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  1. Has Vekoma recently redone/upgraded their website, like Intamin did a while ago?

    It seems a lot different than it was in the past.

    That looks like a really interesting (family?) coaster. Except 50mph is pretty quick for your average family coaster. I like how it's built into the terrain. And this is opening in 2008 in Spain?

    In addition, I noticed on Vekoma's website they have their own take on the Gerstlauer Spinning Coaster. It also looks interesting.

  2. I don't understand why they added wiggles world at six flags to begin with. It's a show that'll be come and gone in a couple years, and they'll have to retheme AGAIN. I mean, one of the original wiggles left the group already, so I can't see it lasting. A lot of theme parks make this mistake of adding a ride themed around whatever is IN THE NOW.

    Well, looks like Six Flags is about to make the same mistake again in regards to the Dark Knight coaster, in which the theming will likely heavily rely on the movie. So in a couple years at the max the theme is just going to look odd since I don't see TDK remaining a popular movie for more than 2008.

    But yes, I agree Wiggles World is dumb. They've got like five years tops and then they'll have to completely retheme it because little kids are going to have no idea who the heck the Wiggles are. I actually didn't even know of their existence before SF made an area themed around them.

  3. The only major gripe I've had with a park this year is Walibi World, and my suggestion for them in 2008 would be to start planning on building a new ride, something they haven't gotten since the opening of Goliath in 2002. They've been working on making the park more friendly towards smaller children and adults who aren't interested in thrills, but their mission statement is supposedly about maintaning a park that can be fun for the entire family - and that would include members of said families that LIKE rollercoasters or "intense" flats. So, I think a thrill attraction for 2008/2009 would be appropriate to counter all of the family orientated improvements that have been ocurring since 2005.

  4. Aside from Arrow's Suspended Line (which also has its rough moments), Arrow is rougher than Vekoma - in my experience.

    See, with an SLC, you just have to try really hard to position your head correctly in order to escape the headbanging. However, with Arrow rides that I have ridden more than once (namely GASM), I can't find any way to avoid it.

    Also, a couple of Vekoma's rides are extremely smooth, almost close to B&M smooth, like the LSM line, or the Motorbike coasters.

  5. Well, not all Vekoma prototypes are nightmares, like the LSM coasters, none of those have ever had huge problems, and neither has Booster Bike, to my knowledge.

    But then again, this coaster, which is completely different from anything Vekoma has ever done (besides the fact that it's a flying coaster), so it definitely could be a nightmare. But considering this park is in some random 'city' in China, I don't think they will care too much.

  6. Gezellige bedrijvigheid. Hhahaha. Thats cute.

    I know that American parks really only have suggestions - like come during the weekdays to avoid the heavy urban crowds (like Six Flags Great Adventure, they get city guests on weekends, local guests during the week, usually). But I have yet to come across a park website that includes a color coded calendar to indicate the amount of guests the park will receive that day.

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