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  1. My dad's made me miss concerts, birthday parties, soccer games and band practices so we can go out on his boat for him to scream at us while we work our asses off to not run the damn thing into the ground. I'm actually looking forward to school starting. For a thirteen year old, that's like losing the will to live.

  2. I tried looking up Smells Like Teen Spirit on youtube, and noticed that when I had only typed in "Smells Like Te-" the auto-finish thing showed tons of searches for "Smells Like Team Spirit", Then I typed more so that I now had "Smells Like Tee-" The auto-finish didn't show any popular searches. I wanted to punch my monitor.

  3. Back in elementary school I drew a symbol for myself as well. Do you also draw random "creatures"?


    Why yes I do Several strange creations roam the surface of my desk thanks to the magic of Sharpies. Now that I'm on the topic, I feel like utilizing those designs again. Expect to see a photo TR of me transferring some of my messed up children onto skateboards as soon as I get more spray paint.

  4. I was playing TF2 on the free demo pass, and my mouse broke. So I looked around my house and all I could find was a laser mouse (ugh). A really temperamental one (double ugh). Now people won't stop asking me why the hell I play as sniper if I have twitch.

  5. This could get rambly, and god only knows why it made sense at the time, but bear with me on this one. I was writing comics in social studies last year (A- all year so let's not do this) and I doodled a little character with big eyes, an oval body, and no arms. I called it an amoeba for some reason, and he's now kind of my mascot. So one day I took a cardboard bookmark, and started doodling different spinoffs of the amoeba. Pirate, ninja, superhero amoebas, you get the idea. Then, near the bottom I drew gangster amoeba. Makes sense don't it?


    The amoeba in it's natural habitat [cough]MS Paint[/cough]

  6. A few hours ago I played Team Fortress 2 for like the second time ever and knew I needed to get it. I downloaded Steam, but I didn't want to spend money on TF2 to have my computer not be able to play it. So I thought I'd try the Portal demo to see how my computer could handle it. I set the resolution to the lowest setting and turned off all unnecessary visual effects and turned everything else to low. My computer froze.

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