously lose a little faith in mankind every day.

  2. Some b*tch in my science class is telling my girlfriend that no one likes her, that everyone talks about her behind her back, and I'm just in it for the sex. Which makes no f*cking sense for obvious reasons. I.E. I'm thirteen!

  3. I'm basically the n00b of horror movies, since my parents don't let me watch R movies and I used to be really easily scared. I've kind of toughened up in the past year or so, so I'm starting to get into horror movies. I've only seen Saw II and See no Evil . I turned on See no Evil expecting it to be cheesy as hell, and it was except for one scene. Anyone who saw the movie can probably guess what I'm talking about.

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