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  1. Parents that demand absolute obediencw. no exceptions! I swear to god I Am now going to recite yesterday morning.


    *Brother starts rubbing his shoulder on me. WTF?*


    I shove him off and my dad goes, "Show brotherly love." He rubs his shoulder on me again(WTF?!?!) and I give him this sour look.


    Dad yells "BE NICE!!!!!!!!"


    me: "but-



  2. the person we are going to orlando with and staying with is a pathetic cheap @$$ who is also afraid of heights. and for some odd reason hates amusement parks (how is that possible? i have never heard of such things!!)


    It is crazy, but a kid at my lunch table is so insecure about everything that he'll slam on a parks quality cuz they don't sell tuna! WTF?

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